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A guide to purchasing modern houses for sale in Nairobi worth 5 million and above

Purchasing a House in Nairobi

Home buying processes in Nairobi

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Home hunters and real estate agents who are seeking Property for Sale in Karen, Langata or Property for Sale in Mombasa will find this guideline helpful. Most clients would want to invest in Houses for Sale in Runda, Westlands or just find Land - Plots of Land for Sale in Nairobi online.

When buying modern houses in Nairobi worth 5 million and above, everyone has his/her own priorities. The buying process is obviously complex, and it is very easy to get off the track. Hence, you need to write down your preferences so that you can avoid forgetting some critical features for you and your family. This is also helpful if you are using the services of a realtor.

In this write-up, we will discuss about some of the important things you should consider when looking for modern houses for sale in Nairobi worth 5 million and above. Each factor listed here will have a different degree to individual buyers; however, all the points are worth considering. If you have never thought seriously about the things below, now is your chance. So, shall we get started?

1. Location

First on our list is location. You should consider whether you can access places you frequent almost daily such as work, school, church, friends and family houses, recreation centres and so on. Ascertain how far the main road is from the specific property. You should also check the traffic flow.

2. Duration of stay

The amount of time you plan to spend in the house should also be a factor. Does the duration make it more economical to rent instead of buying? Of course, you can’t answer this question easily, you need to conduct a thorough research to determine the right choice. If you are thinking of buying a house now and then selling it after two years, it will not be cheaper than renting. It is unlikely to be!

3. Think of the future

Never buy a home for the life you live today. Chances are that this will be one of the most significant financial commitments you will ever make in your life. So, before identifying a dream house, consider the future. Are you getting married? How many kids do you want to have? Are you planning to purchase a couple of cars in future?

4. Age, style and condition of appliances

If you are buying a fully furnished home, take your time to estimate the condition of every item. Some of them are so expensive to replace. For instance, torn sofas can be a deal-breaker for a lot of people. Go to the kitchen, check all the appliances ascertain their ages. If any of them seems outdated, then you need to be aware of the costs of replacement.

5. Look beyond the paint

It is inexpensive to fix paints and wallpapers compared to cabinets, counters, shower and so on. Hence, do not look at cosmetics issues but rather the inside. This doesn’t mean that you should not buy a home that needs a significant fix. If you factor in the labour costs and you can afford them without straining, then go ahead and purchase it.

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6. Purchase price

Last but not least, you should only buy a house you can afford. If you are buying on a mortgage basis, then this can vary depending on your company. A lot of lenders suggest that you can only afford mortgage payments of about 1/3 of your gross salary. Some go a little down to 28%. As you spend a lot of time and efforts looking for the next perfect home for your family, make sure you tap into the support and knowledge of your realtor or mortgage professional.

Guide to purchase house 5m under

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