Ontime Citis: AI-Powered Urban Resilience

Protect communities and minimize disruption with real-time threat assessment and proactive alerts.

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Real-time Threat Assessment

Leverage AI and real-time data to analyze urban threats and provide proactive alerts to residents and authorities.

Proactive Alerts

Deliver timely alerts to help communities prepare and respond effectively to imminent threats.

Data-driven Insights

Provide actionable insights to city planners and emergency agencies for better decision-making and resource allocation.

How Ontime Citis Works

Ontime Citis leverages AI and real-time data to analyze urban threats and provide proactive alerts to residents and authorities. Our platform integrates diverse data sources, including weather forecasts, IoT sensors, social media, and news reports, to assess the risk of storms, floods, heatwaves, and heavy rains.

Value Proposition

Save money

Minimize property damage and economic loss through early preparation.

Improve city operations

Optimize resource deployment, streamline emergency response.

Build trust

Transparent, data-backed alerts enhance community confidence and safety.

The Market

Ontime Citis AI customers include- Urban Authorities: City governments, emergency management agencies. Institutions: Universities, research organizations, insurance companies. Businesses: Property developers, real estate agencies. Cities worldwide urgently seek climate resilience solutions. A massive global market for urban risk management technologies, projected to reach USD 5 Billion for major cities.

Competitive Advantage

  • Real-time edge: Ontime Citis delivers actionable information faster than legacy systems.
  • Scalable and adaptable: The AI platform can easily integrate new data sources as threats evolve.

Business Model

  • Flexible revenue streams: API sales, licensing, and subscription plans.
  • Strategic partnerships: Expand our reach and value proposition.

The Team

Our team expertise cut across AI/data analytics, urban planning, software, and business development. The OntimeCitis team is has successfully launched a SafariWiz Mobility Solution and Hao Finder both which are at a lobal scale.

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