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Parklands Neighborhood Guide: Map, Location, Social Amenities, and House Prices

Beautiful Scenery of Parklands Area in Nairobi Kenya

Parklands, Nairobi, commonly referred to simply as Parklands, is a neighbourhood in the city of Nairobi, the capital and largest city in Kenya. It is divided into numbered avenues. The name arises from the proximity of the area to City Park, Nairobi. Parklands supplies the perfect mix of tranquillity and entertainment in the exciting city of Nairobi. There are many attractions to discover in this part of town.


Parklands is located 5kms northeast of Nairobi CBD. The area got its name due to its closeness to the City Park.

Parklands Area Map Parklands Area Map [Photo: Google maps]

Education facilities

Parklands is home to some of the best-performing schools in Nairobi. There are all sorts of schools here. From low class, middle class to high-end, you will find all of them here. The main education facilities in Parklands area include:

• Parklands Boys High School

• Hospital Hill Primary School

• Taaleemul Islam Academy

• Highridge Primary School

• Visa Oshwal Primary School

• Parklands Arya Girls Secondary School

• Oshwal Academy Nairobi Junior High

• University of Nairobi School of Law

• Kenyatta University Parklands Campus School of Law

• Aga Khan University School of Nursing & Midwifery.

1. Visa Oshwal Primary School

Visa Oshwal Primary School is public school offering CBC and 8-4-4 curriculum. The school is located along Mpaka Road.

Visa Oshwal Primary School Visa Oshwal Primary School [Photo: Facebook @visaoshwalprimaryschool]

2. University of Nairobi School of Law

University of Nairobi School of Law is a leading institution in the country that offers a degree of Bachelor of law. It is located along Parklands Road.

University of Nairobi School of Law University of Nairobi School of Law [Photo: Facebook @SchoolOfLawUon]

Health facilities in Parklands

You can access any medical service at any time and any day while in Parklands from the following top-notch private and public infirmaries:

• MP Shah Hospital

• Aga Khan University Hospital

• Avenue Hospital

• Lily Women Hospital

• The Brain, Spine and Rehabilitation (BSR) Hospital

• Columbia Africa Healthcare Limited( Parklands Clinic)

1. Aga Khan University Hospital

Aga Khan University Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Kenya. It is a tertiary, teaching and referral hospital, located long 3rd Parklands Avenue.

Aga Khan University Hospital Aga Khan University Hospital [Photo: Facebook @akuhnairobi]

2. Avenue Hospital

Avenue Hospital is a 140 bed capacity hospital offering high quality medical services to patients who visit here. It is located along first Parklands Avenue.

Avenue Hospital Avenue Hospital [Photo: Google maps]

Where to go shopping

• Diamond Plaza Shopping Complex

• Sky Mall

• Highridge Shopping Centre

• Krishna Park Shopping Centre

• Onn The Way Supermarkets

• Chandarana Supermarkets Ltd

• City Park Market

• Royal Snacks Ltd

1. Diamond Plaza Shopping Complex

Diamond Plaza Shopping Complex is both a commercial and residential property, where one can enjoy a meal, shop or even conduct meetings.

Diamond Plaza Shopping Complex Diamond Plaza Shopping Complex [Photo: Google maps]

2. City Park Market

City Park Market is located along Limuru Road, Parklands. Looking for fresh and cheap fruits and vegetables, then City Park Market is the best place to visit.

City Park Market  Parklands

Hotels, clubs and Recreational Centres in Parklands

It is important for all of us to have a place to go and be active. That is why Parklands, just like any other residential area, has recreational spots. The notable ones include:

• Wave Lounge

• K1 Klub House

• Diamond Plaza Food Court

• Chowpaty

• Maharaja

• Galitos & Pizza Inn

• Mister Wok

• Jewel Stone Hotel

• Sky Hotel

• The Concord Hotel & Suites

• Makel Suites & Lounge

• Parklands Sports Club

1. Maharaja Restaurant

Maharaja is an Indian restaurant located opposite MP Shah Hospital, along Shivachi Road.

