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Kasarani Neighbourhood guide: Map, location, social amenities, and house prices

Kasarani Neighbourhood guide

Kasarani Neighbourhood guide: Map, location, social amenities, and house prices

Kasarani is a suburb in the city of Nairobi, Kenya. It is located along the Nairobi-Thika Road. The town came up in the early 1950s to solve the housing shortage problem in Nairobi. Kasarani is one of the oldest suburbs of Nairobi. This post will provide an overview of the suburb, including information about what its social amenities are like, house prices and much more. The information captured here will also help you decide if Kasarani is the best neighbourhood for you.

Kasarani Location and map

Kasarani is located along Thika Road approximately 16km from Nairobi CBD.

Kasarani Location and map

Leadership status

The Current MP for Kasarani is SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri

SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri

Photo of the Current MP, Kasarani

The immediate former member of parliament of Kasarani Constituency is Hon. Mercy Gakuya.

Leadership status

Photo of the immediate former MP of Kasarani (Gakuya)

How to get to Kasarani

If you are in Nairobi town you will board a matatu or bus route number 17B at Kenya Bus Station or outside BS near St Peter Claviers Church. Bus stops in Kasarani include;

• Seasons Bus Stop,

• TRM/Roysambu and

• Naivas Bus Stop.

Education Institutions in Kasarani

Kasarani is home to some of the best-performing schools in Nairobi. There are all sorts of schools here. From low class, middle class to high-end, you will find all of them here. The main education facilities in the Kasarani area include:

• Pan Africa Christian University,

• Kasarani Technical and Vocational College,

• Kasarani Group of Schools,

• St Mary’s Academy,

• Kasarani Primary,

• Kasarani Academy Secondary,

• MGA School Kasarani,

• Romi College,

• Kenya Film School,

• Kasarani Catering School and

• IAT Campus.

1. Kasarani Groups of schools

Kasarani Groups of schools entails Kasarani Junior School, Kasarani Academy Senior School, Special Unit, and Cradle section. The school is situated opposite to the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology, along Icipe road.

1.	Kasarani Groups of schools

2. Kenya Film School

Kenya Film School is located next to Nyayo International Sports Centre. Courses offered here are Cinematography, Video Editing, Sound Engineering, and Scriptwriting.

2.	Kenya Film School

Health Facilities in Kasarani

You can access any medical service at any time and any day while in Kasarani from the following top-notch private and public infirmaries:

• Radiant Hospital,

• Thika Road Health Centre,

• St Scholastica Uzima Hospital,

• Kasarani Medical Health Centre,

• St Francis Community Hospital and

• The Mater Hospital Kasarani Clinic.

1. Radiant Hospital

Radiant Hospital Kasarani Branch is an outpatient facility located at Seasons Stage next to Equity bank, along the Kasarani-Mwiki Road.

1.	Radiant Hospital

2. St Francis Community Hospital

St Francis Community Hospital is a level 5 hospital referral and teaching hospital. It is located along Kasarani-Mwiki Road.

2.	St Francis Community Hospital

Hotels, Recreational facilities, and clubs in Kasarani

It is important for all of us to have a place to go and be active. That is why Kasarani, just like any other residential area, has recreational spots. The notable ones include:

• SportView Hotel,

• Safari Park Hotel & Casino,

• Anchor Hotel,

• Club Lifestyle,

• Mingles Lounge,

• Club Geeez,

• K.K Club,

• Switch Lounge and

• Nyayo International Sports Centre.

1. Nyayo International Sport Centre

Nyayo International Sports Centre is a multi-purpose stadium situated off Thika Road, Kasarani. It consists of Kasarani Aquatic Stadium with a swimming pool open to the public, a hotel, a 60000 seat arena with a pitch used for football, rugby and running track.


2. SportView Hotel

SportView Hotel is situated along Icipe Road off Thika Road. Looking for a place to eat, sleep, hold events or meetings, SportView Hotel is the place to visit.



