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5+ Advantages of Buying Land through a Company Vs Individuals

Up to 80% of investors now buy though a company
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Investing in real estate is a popular choice in Kenya as it is considered to have high returns. Land is considered a valuable asset because it is always appreciating in value, especially due to the growing population. Land can also be used for various purposes such as developing properties, renting, and agriculture for commercial use. However, buying land can be a sensitive process and requires caution to avoid falling victim to scams.

Up to 80% of investors now buy though a company

When it comes to purchasing land, one can choose between working with a real estate company or an individual. Going through a real estate company offers several benefits, such as:

  1. Assistance with the process (Mortgage applications, Title deeds and land transfer process)
  2. Added value to the land (Community roads, fencing and gates for security)
  3. Credibility (Companies have physical Offices with operational, teams and systems)
  4. Flexible payment options, and discount on purchases
  5. and reduced risk of scams.

There are many real estate companies in Kenya that offer plots for sale in various locations, including Kamulu, Kamakis, Thika Road, Joska, and Malaa. It is important to do your due diligence and check the feedback from clients before settling on a property. Additionally, there are registered real estate agents and property management companies in Nairobi to help with the process.

In terms of renting, Nairobi is a top place to rent with many houses and apartments available for rent. Some popular areas include South C, Kileleshwa, and Karen. Additionally, there are also apartment and house rentals available in Ngara and Parklands.

When looking for a property, it is also helpful to consider current real estate trends, popular investment destinations, and the cost of 50 by 100-foot plots in various areas such as Utawala, Kinoo, and Lower Kabete.

In conclusion, investing in real estate in Kenya can be a profitable choice, but it is important to make informed decisions by considering the options available, doing proper research, and working with trusted professionals in the industry. Hao Finder real estate limited is your plug for verified real estate solutions.


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