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Provide us with your contact details and a detailed description of your budget and the type of house or property you need. Your property request is vetted by our team, a service is quote is send to you for approval. The property search starts Upon payment of 50% of the quote.


Get a Hao Finder Ambassador (Locality Expert)

When your desired property is unavailable in our database, Hao Finder assigns your property request to our team of ambassadors to get your dream house or property within your set deadlines. Hao Finder Ambassadors visit the property so that you do not have to. They verify the property details, the ownership and prepare a property research report for you.


Get your house or property

Within the timelines, Hao Finder will send you a detailed report of the found house or property. The report can be through - email, text, whatsapp or call.


Visit house, or property

After a successful house or property search, you will have to accompany our staff to the property or use the provided contacts and location details to get the house for a fast-hand feel and booking. The account balance is cleared after the site visit. Hao Finder also provide House relocation (moving services), packaging, electricals installations on demand.


Book house, or property

Hao Finder is also in place to ensure that all your housing or property search hustles are closed end to end. We make sure that our clients are settled by assisting them to move out or move in. Covering most Houses for Sale in Kenya and or Houses for Sale in Nairobi for anyone who needs to Buy or Rent in Kenya.

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