Frequently asked questions

What is Hao Finder Guarantee?

Hao Finder ensures value for money and time for each and every client.

How do I know that am dealing with a verified Hao Finder ambassador?

All Hao Finder ambassadors are branded with Hao Finder T-shirts and with Hao Finder Staff IDS. All customer support calls must be from the number +254777560734 or

Does Hao Finder organize moving services for the its clients?

This is a premium, on demand service. Yes, we do.

How long does it take to get a property after engaging Hao Finder?

Hao Finder works round the clock to deliver rental houses or commercial property to its clients within 48 hours. In most cases clients get served within the same day We have build experience in houses in kenya and this kenya housing landscape.

How do I believe that the House photos, videos or descriptions are real?

Hao Finder verifies every property physically by taking our own videos, photos and generating first hand property descriptions. We don't entirely rely on landlords and agencies. All property is "Checked by Hao finder".

What happens when the Landlord or the property agent cancels my booking before moving?

When the property manager, agent or landlord cancels your booking at the last minute, Hao Finder shall help you get an alternative property of similar value at no extra consultation fee. This can happen especially when looking to move into Flats and Apartments for Sale in Nairobi or Flats and Apartments for Rent in Westlands. We assist you find fulfillment.

How do you prevent fraud in payments?

Hao Finder only accepts payments on the MPESA (Buy Goods) TILL number 94 20 27 (Hao Finder Group) Pay exactly what is displayed, the payment amount is verified. Don't send any payments to an individual number or bank account. Contact +25477560734 or for any challenges.

Do you refund in case you don't get me the property requested?

This is very rare. In situations like this, the client is always asked to either request for an alternative property search (Location, type, price) or otherwise get the refund less transaction charges. Trust us for your to find you Flats a find Apartments, Furnished Flats & Apartments or Houses for Sale in Nakuru.