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Why you should not ignore conducting due diligence before buying a plots in Nairobi, Kenya

Land for sale in Kenya
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Due diligence is a crucial step for investors and businesses when considering a transaction. It allows them to understand the risks involved and determine if the investment aligns with their portfolio. Hao Finder, a certified real estate agency, advises conducting due diligence before buying land in the Kenyatta Road area, one of the fastest growing satellite areas in Kiambu County and the Nairobi metropolis.

Located off the Thika superhighway, the area is easily accessible via Thika Road, the Eastern and Northern bypasses. Hao Finder specializes in selling land in Ruiru, Kamakis, Juja Road, and Kenyatta Road.

House plus land for sale in Juja - Under 7 million.

Land for sale in Juja, Kiambu County

Before making a purchase, it is important to authenticate the real estate agency, its agents, land ownership, and community policies on land investment to protect against scams. Due diligence allows one to verify the ownership of the land and its title deed before drafting a sales agreement.

To begin, conduct an official search at the nearest Land registry or online via ArdhiSasa, the digital land’s system. This will provide information on registered land owners, underlying charges such as mortgages, loans, caveats, and other restrictions. Next, visit the County offices in Kiambu to check if land rates have been paid and are up to date and any other county permissions or restrictions.

It is also important to verify the authenticity of the seller by checking their national IDs at the land’s office and to visit various utilities to ensure there are no pending bills. Additionally, visit the county surveyor’s office to purchase a Deed Plan, a map indicating the dimensions of the land and the boundaries, which should be marked with beacons.

When considering the land for investment, ensure it is suitable for your development plan and that there are no strict procedures or restrictions in place. It is also recommended to seek legal representation from a lawyer experienced in land and property transactions.

When buying land, it is recommended to purchase from a certified real estate company, as they have already conducted due diligence, covered all land costs, and processed the title for you. Hao Finder offers real-time title deeds and handles land transfer processes on your behalf, as well as providing pin and registration certificates for both the company and its agents.


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