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Lower Kabete neighborhood guide: houses for rent, social amenities and more

The University of Nairobi – School of Business

Lower Kabete is a classic Nairobi neighbourhood, with a relaxed atmosphere and a variety of amenities. It is a residential area with a good number of houses for both sale and rent. Lower Kabete is one of those neighborhoods that you would want to live in if you work in westlands, Kileleshwa or Kilimani.

The area is known for its relaxed pace of life with friendly and welcoming people. This blog post will give you a glimpse of what the area has to offer including Lower Kabete houses for rent, prices and much more.

Lower kabete Map Location and directions.

Lower Kabete is approximately 12km from Nairobi CBD. It neighbours Wangige and Kitusuru areas. Here is the map for the area;

Area Map Lower Kabete Area Map Lower Kabete

How to get to Lower Kabete.

The Lower Kabete Road provides a good transport network in the Lower Kabete area. To get to Kabete one can either use public means, private means, or taxi. Lower Kabete is approximately 15 minutes away by taxi from the City Centre. Matatu route number 118 at Koja Stage will get you to Lower Kabete.

Leadership status in lower Kabete ward.

Walter Ndambo is the Current MCA Kabete

MCA Lower Kabete MCA Lower Kabete

Education facilities in Lower Kabete

Whether you are looking for 1 bedroom or 3 bedroom houses for rent in Lower Kabete, odds are that you will find your dream house meters away from one of these schools:

Peponi House Preparatory School

Peponi House Preparatory School is a private primary school, situated along Lower Kabete Road.

 Peponi House Preparatory School Peponi House Preparatory School

The University of Nairobi – School of Business

University of Nairobi (School of Business) offers courses in Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovations Management, Operations and Technology Management, and Accounting.

The University of Nairobi – School of Business The University of Nairobi – School of Business

Other Institutions iclude:

  1. Kabete Junior Academy

  2. Lower Kabete Approved School

  3. Kabete International School

  4. Farasi Lane Primary School

  5. Kirangari Boys High School

  6. Kabete High School

  7. Kabete national polytechnic ( Check out Kabete Polytechnic website)

  8. Kenya Institute of Administration.

  9. Kabete Institute

  10. University of Nairobi Lower Kabete Campus (UON lower Kabete)

Health Care Facilities in Lower Kabete

The following are facilities are located in the area. They can be accessed from any Lower Kabete rentals and corners.

Kabete Gardens Hospital

Kabete Gardens Hospital is a private level 4 health care facility offering both inpatient and outpatient medical services on a 24/7 basis.

Kabete Gardens Hospital Kabete Gardens Hospital

Others Include; 1.Kabete Approved Dispensary

2.Kabete Medical Clinic

3.Kabete Sub County Hospital

Where to shop while in Lower Kabete

The first thing you should consider when looking for houses to let in Lower Kabete or any other place is proximity to shopping centres. Here are the places to shop around Lower Kabete houses.

  1. Lower Kabete Shopping Centre

  2. Aroma Inc

  3. Kabete Market

Loresho Shopping Centre, The Sarit Centre, and The Mall are also nearby for shopping purposes

Hotels, Restaurants and Clubs located in kabete area

Lower Kabete shares recreational facilities with Westlands, which is known for its entertainment, lifestyle, and social value.

Some of the hotels, clubs and restaurants here include:

  1. Zen Garden

  2. Villa Paradisio

  3. Club 10

  4. Lower Kabete Heights

  5. Buffalo Rest

  6. Lake View Studios

The Kabete Springs are natural attractions for the area and Gigiri Forest is also nearby.It is a great place for hiking, picnics, and other outdoor activities.

Zen Garden

Zen Garden is an ultimate venue offering quality food and a high level of ctomer service. It has conference rooms, a bar, a restaurant and a garden to hold events such as weddings.

Zen Garden Zen Garden

Zen Garden Zen Garden

Club 10

Looking for a great place to party, and enjoy food or drinks alone or with friends then, Club 10 is the best place to be. It is situated along Lower Kabete Road.

