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Verified ListingLand for sale in Bungoma
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For sale
KSH 1,500,000Bungoma
Land_plot | - Bedrooms | 1 acres

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Land Available:

From NAKIBOLIS Property Investments:

A. Tulukuyi: 10 Acres @750k/acre

B. Kabula: 8 Acres @650k/acre

C. Bulondo: 3.5 acres @550k/acre

D. Lwakhakha: 0.1ha @550k (Border point)

E. Wamono: One acre @550k

F. Teremi: 0.2ha @550k (With fence + Borehole)

G. Netima: 10 acres @750k/acre

H. Tulienge Junction: 0.05ha touching tarmac @450k

I. Machakha: One acre @480k

J. Wapukha: 0.1ha @220k

K. Maeni: 0.2ha @600k

L. Bilibili: One acre @1.2M

M. Misikhu/Bahai: 0.2ha @700k

N. Mateka: 0.2ha @580k

O. Bunambobi: 0.2ha @500k

P. Sangalo: 0.2ha @550k

Q. Naitiri: One acre @850k

R. Kamukuywa: 0.2ha @750k

S. Ngwelo: 0.2ha @500k

T. Malaha: 0.2ha @680k

V. Sinoko/Ndivisi: 0.2ha @450k

W. Ndengelwa: 0.05ha @800k

Y. Three BR house to rent own compound @25k near Bombo Tano Bgm

Z. Three BR house on sale at Chemche on Half Acre @3.2M

From Other Sources:

A. Likuyani/Lugari:

1. Likuyani-Nasianda One Acre @1.6M

2. Likuyani-Mapera One Acre @1.5M

3. Likuyani-Mawe Tatu One Acre @1.5M

4. Lugari-Lumakanda One Acre @1.4M

5. Mautuma 2 Acres @950k per Acre

6. Lugari-Marakusi One Acre @900k

7. Lugari-Mwamba 5 Acres @1.5M per Acre

8. Likuyani-Seregea One Acre @1.4M

9. Likuyani-Kongoni One Acre @1.7M.

B. Bungoma:

1. Nasianda-Bumula half acre @400k

2. Bunambobi-Bumula half Acre @380k

3. Malakisi 2 Acres @550k per Acre

4. Lwandanyi One Acre @500k

5. Matili half Acre @600k

6. Chwele 0.1ha @400k

7. Nalondo half Acre @580k

8. Bokoli One Acre @800k

9. Teremi half Acre @550k

10. Kasiamo One Acre @650k

11. Kimilili Khamulati Half Acre @750k

12. Kuywa half Acre @380k

13. Mateka One Acre @950k

14. Bituyu One Acre @900k


3 amenities and features.

External Features

  • Garden


  • Parking
  • 24hrs Security

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