Essential Tips For Surviving in Nairobi City for first Timers

Posted on August 17 2020
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Wondering if to move to the city

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A move to Nairobi City has always been perceived as an automatic entrance to greener pastures. Well, this has some truth attached to it, only if a few things can be tackled, properly. Let not euphoria of city life hit you hard, that your financial wounds will never heal.

This article seeks to open up the mind of that person who has recently got a job in the city, and is moving in a new rental apartment in Nairobi, probably the first time to settle. How does one survive in the city that is not a home to anyone?

The most important thing before moving to the Nairobi is a background check on the prospective neighborhood. You need to do a thorough background check on whatever the estate you intend to live in. These are usually highlighted in property listings and property guides. This should be able to guide you through prioritizing of critical services like accessibility, water, security and much more.

In the same line, it is advisable that you stay local. Proximity to facilities like cafes, malls saves you on unnecessary travel expenses. However, if you have to travel, embrace public transport.

It is cheaper on a matatu from the town center to Kasarani on a matatu than private means whose fuel can be relatively high. If you have the intention of mastering the routes, then public transport it is.

In the process of using public transport, always take not of rush hours. Avoid them like a plague. The time between 7-9am is usually a busy time on Nairobi roads, as well as 4-8.00pm. This is a time where traffic is packed to capacity. If you are reporting to work at 8.00am, please, hit the roads at 6.00am.

If you happen to have your private means of transport, mastery of Nairobi routes can be a challenge. That is where google maps come in handy. Getting from place to place can be a hell of activity if you don’t know how to navigate the city. Websites like Ma3route can guide you and with time, you shall be a pro on Nairobi roads. Nairobi is known for mugging and petty theft. When seeking a house for rent, your personal security should be your responsibility. As you make the best of your city life, be careful on how you tread. Avoid crowded areas when having that weekend afternoon walk.

If you have to carry a bag maybe to pick some new laptop from the CBD, get a strap bag and avoid very crowded areas. Don’t carry your beats by Dre headphones and tablet on your arms, no, that is an attraction to thieves. Carry necessary and a few valuables.

Do not overplan out of excitement or enticement. Your stay in Nairobi shall see you meet a fast talking Online Marketing guy who makes $300 a day to a pretty lass promising you a thrilling massage in some parlor, or worst, a college giving you a diploma in Sales and Marketing in 3 months.

The eye catching adverts in fast food stalls and events popping up every then can drain your pockets if you rush into them. Trust me, they are so many in Nairobi. Plan wisely for your cash lest you want a conflict with your landlord owing to rent debts.

Lastly, when living in Nairobi, learn a few fix it skills. Don’t rush to the plumber for a minor leakage in your apartment. Why spend on a mechanic for some minor oil errors in your vehicle when you can do it? The essence of survival in the city is saving. This is only possible if you can do a few things by yourself, after all they say if you want a job well done, do it yourself. With this said, you are now set to explore the city life. I hope you shall have an enlightened stay.

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