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Building your first House in Kenya

First home story in Nairobi Kenya

Today, I share my story, I strongly believe it shall be of benefit to someone.

The journey towards my first House in Kenya

First home story in Nairobi Kenya

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It is always everybody’s dream to have the peace of mind at the serenity of their homes. I am not an exception as for a while, I had always wanted a low cost house that would suit my budget.

I had searched all property marketing websites in Kenya but seemingly none had a house equivalent or near my budget. After the futile search, I decided I would do it from scratch.

In 2017, I conceived an idea of building a house. I designed a simple one-bedroom plan which I intended to minimize the cost. After pondering and calibration, I took the first step of faith and made 3, 000 bricks with assistance of friends during school holidays. The gradual but consistent progress gave me fulfilment.

I assembled material, slowly, from sand, ballast and 10 bags of cement of which I did the foundation and paused for a while, to, of course gather more resources. After securing 8 more bags I started working on erecting the walls. Despite the short halt due to financial constraint, my dream to be a home owner persisted. Since the house foundation had been examined by a National Construction Authority contractor and verified, I had no idea of quitting. My property had to be completed.

I did the lintel, I did deposits for securing iron sheets which I targeted thirty-two pieces and later for doors, windows at the welder. I paid in installments since I didn’t have enough funds to pay instant once and for all. I also had the other extra expenses funds in mind which included transport of construction material and labour. Intense construction of my house began on October 2017 and by November 2017, alas! I was moving in my new house, which I did the fittings and finishing when I was in.

What is the point here? You might be having insufficient funds in your savings but you conceive an idea of building a house. A house is always a real estate investment that can never depreciate. With a simple continuation, you can later extend to build houses for rentals. Small beginnings are always not to be despised. You may get stuck but remember, just begin. Martin Luther said Faith is taking the first step without seeing the whole staircase. It may take time but with patience and resilience, your dream will stand out. For those who may still be hunting for a rental home in Nairobi, you can check this pocket friendly places to live in Kenya

The cost of construction material might be high but remember, there are always cheaper and efficient options. For instance, it is fair to use ordinary iron sheets (mabati) than versatile ones. Cheap does not mean low quality. It is always about where you can get. Not what you admire. As the Swahili adage goes, Mtu hujikuna ajipatapo.

Right now my house standeth proud. It is simple not so complete but habitable. I look at it and nod in pride and thankful for the effort that erected such a modest dwelling! Next time you’re building a home for your family in Kenya or short rentals for your retirement income, remember to answer the following questions: How much does it cost to build a house in Kenya?

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There exists several Step By Step Guides to Building a House in Kenya but remember the final decision rests with you. Keep hunting for cheaper building technology in Kenya that can get you saving a lot by maybe settling on a beautifully designed Prefabricated House or houses from Styrofoam. Sources such as hpdconsult, constructionkenya, biznakenya, Mkaazi, Mabati Housing, buyrentkenya, Fanaka Realestate, Tuko Real estate News, The Ideal Space and standardmedia can help in delivering you first home advice. The journey towards my first House in Kenya.

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