Life in Kitengela Town - Kajiado County guide

Moving to Kitengela? Here is what you should know

The semi-desert Kitengela plains bordering Nairobi National Park have been, for the longest time now, home to the Maasai community. Aside from that, the plains host abundant populations of wild animals as 70% to 80% of the Nairobi National Park wildlife roam outside its boundaries.

Popularly known as “Kite,” the suburb is absolutely the best residential place and the ideal place to start a family away from the noisy Nairobi city. The area is covered by a good network of roads, infrastructure, and nearly everything you could imagine of.

Things to do

1. Purchasing a House in Nairobi

When buying modern houses in Nairobi worth 5 million and above, everyone has his/her own priorities. The buying process is obviously complex, and it is very easy to get off the track. Hence, you need to write down your preferences so that you can avoid forgetting some critical features for you and your family. This is also helpful if you are using the services of a realtor.

The Review

Currently, the Kitengela plains are experiencing a population boom, rising speculations, and land prices as well as unregulated urbanization. Maasai who once owned vast herds of cattle on communal land now have just a few animals and are selling off their land to get cash for survival. If you are looking for Kitengela houses for rent or property for sale, below is what you need to know.

Kitengela Location

Kitengela is located south of Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. It also borders Athi River. It is part of Kajiado county as shown in the map below:

Map of Kitengela Town- Kajiado County


We all know that living in Nairobi is relatively expensive. Rent is so high and suffice it to say that there are no affordable bare pieces of land to purchase. Kitengela, on the other hand, has lots of bare pieces of land to purchase. Additionally, the rent is affordable and there are no traffic jams among other benefits. It worth mentioning that Kitengela houses for sale are cheaper compared to the one in Nairobi. What’s more, if you work in the city, you are just 30 kilometers away from the CBD.

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