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Posted on December 30 2020
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Home Finder New Year Message

Dear friend,

As we come to the end of 2020 I wish to reflect on this year’s challenges and what we’ve achieved as a business in a year of extreme uncertainty. As the pandemic has developed, we have seen a major change in local community's habits like never before.

On top of the major health crisis, we’ve seen social distancing, family and economic distress and smartworking all becoming part of the new normal. We have worked hard to set up our business for the new normal, supporting all staff members to work safely and sustainably, and providing our customers with key programmes and solutions to allow easy connections through hao Finder Ambassadors. Through hard work and dedication we were able to progress through the year in a positive way and we achieved lots, both for the business and for our customers.

But we’re aware that the real challenge lies ahead, as 2021 will be the year where we have to embrace the change and learn to adapt to the new style of living. Above all, we hope that we can all fully engage with our lives again, meeting up with family and friends, and staying connected with our loved ones. Hao Finder’s mission is to help this to happen.

We are ready for the challenge and embrace it with great determination and humility, and we will continue to help connect people find verified and sustainable housing and accommodation around world. That is the meaning of value for the future for us.

To find out more about our milestones from 2020, and what our plans are to make Hao Finder even better in 2021, follow the link below.

READ MORE Have a great New Year,

Gilbert Nakiboli Waliuba

Hao Finder Founder

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