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Posted on May 07 2021
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Over the last few years, Thika has experienced rapid growth due to the increased number of industries and learning institutions. Economic activities in this area include agriculture mainly horticulture and coffee farming.

The town has experienced a population growth of around 2.04% which has increased the demand for housing in the area, hence leading to increased residential developments.

If you are planning to move to the town, you might have many questions lingering in your mind. For instance, does the area have shopping centres, schools, and other social amenities? How much does it cost to live in houses for rent in Thika? We are here to put to bed the many questions you have about the town.

Shall we get started?

Where is Thika located?

Map of Thika Town

Thika is situated 42km North-East of Nairobi. Here is the map of the area.

How to get to Thika

Some of the bus and matatu Saccos that you can use to travel to the area are: • Chania Genesis

• Manchester Travellers Coach

• Kangema Travellers

• Thika Road Transporters Sacco Ltd

• Super Metro

• Chania Travellers Sacco

• Chania Kibwezi Travellers

• 2NK

• Kenya Mpya.

You can board these matatus or buses at Odeon, Tusker, or Afya Centre stage in Nairobi.

Thika Leadership Status

Wainaina Wa Jungle current MP Thika

THE current MP for Thika is Hon. Wainaina Wa Jungle.

Learning Institutions in Thika

Whether you want to move to Kiboko Estate Thika or any other area such as Ngoingwa, be assured that your kids or you will find a good school nearby. There are a lot of kindergartens, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in the sub-county. Some of the renowned ones include the following:

1. Thika Baptist academy and daycare centre

Thika Baptist academy and day care centre main gate

Thika Baptist academy is a primary and daycare school located along Garissa Road in Thika.

2. Thika Technical Training Institute

Thika Technical Training Institute Entrance

Thika Technical is a leading technical, vocational, educational, and training institute in Kenya and East Africa. It is located along General Kago Road, Thika.

3. Mount Kenya University

Mount Kenya University Main Campus

Mount Kenya University’s main campus is located in Thika along General Kago Road. The main courses offered here are Public Health, Economics, Hospitality, Nursing, Engineering, and Building Technology.

There are also other major institutions located in the area other than the above. They include the following:

• Gresta University,

• Jodan College of Technology,

• Thika College of Banking,

• Amboseli Institute,

• Chania Boys High School,

• Thika High School,

• St Patrick Special School,

• Thika Muslim Primary School,

• Salvation Army Joytown Secondary School,

• JFC Munene College of Health Sciences,

• St. Georges Academy Primary School, and

• Bright Future Primary.

Health Facilities in Thika

You do not have to travel to Nairobi to access quality healthcare. Thika habours some of the best hospitals in Kiambu County. Nearly all of them accept NHIF cards. They include the following:

1. Mt Sinai Hospital

Mt Sinai Hospital

Mt Sinai Hospital is located along Thika-Garissa road.

2. Thika Level 5 Hospital

Thika Level 5 Hospital

It is a government hospital located in Thika town, approximately 50 km north-east of Nairobi. The hospital is open for 24 hours and offers both inpatient and outpatient services.

3. Avenue Healthcare

Avenue Hospital

Avenue Healthcare is located at Zuri Centre, next To Equity Bank, Kenyatta Highway. It offers 24 hours health care services and has qualified and friendly doctors who are ready to serve all the patients without discrimination.

Other major healthcare facilities you can access if you are looking for houses for sale in Thika are as follows:

• Karen Hospital,

• Bliss Medical Centre,

• Mater Hospital,

• Meridian Equator Hospital,

• Mary Help of the sick,

• Tiba Bora medical centre,

• Vineyard Hospital,

• Family care medical centre,

• Caritas Community Hospital, and

• St Mulumba Hospital.

Where to worship in Thika

Thika has a lot of churches. Yes, you are rest assured that the area you are moving to will have a nearby church. You can worship in any of the following churches:

1. ACK St. Andrews Church

ACK St. Andrews Church

The church is situated along Kenyatta Highway, opposite Munene Industries.

__2. St Patrick’s Catholic __

St Patrick’s Catholic Church

St Patrick’s Catholic is situated along General Kago Road.

3. Christian Church International

Christian Church International

Christian Church International is situated on Thika-Garissa Road.

Other churches in the area include the following:

• CITAM Thika,

• Deliverance Church,

• Christian Church International,

• Catholic Church, Mosque,

• Mavuno Church,

• Full Gospel Churches,

• Redeemed Gospel Church,


• ACK.

Thika also has a good number of mosques where you can partake in your prayers as a Muslim.

Employment opportunities in Thika

Thika is an industrial area. It has lots of industries such as Bidco and so forth. These industries employ both full-time and casual workers. While in the area you can work in any of the following companies:

1. Polysack Limited

Polysack Limited Entrance

Polysack Limited is a leading manufacturer of polypropylene bags in Kenya, located along Garissa Road in Thika.

2. Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers

Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers showroom

It is an automotive manufacturing and assembling company in Thika, located along Garrisa Road.

3. Del-Monte Kenya Limited

Delmonte Pineapple Plantation

Del-Monte Limited cultivates, produces, and packs pineapple products, located off Thika Superhighway Road. The company offers job opportunities to casual and full-time workers.

