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Investment Protection for Kenyans in diaspora - Kenya Properties And Verifiers

Diaspora remittances for property investments

Kenya Properties And Verifiers - Investment Protection for diaspora. Every Kenyan wants to be part of the property investment squad in Nairobi. By either owning a plot for sale in Nanyuki or just an Airbnb ready apartment for sale in Kileleshwa or Kilimani.

Diaspora remittances for property investments

Diaspora remittances: Real Estate investors (Img: yandex)

Diaspora Property Investors in Kenya.

Most Diaspora residents channel back their forex back home in Kenya in form of rental property investment or buy land for sale in Kenya. Some Kenyan citizens abroad engage their kins to assist them manage property investments in Nairobi.

Many a times, Diaspora citizens lose their Real Estate Property investments in Nairobi due to untrustworthy relatives or project foremen back at home. Getting verified real estate agents to help manage a property or someone that could scout for viable acres of Land for sale in nairobi-Kenya is a challenge.

Real Estate Investment Companies in Kenya

Among many reasons, Kenya's property investors residing in the Diaspora have fallen prey to some real estate companies and property agencies in Nairobi. For example, an acre of Land in Juja could cost an investor about 20 Million in the suburbs: Such hefty investments need to be insured by trust. There have been cases where a first home owner in Nairobi has lost cash and family house. The biggest chunck of property investors affected are Kenyans working in Saudia (Saudi Arabia) and the Gulf.

This calls for the need to have certified homes verifiers and Verified real estate merchants.

Property Purchase transactions in Kenya.

Notable property transactions casestudies for Diaspora residents include: the heavily marketed Plots in Kitengela Acacia, Lands for sale in Kamulu Joska and title ready parcels in Nanyuki - Ol Pejeta Conservancy neighborhood. Mostly, these plots target middle income property investors whose spending average 300K. The Real estate developers in Kenya price the parcels competitively in order to attract many Land buyers. Payment plans for the property are made in instalments so as to attract even more buyers. Have you gone a site visit in Konza - Malili?

Property investors need to be weary of colorful property site visits that do not preempt the micro-details about the plots for sale.

Certified Property developers in Nairobi - Kenya

Not all registered Real estate companies in Kenya are certified. Some have property offers that are skewed to drain the investors hard earned cash. How do you identify a trustworthy real estate investment company or property developers in Kenya? The Kenya Property Developers Association (KPDA) and the Estate Agents Registration Board of Kenya (EARB) are some of the one stop shop for verified Property agents in Nairobi- kenya.

Certified Homes in Kenya - Certified Properties.

How do you verify a Title deed in Kenya? Always ask for a copy of the property documents from the property agent. A title deed copy or a lease copy would be ideal for property verification at the Ministry of Lands Ardhi portal.

Property Verifiers for Diaspora residents in Kenya.

Diaspora residents need a helping hand in ascertaining the validity of the land or apartments for sale in Nairobi,Kenya. As much as most Property investors are eyeing properties in Nairobi COunty, Kisumu city and Nakuru City are some of the notable property destinations. A property purchase is never complete until it is a legitimate transaction for a legit proerty.

How can property verifiers assist Diaspora investors?

The verified property checkers can assist Diaspora Kenyans achieve the following:

  1. Confirming property documents (Title Deeds or Lease Certificates).
  2. Verify Property Location, property neighborhood and utilities within the area.
  3. How the area security index compares with others.
  4. Validating the property market indices.
  5. The property owners and property develope rs credentials.
  6. Cross-check property pricing alongside other properties within the same class.
  7. Give Diaspora residents Property choices.
  8. Linkages to verified Project Managers in Kenya
  9. Home design evaluations. (Check architectural plans and structural designs)

Hao Finder - Verified Real Estate Property Investment and Development

diaspora investors

Hao Finder, being part of Nakibolis Heirs Limited assists all citizens acquire and invest in certified homes and verified property. Are you a Diaspora citizen looking forward to invest in property in Kenya? Finding verified homes in Nairobi Kenya for your Airbnb business may not be that easy nowander we exist. Get in touch with Hao Finder.

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