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Bungoma County, list of wards, houses for rent and plots for sale

Bungalow for sale in Juja - Under 9 Million.
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Welcome to the world of Bungoma County real estate! Are you in search of a piece of land to call your own, or a house to rent? Look no further! Bungoma County has a wide range of properties for sale and for rent, to suit all your needs. From real estate companies, to property brokers and land surveyors, Bungoma County has it all. Whether you're looking for plots, acres, or agricultural land, you'll find a wide selection of options. The county is also home to several realtors, who are ready to help you find the perfect property. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect piece of land or house to call your own.


Land for sale, houses for rent and wards in Bungoma County.

  1. Cheptais Real Estate.
  2. Chesikaki Properties.
  3. Chepyuk Plots.
  4. Kapkateny Rentals.
  5. Kaptama Acres For Sale.
  6. Elgon Realtors.
  7. Namwela Property Brokers.
  8. Malakisi/South Kulisiru Land Surveyors.
  9. Lwandanyi Agricultural Land For Sale.
  10. Kabuchai/Chwele Shops To Let.
  11. West Nalondo Apartments To Let.
  12. Bwake/Luuya To Rent Houses.
  13. Mukuyuni For Sale Plots.
  14. South Bukusu Property Companies.
  15. Bumula Plots And Property For Sale.
  16. Khasoko Land And Houses For Rent.
  17. Kabula Property For Sale.
  18. Kimaeti Real Estate.
  19. West Bukusu Properties.
  20. Siboti Plots.
  21. Bukembe West Rentals.
  22. Bukembe East Acres For Sale.
  23. Township Realtors.
  24. Khalaba Property Brokers.
  25. Musikoma Land Surveyors.
  26. East Sang'alo Agricultural Land For Sale.
  27. Marakaru/Tuuti Shops To Let.
  28. West Sang'alo Apartments To Let.
  29. Mihuu To Rent Houses.
  30. Ndivisi For Sale Plots.
  31. Maraka Property Companies.
  32. Misikhu Housing Agents.
  33. Sitikho Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  34. Matulo Landlords.
  35. Bokoli Tenants.
  36. Kibingei House Hunting Services.
  37. Kimilili Property Title Deeds.
  38. Maeni Land Transfer Offices.
  39. Kamukuywa Property Investors.
  40. Mbakalo Home Owners.
  41. Naitiri/Kabuyefwe Estates.
  42. Milima Gate Community.
  43. Ndalu Controlled Development Estates.
  44. Tongaren Value Added Plots.
  45. Soysambu/Mitua Cheap Plots.

Resorts and executive Hotels in Bungoma

  1. Nabuyole Falls View Resort- in Webuye East

Nabuyole Falls View Resort-Nabuyole

  1. Jadelica Hotel, kanduyi
  2. Wanangali Sports Club - Tuti, Bungoma


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