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Posted on December 13 2020
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About the Hao Finder Ambassadors Program.

 Join Hao Finder Ambassadors Program

Hao Finder Ambassadors are distributed Hao Finder team players and location experts who operate within a locality, area, neighborhood they best understand or live in. Hao Finder Ambassadors work on an open schedule basis: zero restrictions on working hours or working office.

They help prospective visitors or clients understand their areas better by providing a comprehensive physical, virtual (online) tour of the areas they work in besides building a connected community around their localities. A Hao Finder Ambassador could be a landlord in an area, a housing agent, a tenant, a public servant who is passionate about serving others within their neighborhood, a tour guide or just a senior student.

What Hao Finder Ambassadors do.

Assist your next neighborhood

  1. Being Hao Finder’s Brand Ambassadors within their areas.
  2. Handling Clients Housing /Property requests within their areas.
  3. Serving as locality Ambassadors, providing regular updates about new developments in their neighborhoods for example: shopping places, Schools, Hospitals, housing projects, Security, Weather, Transport…
  4. Maintaining and recruiting Hao Finder clients within their areas.
  5. Connect with your neighbors to stay informed and share useful local information with the larger Hao Finder Community.
  6. Look out for each other and forward updates to keep the neighborhood safe and interactive.
  7. Building a goods and advice sharing culture within the neighborhood/ area.
  8. Share recommendations with the wider Hao Finder community through social media, whatsapp, Text, blogs, video…
  9. When requested; work with the local communities in running Community projects such as clean ups, Mentorship programs, Nyumba Kumi initiative, Health drives … as may be directed by the Hao Finder’s Business and Community Collaboration Program (HBCCP)

What you Get as a Hao Finder Ambassador

Earn the haofinder ambassador badge and some tokens from the community

  1. Individual fulfillment for being of value to others and building a connected and safe neighborhood.
  2. Hao Finder merchandise; (Branded T-shirts, Caps, Wrist bands, Notebooks, Umbrellas, Key holders, Mugs, Hoodies, Stickers).
  3. Hao Finder Ambassador Digital and Physical Badge.
  4. Earn as you Serve (30% of the Hao Finder search fee charged to the client is paid to the Hao Finder Ambassador). For example: when you help a client settle in a new house at a search fee of KES. 2000, you get KES 600
  5. Hao Finder Gift and token hampers for “The best Hao Finder Ambassadors” as voted by clients or the Hao Finder Community.
  6. A 50% Discount on all Hao Finder services that you may need for your personal use.
  7. Earn 30% commission for each new client you refer and they purchase Hao Finder products or services.
  8. Get sponsored to the Annual Hao Finder Ambassadors convention.
  9. Get first hand recommendation from Hao Finder for job opportunities, training or contracts.


Hao Finder Ambassadors are required to abide by the code of: Integrity, Innovation, Hard work, passion, Professionalism, Kindness, Client success focused, Team work ~ haofinder.com/blog/careers

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