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Buruburu Estate Neighbourhood watch, Social amenities, Houses for rent, Property for sale, and Much More

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Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts offers a course in fashion design, Graphic Design, Drawing & Painting, Interior Design, Art & Design, and Fabric Decoration. It is located along Mumias South Road in Buruburu.

IMG 6410

  Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts [Photo: Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts Gallery]

Health Facilities Buruburu:

  1. The Mater Hospital-Buruburu Clinic
  2. Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital
  3. Avenue Hospital-Buruburu clinic
  4. Metropolitan Hospital
  5. Medicross Clinic
  6. Jamaa Medical Hospital
  7. Aga Khan
  8. Buruburu Health Centre.
  9. Kenya National Library Service (Buruburu Branch)

Jamaa Medical Hospital.

Jamaa Medical Hospital is located in Uhuru Estate, Buruburu. It is a mission Hospital under the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity. It has a bed capacity of 85 and offers maternity, pediatric services, and surgical and medical services to both males and females.


  Jamaa Medical Hospital [Photo: Google maps]

Metropolitan Hospital.

Metropolitan Hospital is the most equipped health care facility in Eastlands Nairobi. It has a bed capacity of 150 and is located along Rabai Road, Buruburu.

DSC 0903

  Metropolitan Hospital [Photo: metro-hospital.com]

Where to shop in Buruburu:

The Point Mall, Quickmart Supermarket, Buru Shopping Centre, Naivas Supermarket, Mesora Supermarket, Dimples Supermarket, Afloz Supermarket, and Mutindwa Market.

The Point Mall.

The Point Shopping Mall is home to the Naivas Supermarket, banking halls, ATMs, storage facilities, restaurants, and retail shops.


  The Point Shopping Mall [Photo: Google maps]

Quickmart Supermarket

Quickmart Supermarket is located along Mumias South Road, Buruburu. It provides the shopper with a wide variety of goods under one roof.


  Quickmart Supermarket [Photo: Google maps]

Hotels, recreational facilities, restaurants, and clubs: Jimlizer Hotel, Oryx Hotel, Jam Rescue Hotel, Dodo Prime Delicacy, Go & Grub Pork & Fries, Kenchic Buruburu, KFC Buruburu, Queen’s Pizza Deliveries, Echo Club, Watergate Club, Taurus Lounge, Hornbill Club, and Pynts Pub.

__Jam Rescue Hotel __

Jam Rescue Hotel is a 4-star hotel, 5 km from the city center along Jogoo road. It has a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, fitness facility, and ample parking spaces.


  Jam Rescue Hotel [Photo: Google maps]

Taurus Lounge

Taurus Lounge is a classic, lit, and spacious club located at Buruburu Phase2 Shopping Centre.


  Taurus Lounge [Photo: Google maps]

Where to worship in Buruburu:

  1. Buruburu Baptist Church
  2. Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
  3. CITAM
  4. ACK
  5. Redeemed Gospel Church
  6. IFC Church
  7. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
  8. Mosque.

ACK St. James Buruburu

ACK Church is located next to Kenya National Library Service, Mumias S Road.


  ACK St. James Church [Photo: Google maps]

Redeemed Gospel Church

Redeemed Gospel Church is situated along Rabai Road.


  Redeemed Gospel Church [Photo: Google maps]

Where to get your hair, and nails done in Buruburu:

  1. Perfect Image Salon
  2. Pure Bliss Nail Spa
  3. D-Touch Salon
  4. Blessed Hair Salon & Beauty Parlour
  5. 5-star barbershop
  6. Stylez Executive Barber
  7. Jaya
  8. Manhive Barbers & Spa Buruburu.

Perfect Image Salon

Perfect Image Salon is situated in Farelane Building, Mumias South Road, Buruburu.


  Perfect Image Salon [Photo: Facebook @ Perfect Image Salon and Barber Shop]

5-star barbershop

A 5-star Barbershop is situated along Mutindwa Road. It offers quality and affordable massage and haircut services.


  5 Star Barbershop [Photo: Google maps]

Financial Institutions in Buruburu:

Banks and Sacco’s in Buruburu include; Kenya Commercial Bank, Co-operative Bank, Barclays, Chase Bank, Equity Bank, Stanbic, KWFT, K rep Bank, Absa bank, Prime East Sacco, CBEL Sacco, and Dabutumatos Sacco. Leadership status: Hon. Antony Kimemia is the current MCA Harambee/Buruburu Ward.


  Hon. Antony Kimemia [Photo: Facebook @hon.antonykimemia]

How to get to Buruburu phase 2 in Embakasi by Bus

Main roads in Buruburu are Rabai Road, Jogoo Road, and Mumias South Road. To get to Buruburu from the City Centre, one will board buses route number 58 at Tom Mboya Street opposite the National Archives. Some of the bus stops in this area are; Buruburu phase 5, Phase 4, Phase 1, Mutindwa, NPC Buruburu, and Buruburu Police Post Stage.

Petrol and gas Stations in Buruburu:

Rubis, Shell Petrol Station, Kenol Petrol Station, Total Rabai Road Service Station, OiLibya, and Mogas Filling Station.

Total Rabai Road Service Station

Total Rabai Road Service Station is situated along Rabai Road, Buruburu.


  Total Rabai Road Service Station [Photo: Google maps]

Mogas Filling Station

Mogas Filling Station is located along Jogoo Road.

2948 mogas-retail-station-main

  Mogas Filling Station [Photo: Google maps]

Real Estate Companies and Agencies in Buruburu:

  1. City Life Real Estate Kenya
  2. Landmark Top Solutions
  3. Hervic Agencies
  4. Kenya Real Homes
  5. Canaan Properties Limited
  6. Afrique Properties Limited
  7. Cosrom Commercial Agencies Limited
  8. Bellacole Properties.

Property for Buy or Rent Prices in Buruburu.

| Property Description |Rental Amount or property price (KES) | | ---------- | ---------- | | Average Rent 1 Bedroom Apartments | 15000 | | Average Rent 2 Bedroom Apartments | 25000 | | Average Rent 3 bedroom house | 35000 | | Average Price -1/8 Acre plot | 15000000 |

If you are looking commercial Property for sale in Buruburu, Hao Finder is your available property hunting helphand. There are a number of 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments for sale in Buruburu ranging between 8 milion to 35 Million.

What to Explore in Buruburu:

  1. Houses for sale in Buruburu
  2. Apartments or Flats for sale in Buruburu
  3. Townhouses for sale in Buruburu
  4. Vacant Land or Plots for sale in Buruburu


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