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List of the best neighbourhoods in Nairobi

Estates in Nairobi

Explore Best neighbourhoods in Nairobi

Estates in Nairobi Image: The Daily Mail

If you have ever visited the Nairobi CBD, you might think the city is nothing beyond its notorious traffic jams and a collection of tall dull buildings. This is the only impression you will get if you don’t get past the CBD! You could be residing in a quiet, serene, green area in the Nairobi city lined up with charismatic homes - only if you had an idea.

The best places to live in Nairobi are not focused on one area. Hence, it is never that simple to find houses that fit your expectations. Below are some seven safest places to live in Nairobi. Our choices might vary tremendously to accommodate various budgets.

List of the best neighbourhoods in Nairobi

  1. Syokimau, Mombasa Road

First on our list of Nairobi Suburbs is Syokimau. Located in the outskirts of the city, cheap to expensive housing units and all grades of accommodation are available here. If you are having one eye on your wallet and the other on SGR terminal or Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, then this is the best place for you.

  1. Runda

Served by Limuru Road, Ruaka Road, and Kiambu Road, Runda is accessible from all the corners of the city. This is an ideal place if you are looking for an escape from Nairobi’s noisy bars and streets.

  1. Lavington

If you are having one eye on your wallet, then this is not the best place to reside in the city. For those looking for state-of-the-art housing, this is one of the recommendable suburbs. Lavington is home to some renowned shopping centres such as the Junction Mall and so forth. Additionally, most parts of Nairobi are easily accessible from the residential area.

  1. Embakasi

Embakasi is an economical neighbourhood. Everything here is relatively cheaper compared to other residential areas in Nairobi. However, traffic jams are a great turn off, and you might spend 15 to 90 minutes to get to the CBD.

  1. Westlands

As a high-end suburb, Westlands has lots of shopping centres and recreation spots. It is home to some of the known Nairobi restaurants. Nevertheless, this area might not be budget-friendly to many middle-class citizens. When you live here, you are almost at the dead centre of the capital city as nothing is far from this neighbourhood.

  1. South B

If you want to access Wilson Airport with ease, then South B is one of the Nairobi neighbourhoods that should be on top of your list. It is served by a good network of CBD roads; hence annoying traffic jams might not be a concern.

Kilimani Kenya Image: Pulse Kenya

  1. Kilimani With lots of classy houses, Kilimani is the best suburb you can reside in the city. Despite not being budget-friendly, it is far much cheaper than Westlands, Karen and other high-end residential areas.

The best neighbourhoods in Nairobi are characterized by excellent infrastructure and security. Additionally, they are just footsteps away from significant spots in the city.

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