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Hao Finder is a Technology enabled Real estate due diligence and property marketing brand owned and managed by Nakibolis Heirs Limited .We help people find Verified property to prevent fraud in land and housing. (Companies Registry- Hao Finder- BN-AAA0CTK4, KRA P051668941U, Nakibolis- PVT-KAUZ29L7, KRA- P052073801N)

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Hao Finder is an IT and Real Estate brand under Nakibolis Heirs Limited; established to ease Access to and Management of verified Housing or Accommodation and Property for Buy/Sale in Africa. We employ IT solutions and peer-to-peer interactions powered by Hao Finder Ambassadors and Hao Finder Guardians within a neighborhood.

Our solutions are geared toward consumers as well as our Real Estate partners. Our Founder, Mr. Gilbert Nakiboli Waliuba envisions a world with zero homelessness, zero trust issues within the property for rent and property for sale exchanges, and Sustainable and affordable property development and investment for all. We believe Real estate transactions should be transparent and verifiable and everyone should have access to verified property of their desire. Hao Finder runs this website that Leads Housing or Property Seekers to verified properties from Trusted People. It is now easier finding estate agents and registered Real estate Companies in your area with Hao Finder.

HAO SCORE is our Proprietary TRUST INDEXING system that helps us evaluate each PROPERTY on a scale of 1 to 10. The score is based on Property Features, online popularity, pricing, listing brand reputation, and other expert Sustainability reviews. There is no Effective and Trusted way and Platform where Property seekers can Effectively Transact Online. Information gaps within the property industry expose many to unsustainable practices. (Dishonest property stakeholders, misinformation). Hao Finder under Nakibolis Heirs Limited is championing the adoption of 💻 Digitization of Land Records,📡 Geospatial Technology; 🗺️Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), 🛰️ Remote Sensing and Satellite Imagery, and 🧩 Blockchain Technology ⚖️ Regulatory Reforms in Land and housing in Africa.

Bridging the information gap by being a source of verified data on housing ownership, pricing, historical transaction data, and neighborhoods. This promotes transparency in the property industry, especially the residential segment. By leading the population towards verified, sustainable, and affordable property and housing, we can help many hedge the impact of the pandemic and widespread marginalization within the Real estate industry.

By leading the population towards verified and affordable neighborhoods and property, we are Making cities and human settlements inclusive, SDG 11. By creating a network of peer property reviewers, more than 1400 jobs shall are created with an average income of 1000 USD. This lowers the unemployment rate, urban and rural poverty.

Hao Score employs artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data to analyze variables in a market that has for long lagged technologically due to misinformation and old-school novelty. INTEGRATED PROPERTY TRUST AND AFFORDABILITY INDEXING USING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND BIG DATA. The Founder, Mr. Gilbert Nakiboli is trained in Property from the University of Cape Town and has been in the industry for the past 6 years. Besides property training, the founder has a background in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Software Engineering and Entrepreneurship. Amongs the successfull projects started and managed by the founder is Safariwiz Mobility Solutions (Startup for Better Energy, Total Energies- 2019), Dayat Captain Groceries (Dayat Fresh), and Popote Printers and Branding.

Other brands derived from Hao Finder include, Hao Analytics (Data Analytics and proptech -Property technology wing), Hao Stays (Short stays and short rentals brand), Hao Cleaning (For commercial and Residential Cleaning and landscaping services), Hao Movers(Delivers moving and relocation services for residential relocation tenants and office relocation and packaging services), Hao Pay (payment solution for rental and commercial property account settlement, 254Technicians (A market place for professional technicians such as plumbers and electricians), Hao Property Club, Hao Housing Club, and Hao Investment club. Members of the Hao Clubs earn Hao Coins which they can redeem in the Hao Finder Gift Shop (Hao Shop), pay for search requests, and buy hao Finder Real estate learning materials and property investment eBooks.

Hao Finder believes in envisioning the world as it should be and developing innovative solutions to bridge up the gaps.

Meet the Team

Filled with passion and energy, our team understand that whatever we do is valuable and that our job has an impact on people’s daily lives. Across our industry, the products and services we deliver got a direct impact on millions of people. You shouldn't just take our word for it. Check what some of our team members have to say about working at Hao Finder. Whether you're looking for house for sale kenya or kenya houses for sale.

Gilbert Nakiboli Waliuba

Gilbert Nakiboli Waliuba

Founder and CEO

" It is unacceptable that 1 out of 3 land and housing transactions end up in fraud linked dispute because of poor property due diligence. We believe that land and housing transactions should be free of fraud. But the reality is about 33% of property transactions get into fraud disputes leading to lose of 60B KES annually. We have set our mission to be the leading Integrated digital property due diligence and verified real estate marketing company. Our dedicated, technical, enthusiastic and passionate team is the main reason for our success.

Paul Webi

Paul Webi

Head of Finance

" As a team, we stand united in our purpose, to restore trust and honesty to the heart of real estate. Our vision is not only to end fraud but also to inspire a paradigm shift where integrity becomes the cornerstone of every property transaction.

Neville Lusimba

Neville Lusimba

Tech Developer

" Innovation fuels our vision, and collaboration propels us forward. As members of the Hao Finder team, we see a future where technology empowers us to end fraud, making property ownership a secure and trusted experience for all.

Geoff Okumu

Geoff Okumu

Product Manager

" It is unacceptable that 61%+ of urban dwellers are likely to end up in slums because of unaccessible and unsustainable housing. We deliver quality services to our valued clients, as we know quality is never an accident, it is always the result of innovations, positive intentions, sincere effort, wise direction and skillful execution.

Jemima M.

Jemima M.

Legal and Compliance Lead

" Our collective vision is a beacon of hope in a sea of uncertainty. As a team, we strive to create a future where people can trust the land beneath their feet and the roofs over their heads. We are the catalysts of transformation in the real estate industry.

John Mugwe

John Mugwe

Marketing Lead

" We are the architects of change, the dreamers who dare to reshape the real estate landscape. Together, we envision a world where every transaction is transparent, every property is secure, and fraud becomes a thing of the past.

Henry Wambua

Henry Wambua

Head of Data and Research

" Our vision is to be the vanguard of change in the real estate industry, driving a paradigm shift towards accountability and authenticity. As team members at Hao Finder, we are passionate about leaving a lasting legacy, where future generations can thrive in a fraud-free environment.

Thomas Freeman Mulongo

Thomas Freeman Mulongo

Customer Success Lead

" Every task we undertake, every challenge we face, is an opportunity to shape the future. As a team, we have the power to revolutionize the real estate industry, replacing deceit with integrity, and ensuring that every person finds their dream home without fear of fraud.

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