Other industries in the area include the following:

• Bidco Oil Refineries,

• Kenblest Group,

• Thika Cloth Mills Ltd,

• Bullpark Limited,

• Macadamia Limited,

• Kevian Ltd,

• Kahawa Bora Millers,

• Mabati Rollings Mills Thika Service centre,

• Thika Water and Sewerage Company, and

• Saana Shoes Limited.

Financial Institutions in Thika

Thika is served by a good network of banks. You can bank in any of the following institutions while in the area:

Banks in Thika

• Family Bank,

• Barclays Bank,

• Sidan Bank,

• U&I Microfinance,

• Absa Bank,

• Bank of Barado Kenya Limited,

• Cooperative Bank,

• Barclays bank,

• Murata Sacco,

• Kenya Canners Sacco and

• Muramati Sacco.

Where to get your hair and nails done in Thika

There lots of hairdo shops in the town. Here are some of the notable places you can have your hair and nails done:

  1. Black & Gold executive Kinyozi

Black & Gold executive Kinyozi

A classic barbershop offering quality services located Kigio Plaza Building, along Kwame Nkurumah Road.

  1. Dell Massage, Spa, Kinyozi & Salon

Dell Massage, Spa, Kinyozi & Salon

It is located along Garissa Road next to Shell Petro Station. Services offered here include; haircut, head massage, and body massage among others.

Here are even more places you can have a shave or hairdo:

• Njoki’s Salon,

• Emma Hair Salon Boutique & Cosmetics,

• Sensation Beauty Parlour,

• J.P Beauty Parlour,

• Joswan Hair Salon,

• Looksgood Salon & Kinyozi,

• Pink Bubbles Kinyozi & Massage,

• Champions Kinyozi, and

• Kim Kinyozi.

Recreational facilities, Clubs, and Hotels in Thika

While in Thika, you can take part in a lot of outdoor recreational activities. They will improve your health and help you manage your stress. Here are the major recreational facilities, clubs, and hotels you have access to while in Thika:

  1. Chania Falls

Chania Falls

Chania Falls provides a serene environment, birding site, and a great place for picnics, camping, and retreat sites. Just next to Chania falls is the Blue Post Hotel.

  1. Fourteen fall

Fourteen Falls is located 10km outside Thika Town

Fourteen Falls is located 10km outside Thika Town. Some of the activities here include photography, boating, bird watching, fishing among others. The falls got their name from the 14 different waterfalls that can be found on the broad section of the popular Athi River.

  1. Blue Post Hotel

Bluepost Hotel

This is a tourist hotel that offers food, drinks, accommodation and lots of fun activities. It is suited between two rivers and two natural waterfalls, the Fourteen and Chania falls.

There are also other facilities with great scenery. They include: • Oldonyo Sabuk National park which is situated to the East of Thika

• Cool Traven,

• Cravers Grill,

• Bubbles Hotel,

• Monalisa Hotel,

• Manazi Hotel,

• Daylight Lounge and Grill,

• Klub Image and

• Skaters.

Where to shop in Thika

When looking for an apartment, you should go for the one in close proximity to commercial centres. This ensures that you are close to shopping centres, bus parks and so forth. While in Thika you can shop in the following areas:

  1. Ananas mall

Ananas Shopping Mall

Ananas Mall has over 30 stores that suit everyone’s needs, 350 secure parking spaces, several restaurants, and countless children’s activities happening weekly.

  1. Flame Tree Park

Flame Tree Park -Thika

Flame Tree Park is a residential and commercial area situated along Garissa Road in Thika.

Other shopping centres in the region include the following: • Maguna Andu,

• Superhighway Green Grocer,

• Leestar Supermarket,

• Rexol Mart,

• Mathais and

• Naivas.

Internet services in Thika

Thika town is covered by a lot of local and national Internet Service Providers. All the major networks in Kenya such as Telkom, Airtel, and Safaricom have 4G in the area.

If you are planning to move to Ngoingwa, then Safaricom Home Fibre will handle all your internet needs.

House prices in Thika

Now that you know every detail about Thika town, you might be wondering how much houses cost in the area.

House prices in the area greatly depend on the specific Thika town region you want to move to. For instance, a single house in a high-end area will cost more compared to a low-end area like Kiandutu Slams.

That being said, here is an estimate of house prices in Thika:

• Single rooms: Ksh. 2,500 and above

• Bedsitters: Ksh. 4,000 and above

• 1 bedroom: Ksh. 9,000 and above

• 2 bedroom houses: Ksh. 20,00 and above

• 3 bedrooms: Ksh. 30,000 and above.

• 4 bedroom houses: Ksh. 40,000 and above

• Own compound houses: Ksh. 50,000 and above

Back to you

Thika town is one of the best places to live in the country. The area is covered with a good network of roads, internet, and social amenities. Houses are also priced reasonably compared to Nairobi.

Are you planning to move to Thika town? Chances are that you probably don’t know where to begin looking for a house since you have never been to the town before. Well, you should not be worried as we are here to do all that dirty work for you. Yes, we can find that specific house you are looking for in under 24 hours! What’s more, we will even help you move in free of charge. Tap on the “Get Started” button below to grab this offer.

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