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Verified ListingLand for sale in Western Kenya
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For sale
KSH 700,000Western Kenya
Land_plot | - Bedrooms | 0.5 acres

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Land for Sale:

I. Kwangamor: 3 Acres @360k per

J. Machakusi: 3 Acres @360k per

K. Madende: 3 Acres @900k per near Dispensary

L. Amukura: 2 Acres @450k per

M. Budokomi: 6 Acres @750k per

N. Olepito near West Kenya: 12 Acres @600k per

O. Ikonzo/Marachi: 10 Acres @450k per

P. Mukonjo/Samia: 2 Acres @450k per

Q. Matayos/Egero: 2 Acres @900k per

R. Kamuriai: 40 Acres @550k per Acre

S. Lukolis: 5 Acres @500k per

T. Matayos/Nang'oma: 2 Acres @600k per

U. Busibwabo: 2 Acres @650k per

V. Nasewa / Lung'a: 2 Acres @500k per

W. Bumala: 0.1HA(1/4) @400k

X. Myanga: 6 Acres @750k per

Y. Lupida Market: 0.05HA(Commercial Plot with Septic tank) @650k

Z. Mundika: 0.05HA touching tarmac @750k

Many more available. Plots available at Malaba & Amagoro. Each has a Title Deed. Each is Negotiable.


Parcels Available in Busia & Kakamega Counties:

- A. Asing'e: 4 Acres @550k/Acre

- B. Korinda: One Acre @1.5M

- C. Bugeng'i: 2 plots @550k per plot

- D. Muramba: One acre @550k

- E. Mugasa: One Acre @550k

- F. Busia Township: 0.05ha @900k

- G. Finyula: 0.05ha @600k

- H. Ganjala: One acre @550k

- I. Munongo: One acre @700k

- J. Budokomi: One acre @800k

- K. Buriangi: One acre @800k

- L. Matungu: One acre @750k

- M. Koyonzo: One acre @600k

- N. Indangalasia: Half an Acre @300k

- O. Munami: Half an Acre @650k

- P. Makunga: Half an acre @1.2M

- Q. Harambee: One acre @900k

- R. Ekero: 0.05ha @700k

- S. Lubao: Half an acre @750k

- T. West Kenya: One Acre @1.1M

- U. Kakoyi: Half an acre @580k

- V. Likuyani/Nasianda: Half Acre @700k

Many more are available. Freehold Title Deeds.


Land available from NAKIBOLIS Property Investments:

Deals in Land, Houses & Consultancy.


2 amenities and features.

External Features

  • Garden


  • Parking

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