How Hao Finder Works

More than 80 Billion is Lost annually out of Fraud in Land and housing buying and renting. Do not be part of the statistics. Welcome to Hao Finder, The fastest and most trusted way to find your perfect property free from fraud: Save money, time and build your property investments with confidence.

Patiently achieving excellence one property after another. Take advantage of our technology tools, and country-wide network of a team vetted Hao Finder experts to find verified land plots, houses, apartments anywhere in Kenya, for renting or buying.

  • 0☞ Tell us what you need

    Provides us with details of your property needs capturing the property type, size, location, budget and other specific requirements. You can do this by filling the form on our website, sending us an email, text, whatsapp or phone call. We will get back to you soonest possible.

  • 🀝 Agree to our terms and conditions including payment

    We will send you our Terms and conditions for you to read and agree. We will also send you our an invoice capturing the service fees and payment details. Upon your confirmation, We will then start working on your request immediately.

  • 1☞ Property Search and due diligence

    We find and verify the Property. When your desired property is unavailable in our database, Hao Finder assigns your property request to our team of ambassadors to get your dream house or property, verify it to avoid lose of time, money and time through fraud. This normally takes 48 hours depending on your request type. We verify the Ownership, Property features, neighborhood, price, sale documents and procedures.

  • 2☞ Get your desired Property options

    Within the timelines, Hao Finder will send you a detailed property search report with a due diligence report for the options available. The report can be through: website portal, physical meeting, virtual meeting, email, text, whatsapp or phone call.

  • 3☞ Property Tour

    We do not settle until you have the property. After a successful house or property search and due diligence, you will have to accompany our team member to the property or use the provided contacts and location details to get the property for a fast hand feel and booking. We also provide live virtual tours at your convenience.

  • ☞ Acquire the Property.

    We walk alongside you in the property acquisition process: Hao Finder is also in place to ensure that all your property (land and housing) search hustles are closed end to end. We make sure that our clients are settled by assisting them to move out or move in. Covering most land plots for sale, Houses for Sale in Kenya and or apartments for Sale in Nairobi for any one who needs to Buy or Rent in Kenya.

  • 🧾 Clear your service fees: Invoice

    Upon successful acquisition of the property or the reports, you will be required to clear the service fees as per the agreed terms and conditions. We will then close the deal and request a review from you.

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