Where to shop in Kasarani

Whether you are moving to Sports view Estate Kasarani or any other place, you will have access to major shopping centres. The famous ones’ in the area include:

• Thika Road Mall,

• Naivas,

• Powerstar Supermarket,

• Canvas Supermarket,

• Mountain Mall,

• Garden City Mall,

• Vision Grocery,

• Kassmatt Supermarket and

• Kasarani Green Grocers.

1. Garden City Mall

Garden City Mall is a mixed development integrated with residential, retail, and office spaces. It is situated along Thika Road.


2. Thika Road Mall

Thika Road Mall has over 100 outlets featuring the best of Kenya’s entertainment, banking, shopping, and eating places. The mall is situated off Thika Superhighway.


Where to go to church in the area

The area has a number of religious centres. Nearly every street corner has a church. The notable places where you can go to worship while in Kasarani include the following:

• Sportsview SDA church,

• Nairobi Chapel Northway,

• Deliverance Church,

• Revival Church,


• ACK,

• PEFA Church,

• St Francis Catholic Church,

• The Nairobi Korean Church,

• House of Transformation and

• Mosque.

1. St Francis Catholic Church

St Francis Catholic Church is located along Kasarani-Mwiki Road.


2. The Nairobi Korean Church

The Nairobi Korean Church is situated near Kasarani Health centre, off Mwiki Road.


Financial institutions in Kasarani

Just like any other town in Kenya, Kasarani is the home to numerous banks. These banks help residents access financial services with ease. Banks and Sacco’s in the area include:


• Equity bank,

• KCB,

• Family Bank,

• Unaitas and

• Mwirona Sacco.

Employment opportunities

Nothing is more exciting than living in the same neighbourhood where you work. You need not access any form of transport or wake up early to avoid traffic. While in Kasarani you can work in the following industries offering job opportunities:

• Haco Industries Kenya Ltd,

• Shrink Pack Limited and

• Warren Concrete ltd.

1. Haco Industries Kenya Ltd

Haco Industries Kenya Ltd manufactures and distributes home care products in East Africa and Comesa Region. It is situated along Kasarani-Mwiki Road.


Gas and Petrol stations

You can fuel your vehicle in the following petrol stations:

• Shell,

• Las Vegas Petrol Station,

• Total Clay City,

• Kamuyu Petro Station, and

• Lake Oil.

1. Shell Gas and Petrol Station

Shell is located along Kasarani Mwiki Road.


Where to get your hair and nails done

You can have your haircut or hairdo in any of the following major beauty and barbershops in Kasarani:

• Kasarani Beauty Parlour,

• Lemiza Salon, Dida Beauty Parlour & Salon,

• Classic Salon,

• Angie Salon,

• ABC salon,

• Densue Barbers & Spa,

• Jawan Hair & Kinyozi and

• Hair Port Kinyozi Barbers & Extras.

1. Densue Barbers & Spa

Densue Barbers & Spa is situated between Radiant Hospital and Equity Bank, along Kasarani Mwiki road.


Real Estate Agencies and Companies

The following Real Estate Agencies and companies operate within Kasarani:

• Destiny Homes Management,

• Durian Property Consult,

• Eldon Group,

• Lins Real Estate Properties,

• Shellking Property Agencies,

• House Care Agencies, and

• Wesly Properties.

House prices in Kasarani

Rental prices in Kasarani differ depending on how close the unit is to Thika Road. Those near the superhighway are priced relatively higher than those located far away. Here is an estimate of the rental prices in Kasarani area:

• Singles: From Ksh. 3,000

• Bedsitters: From Ksh. 6,000

• One bedroom: From Ksh. 10,000

• Two bedrooms: From Ksh. 20,000

• Three bedrooms: From Ksh. 30,000

• Four bedrooms: From Ksh. 40,000

Bottom line

Kasarani is the best suburb to live in if you are working in Nairobi and its environs. Houses here are relatively cheaper and spacious than other suburbs in Nairobi County. Are you planning to move to Kasarani Neighborhood? If so, then we can simplify help you with your house hunt journey. We are the most trusted house search company in the country, with a crazy turn-around time of just 24 hours! Tap on the “Get Started” button below for more information.


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