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South C Neighbourhood Guide, Social amenities, Houses for rent, Property for sale, and Much More

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South C Neighbourhood Guide, Social amenities, Houses for rent, Property for sale, and Much More.


South C is a middle-class residential area located next to Wilson Airport. The area borders Langata to the west, South B to the East, and Nairobi National Park to the South. This guide will shade light on south C estates and opportunities within the area. Here is a map of South C area so that you can understand where is South C:


  South C Map - Kenya  [Photo: Google Maps]

Education facilities and Schools in South C:

Visionary Schools- is a pre-school and primary school offering the 8-4-4 and British National Curriculum. The school is situated near Bandari Villas, off Five Star Road.


  Visionary Schools Preparatory School Section [Photo: Google maps]

College of Insurance- is a professional training institution offering diplomas in Insurance courses to government and Insurance industry players. It is situated near the Nairobi National Park, 6km from Nairobi CBD.


  College of Insurance [Photo: Google maps]

Other learning institutions:

  1. Beautiful Hearts Nursery School
  2. Nairobi South Nursery, primary & secondary school
  3. Bellevue School
  4. St Louis Kindergarten
  5. Kinderworld Academy
  6. Assalaam High School
  7. Nairobi Muslim Academy
  8. The Nairobi Leadership Academy
  9. The Mangement University of Africa

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities in South C

Hospitals in South C:

Nairobi South Hospital- is a private modern healthcare facility, located along Oluvimu Road. The hospital has different departments which include maternity, renal unit, intensive care unit, pharmacy, laboratory, ward, theatre and accident & emergency.


  Nairobi South Hospital [Photo: Google maps]

Healthways Medical Centre- is a private modern well equipped outpatient medical facility, situated Ole Shapara Avenue, South C.

  Healthways Medical Centre [Photo: Google maps]
  1. Reliance Hospital
  2. The Zambezi Hospital
  3. The Olive Tree Hospital
  4. AAR Healthcare Clinic
  5. Medanta Africare Clinic
  6. Beleview Hospital

Where to shop in South C.

Nextgen Mall

Nextgen Mall is home to Carrefour Supermarket, restaurants such as; Burger King, Arsham, and Domino’s Pizza, KCB, boutiques, electronics shop, wine and spirit shop, Bonfire Adventures, barbershops & salons, and Kenya Women Investment Company among many others. The mall is situated along Mombasa road.


  Nextgen Mall [Photo: airbnb.com]

Capital Centre Mall

Capital Centre Mall is home to beauty shops, restaurants such as Galito’s, banks, and ATMs for banks such as Co-operative bank, pharmacy, Grocery shop, Naivas Supermarket, Clothes and footwear shops, Jubilee insurance company, and medical centers among many others.


  Capital Centre Mall [Photo: Facebook @capitalcentrenairobi]

Other places to shop:

  1. South C Shopping Centre
  2. Mugoya Shopping Centre
  3. Green Valley Shopping Centre
  4. Naivas Supermarket
  5. Green Valley Supermarket
  6. Barwako Supermarket

Hotels, Restaurants, Recreational Facilities, and Clubs in South C.

Nairobi National Park

South C is located near the Nairobi National Park a great tourist attraction site in Kenya. The visitors can enjoy the park’s campsites, picnic sites, and walking trails for the hikers. You can also visit the park to watch the different wild animals such as lions, leopards, hyenas, buffaloes, giraffes, cheetahs, and different bird species.


  Giraffe at Nairobi National Park [Source: Nairobi National Park Gallery]

__The Boma Nairobi (Hotel) (Kenya) __

The Boma Hotel is a 5-star ultra-modern hotel, with spacious rooms and an outdoor pool and spa, and a wellness center where guests can relax.


  The Boma Hotel Nairobi [Photo: booking.com]

Ole Sereni

Ole Sereni Hotel overlooks the Nairobi National Park. It has a wellness and fitness center, salon, swimming pool, bar, and restaurant.


  Ole Sereni Hotel [Photo: booking.com]

Other hotels and restaurants include Eka Hotel, The Red Court Hotel, Dafam Hotel Kenya, Saab Royale Hotel, Razana Hotel, Johari Restaurant, Crusty Crab Restaurant, Culture Café, Sukhadia’s Restaurant, and Level 7 Lounge. Sports clubs include Kenya Motor Sports Club, Ngara Sports Club, Ministry of Works Sports Club, and The South C Sports Club.

Where to go worship in South C.

Churches in South C include:

St Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church.


  St Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church [Photo: Google maps]

New Apostolic Church


  New Apostolic Church [Photo: Google maps]
  1. Nairobi Chapel South Church
  2. Nairobi South SDA Church
  3. Kenay Assemblies of God Highway Church
  4. Good News African Gospel Church
  5. KAG
  6. ACK Church
  7. Redeemed Gospel Church
  8. Majid Noor Mosque among others.

Use Google maps, Bolt, Uber or board a rider and find your Driving directions to South C Mosque, Nairobi.

Where to get your hair and nails done in South C.

Ajab Spot Executive Salon


  Ajab Spot Executive Salon [Photo: Google maps]
  1. Steves Barbers
  2. Kim’s Executive Barbershop
  3. Posh Hair & Beauty Salon
  4. Lanoi’s Beauty Salon Shop & Barber Shop
  5. Jasmeen Beauty Parlour
  6. Beauty Point Salon

Financial Institutions in South C.

Banks and Sacco’s to deposit money, make an investment or withdraw include I&M Bank, Co-operative Bank, National Bank, KCB Bank, Diamond Trust Bank, and Astro Sacco Limited.

Leadership Status, South C.

The current MCA of South C is Hon. Osman Khalif Abdi.


  Hon. Osman Khalif Abdi current MCA South C [Photo: nairobiassembly.go.ke]

How to get to South C in Makadara by Bus?

One can get to South C by taxi, matatu, own car or even walk. You will board matatu route number 11 at Railways Bus Station in Nairobi to get To South C. The South C Matatu stage is organized and you will board a ride with limited hustles. Bus stops in this area include South C Shopping Centre, Mugoya Shopping Centre, and Highway Estate Stages.

Petrol and Gas Stations in South C

  1. Total South C Service Station


  Total South C Service Station [Photo: Google maps]

2. Rubis Petrol Station 3. National Oil Petrol Station 4. Nixomb Limited 5. Ola Energy

House and plot Prices within South C

The prices of plots and rent of houses in South B will depend on their location and size.

| Property Description | Amount (Sale price or rental rate in KES) | | ---------- | ---------- | | Rent of 1 bedroom Apartments | 10000-30000 | | Rent of 2 bedroom Apartments | 20000-45000 | | Rent of 3 bedroom Apartments | 25000-60000 | | Average Price -1/8 Acre plot | 40000000 |

Real Estate Companies and Agencies in South C

  1. RGM Properties
  2. Landmark Top Solutions
  3. Lighthouse Homes Ltd
  4. Pamakars Properties
  5. Mackb International
  6. Pam Golding Properties
  7. Rayan Property Management

When looking for Property for sale in South C, engaging a professional realtor can help. Avoid the headache of endless property hunting in Nairobi by consulting thes registered property management companies in Kenya. Luckily, Hao Finder exists to connect all house hunting clients with verified property owners and house agents.

Hao Finder agents are always available to lead you the way around south C. If you are looking for houses for rent in South C or new to let apartments in Nairobi, try out the Hao Finder house hunting experience.

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