 Maharaja Restaurant Parklands Food served at Maharaja Restaurant [Photo: Google maps]

2. K1 Klub House

K1 Klub House is located along Ojijo Road. It has African and Modern features that targets business people and partygoers.

K1 Klub House Parklands K1 Klub House [Photo: Facebook @ kiklubhouse]

Where to go to worship

The area has a number of religious centres. Nearly every street corner has a church. The notable places where you can go to worship while in Parklands include the following:


• St. Francis Xavier’s Catholic Church

• Parklands Baptist Church

• Kingdom Life Church, River of God Church, Impact Church

• United Pentecostal Church of Kenya.

1. St. Francis Xavier’s Catholic Church

St. Francis Xavier’s Catholic Church is situated along Parklands road.

St. Francis Xavier’s Catholic Church Parklands St. Francis Xavier’s Catholic Church [Photo: Google maps]

2. CITAM Parklands

CITAM is situated along the 2nd Parklands Avenue.

CITAM Parklands CITAM Parklands [Photo: Google maps]

Financial institution in parlands

Just like any other town in Kenya, Parklands is the home to numerous banks. These banks help residents access financial services with ease. Banks and Sacco’s in the area include:

• Investments and Mortgages Bank Ltd

• I&M Bank

• Diamond Trust Bank

• Bank of Baroda

• SBM bank

• Prime Bank

• National Bank

• Chase Bank

• Absa(Atm)

• Utabibu Sacco

Where to get you hair and nails done

You can have your haircut or hairdone in any of the following major beauty and barbershops in Parklands:

• Leo Salon, Barber and Spa

• Rembesha Nail Bar

• Afro Siri

• Anu Hair and Beauty Salon

• Beauty Aromatic Spa and Unisex Salon

• Raj Unisex Beauty Parlour, 3rd Parklands Salon & Kinyozi

• Young Stars Kinyozi

• Classic Barbershop

1. Afro Siri

Afro Siri is located at Kenrail Towers, off Ring Road Parkland.

Afro Siri Parklands Afro Siri [Photo: Google maps]

2. Leo Salon, Barber & Spa

Leo Salon, Barber & Spa is classic salon, located at Victory Plaza, along Parklands Road.

Leo Salon, Barber & Spa  Parklands Leo Salon, Barber & Spa [Photo: Google maps]

Transport system - How to get to parklands (Matatu stage, bus fare and route guide)

One can get to Parklands by bus, taxi, on foot or by private means. If in Nairobi town one should board bus route number 118 at Khoja bus stop or Ngara Bus stop. Some of the bus stops in Parklands are Oilibya/2nd Parklands Avenue, Kobil bus stop, Westlands terminals, and Aga Khan Hospital Junction/ 3rd Parklands Avenue.

Leadership status

Current MCA of Parklands is Hon Jayendra Malde.

Current MCA Parklands Current MCA Parklands Hon Jayendra Malde [Photo: Facebook @maldejayendra]

Gas and petrol stations

You can fuel your vehicle in the following petrol stations:

• Shell Service Station, Engen

• Total Limuru Road

• Oilibya

• Highridge Petrol Station

• Kobil petrol Station

1. Total Limuru Road

Total Limuru Road is situated along Limuru Road in Parklands.

Total Limuru Road Total Limuru Road [Photo: Google maps]

2. Shell Service Station

Shell Service Station is situated along Parklands Road.

Shell Service Station Shell Service Station [Photo: Google maps]

Real Estate Companies and Agencies

The following Real Estate Agencies and companies operate within Parklands:

• Supreme Link Real Estate Ltd

• Varylon Properties

• BloomHill Realty

• Royalite Kenya Realty

• Apricot Property Solutions Limited

• Abacus Property Consultants ltd

• Manpower Investments

• Zann Properties

• Viesta Investments

• Diamond Homes

1. Abacus Property Consultants Limited

Abacus Property Consultants Limited is situated at Sky mall 2nd Floor, 4th Parklands Avenue.

Abacus Property Consultants Limited office Abacus Property Consultants Limited office [Photo: Google maps]

Bottom line

Parklands is the best suburb to live in if you are working in Nairobi and its environs. Houses here are relatively cheaper and spacious than other suburbs in Nairobi County.

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