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Utawala Neighborhood guide: heights for rent, social amenities, and much more

Utawala Neighbourhood guide: heights for rent, social amenities, and much more

Utawala Neighbourhood guide: heights for rent, social amenities, and much more komarok


Utawala is located approximately 23km from Nairobi CBD, a 21 minutes’ drive.


Leadership status:

Hon. Patrick Karani is the current MCA Utawala Ward.

leadership status

Education facilities:

  • Utawala Kindergarten & Primary school
  • Utawala Tender Care Junior School
  • Utawala Secondary
  • St. Bakhita Elite School Utawala
  • Medina Schools
  • St. Comboni School
  • Carmel Catholic Primary School
  • Utawala Computer College
  • Dominion Business College
  • Kenya Institute of Management

St. Bakhita Elite School Utawala

St. Bakhita Elite School Utawala is a primary situated along Eastern Bypass. The school aims at equipping children with the required skills to build on their future.

St. Bakhita Elite School Utawala

St. Comboni School

St. Comboni School is Catholic mixed day secondary school, situated along the Eastern Bypass, Nairobi.

St. Comboni School

Health Care Facilities:

  • Utawala Medical Centre
  • Bristol Park Hospital
  • Reale Hospital
  • The Nairobi West Hospital
  • Mariakani Cottage Hospital
  • Imani Hospital
  • Komarock Modern Healthcare
  • St Barkita Dispensary

Komarock Modern Healthcare

Komarock Modern Healthcare is a private level 5 healthcare facility, located in Ndege View Estate, off the Eastern Bypass Road.

Komarock Modern Healthcare

Bristol Park Hospital

Bristol Park Hospital is situated along Eastern Bypass opposite Tumaini Supermarket.

Where to shop:

  • Utawala Shopping Mall
  • Tumaini Supermarket Naivas Supermarket
  • Quickmart Supermarket
  • Evergreen Stores
  • Safarigreens
  • Capital Shopping Mall
  • Magunas Supermarket
  • Brilliant Supermarket
  • Otomatt Supermarket

Capital Shopping Mall

Capital Shopping Mall is a small shopping place situated is a residential neighbourhood thus easy for shoppers’ access.

Capital Shopping Mall

Magunas Supermarket

Magunas Supermarket gives the shoppers in Utawala a great shopping experience, with a range of products from groceries, cereals, furniture’s, clothes and toiletries.

Magunas Supermarket

Hotels, Restaurants and Clubs:

 Triple O’s Hotel, Fahari Garden Hotel, Vogue, Wallets, Texas Garden Resorts, DeutsFour Seasons Hotel, Christina D Hotel, Roxy Lounge, The Avery Lounge, Lacoste Lounge, Club 106 Lounge & Restaurant, Zingi Pub, Vogue, Flame Grill, and Banta Villa Restaurant.

1. Fahari Garden Hotel

Fahari Garden Hotel provides world class accommodation to its guest. It has two swimming pools, fitness centre & spa, restaurants and a bar. There is also a garden to hold events or relax.

1.	Fahari Garden Hotel

1.	Fahari Garden Hotel

2. Triple O’s Hotel

Triple O’s Hotel is a stylish and classic internationally known hotel, with a spacious garden, restaurant and large swimming pool. It is situated along the Eastern Bypass, Utawala.

2.	Triple O’s Hotel

Where to go to church:

  • Catholic Church
  • ACK
  • Mosque
  • Deliverance church
  • SDA Church
  • Pefa Church
  • Regions Beyond Ministry
  • PCEA
  • Gospel Outreach Church
  • Gospel Celebration Church

Holy Family Catholic Church

Holy Family Catholic Church is situated near St Bakhita Dispensary.

Holy Family Catholic Church

ACK St Monica Parish

ACK St Monica Parish serves the Utawala-Mihango area, and is situated off the Eastern Bypass Road.

ACK St Monica Parish

Financial institutions:

  • Equity bank
  • Kenya Commercial Bank
  • Cooperative Bank (ATM)
  • Family Bank
  • Hazina Sacco
  • God’s Grace Mission Sacco

Transport System: To get to Utawala from Nairobi CBD one will board matatu route number 34 at Kencom or Ambassador Stage. Some of the bus and matatus operating in Utawala area are; City Hopper Ltd, Kani Transport Sacco, and Tawala Utawala Sacco. Bus stops in Utwala include; Utawala Junction, PCEA Utawala, and Mihango Kayole Junction.

Where to get you hair and nails done: Lady Diva Nails & Hair, Triad Beauty salon and spa, Malkia Beauty & Hair Salon, City Styles Salon & Barbershop, Binzari Barber, Salon & Spa, Million Hairs Barber Shop, Base Kinyozi, Men’s Cave Barber Shop and Spa, and Trim Hauz Barbershop & shop.

Million Hairs Barber Shop

The beauty and creativity at Million Hairs Barber Shop is stunning. From a distance it appears as if it is a truck parked in a building, but when you get closer, you realise it is a barbershop with a capacity of about 20 people. Million Hairs Barber Shop is situated next to shell Petrol Station, Eastern Bypass Road Utawala.

Million Hairs Barber Shop

Binzari Barber, Salon & Spa

Binzari Barber, Salon & Spa has workers that are highly experienced and thus offer quality services to its clients. The salon is located in V-Mall 2nd floor, Kibiku Road.

Binzari Barber, Salon & Spa

Petrol and Gas stations:

  • Astrol Petrol Station
  • Oil Libya Fuel Station
  • Shell Petrol Station
  • Pacific Petrol Station
  • Oil Max Petrol Station
  • Total Utawala Service Station
  • Lexo Service Utawala

Shell Petrol Station

Shell Petrol Station is situated along Eastern Bypass Road Utawala.

Shell Petrol Station

Lexo Service Utawala

Lexo Service is located along Eastern Bypass Road Utawala.

Lexo Service Utawala


Police stations nearby include:

Muungano Police station and Mihango Police Post.

Real estate companies and agencies:

Estate Hub Limited, Geoscape Global, Aqasa Properties Limited, Roughson Realtors, Amali Property Solution, Paradigm Homes & Estates Ltd, Cape & Valley Developers, Santon (K) Limited, and Tysons Limited.

Utawala Neighborhood guide: heights for rent, social amenities, and much more

Property for Buy or Rent Prices in utawala

Property Description Amount (KES)

Average Rent 1 bedroom Apartments 10000

Average Rent 2 bedroom Apartments 20000

Average Rent 3 bedroom house 30000

Average Price -1/8 Acre plot 4500000

Bottom line

Utawala is a predominantly residential area with a mixture of low-rise buildings and high-rise buildings. There are a number of social amenities in the neighbourhood, and it's a good place to live. It can be tiresome finding a house that fits your needs and budget in Utawala Fortunately, you can find a cheap house for rent or sale in Nairobi with our services. Click on the “Get Started” button below to learn more.


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