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11 Steps To Follow When Buying Land in Kenya:

Land for sale in Kenya

Land for sale in Kenya Land for sale in Kenya

Original Title Deed (Title Copy).

  1. Ask to see the title deed or copy of the title deed.Then do a search at the ministry of lands to confirm who the real owners are or if the title has any caveat on it. The search will cost you kshs. 520.

Land Search Process (Ardhi Sasa).

  1. Do a search with the local authorities to check if there are any unpaid land rates. If any, agree with the seller on who will settle the debt. The land cannot be transferred if there are unpaid land rates.

Neighborhood Map (Mutation form) from the Lands Ministry.

  1. Go to the ministry of lands and buy 2 maps. One showing the exact measurements of the piece you are buying called mutation and the other showing the neighbouring lands. Each costs Kshs. 350.

Plot for sale or Farmland Beacons.

  1. With your 2 maps and a surveyor (you can even do it yourself) , visit the land you are buying and verify the details on the map. Check out all the beacons.

Land bargain price and Legal fees (Lawyers' fee).

  1. Sit down with the seller and bargain the price. Write down an agreement. The agreement can be done before a lawyer or you may decide not to involve one. It is not necessary for it to be written by a lawyer. According to the Law Society of Kenya (LSK), if the value of the land is below 1 million, you pay the lawyer 3000 Kenyan shillings. If it is above 1 million, you pay 8000 for the agreement.

Downpayment for the plot purchase.

  1. Pay some amount as per your agreement. Do not pay everything.

Land Control Board (LCB) contacts.

  1. Book a meeting with the land control board(LCB). They meet once a month. It will cost you kshs. 1,000. But there is a special LCB meeting which you can book at 5000 Kshs. LCB will issue consent for the land to be sold.

  2. Pay the remaining balance after getting consent from LCB.

Transfer of property ownership.

  1. With consent from the LCB, a recent search(not more than 6 months), clearance form from County land rates, 2 maps, the agreement, KRA PIN, 2 Passports and copy of the title deed, go to the ministry of lands to change ownership. This normally costs kshs. 5000.

Stamp Duty payment.

  1. At this stage, you no longer need the seller. You can go and pay stamp duty according to the value of the land. It is 4% of sale value in municipalities and 2% of sale value in reserves

  2. Now the land belongs to you. Before any celebrations, go to the ministry of Lands and Physical planning and do a search to confirm if the land is under your name.

How much does Title Deed Processing cost in Kenya?

The land ownership transfer process in kenya is a crucial process that follows purchase of any land plot for sale anywhere.

The cost of processing the plot Title Deed varies depending on the acreage of the commercial plot or residential plot for sale. The size and the market price of the parcel of land will determine the amount of stamp duty to be paid.

The Statutory fees payable to property transfer stakeholders will range from approximately KES 20,000.

The Cost drivers being; land search, LCB, Mutation form, Transportation, Stampduty, Legal fees (Lawyers' fee).


The above are Legal Procedures to follow when purchasing commercial plot for sale or undeveloped land for sale in Kenya.

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