Club 10 Lower Kabete Club 10 Lower Kabete

Where to go worship while in Lower Kabete

Irrespective of where you live on Lower Kabete road, churches are in every corner of Lower Kabete. They include the following:

ACK St. Pauls Church

ACK St. Pauls Church is situated off Lower Kabete Road.

ACK St. Pauls Church ACK St. Pauls Church

St Francis Catholic Church

St Francis Catholic Church is situated along Lower Kabete Road.

St Francis Catholic Church St Francis Catholic Church

Other places of worship include;

1.SDA Church


3.The glory of Christ Church

4.Kenya Assemblies of God


Where to get your hair and nails done in Kabete.

You can get your nails and hair done here:

Friend’s Point Salon & Barbershop

It Is situated along Getathuru Road, Lower Kabete.

 Friend’s Point Salon & Barbershop Friend’s Point Salon & Barbershop

Motown Barbershop

It is situated along Lower Kabete Road, Kabete Shopping Centre.

Motown Barbershop Motown Barbershop

Others Include; 1.Dolce Executive Barbershop salon and spa

2.Bornaz Barbershop

3.G Styles Kinyozi

4.Lydot Hair & Beauty Salon

Financial Institutions in Lower Kabete.

Banks and Sacco’s in Lower Kabete include: 1.Bank of Baroda

2.I&M Bank

3.Standard Chartered Bank

Petrol and Gas stations in Kabete.

You can fuel your vehicle(s) in the following spots:

Total Service Station Lower Kabete

Total Service Station is situated near the Holy Eucharist Catholic Church, Gitaru Road.

Total Service Station Lower Kabete Total Service Station Lower Kabete

Other Gas stations include;

  1. Shell Petrol Station

  2. Kinta Petrol Station

  3. Kenol Petrol Station


Some of the Police Stations in the Lower Kabete area include; 1.Lower Kabete Police Station

2.Spring Valley Police Station

Real estate companies and agencies operating in Lower Kabete.

When searching for cheap apartments for rent or commercial plots for sale in kabete, these housing agencies can be of help.

We understand that finding a budget house to let in lower Kabete is not a walk in Uhuru Park. Whether a student looking for a hostel under 5k in Kabete or a family seeking to book a rental house under 10k in Lower Kabete; you need a helper, a verified property search assistance.

As a lecturer or a memebr of staff at Kabete National Polytechnic or UON lower kabete, you may need to learn about how to invest in Real Estate in Kenya and make money. Since most property investors in Kenya are searching for plots for sale under 5 Million, these property companies in Lower Kabete could assist you navigate the property investment and development ecosystem.

The following agencies and companies operate in Lower Kabete;

  1. Spacetech Enterprises

  2. Durian Property Consult Ltd

  3. Dakima Properties

4 .Pamakars Properties

  1. Keylook Real Estate

  2. Viesta Investments

  3. Nairobi Royal Homes

  4. Lins Real Estate Properties

  5. Kenya Real Homes

 Lower Kabete neighborhood guide:  houses for rent, social amenities and more

Lower Kabete houses and land prices

Here are the lower Kabete rentals and land prices to expect:

| Property Description | Rental or Amount (KES) | | ---------- | ---------- | | Average Rent 1 Bedroom Apartments in Kabete | 12000 | | Average Rent 2 Bedroom Apartments Lower Kabete | 25000 | | Average Rent 3-bedroom house in Kabete area | 50000 | | Average Price -1/8 Acre plot within Kabete | 4000000 |

Are looking for furnished apartments in Lower Kabete?

Most vacation rentals Lower kabete range between 28 to 30 US Dollars per night. This area is ideal for Airbnb. You can list your apartment on Airbnb to enjoy the benefits of being a host.

Bottom line

Lower Kabete is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Nairobi. This is because of its proximity to the CBD. The area also has reasonably priced houses with people preferring to live here over other suburbs.

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