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Container houses, market stalls and Homes in Kenya - A complete guide

Container Housing projects in Africa and Middle east
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Learn more about shipping containers reusing, prices, where to buy: How to fabricate container houses.

Construction of low income residential units for both renting and selling should be affordable, bearing in mind housing is a basic need for every person.

However, such low income houses have been a challenges for quite a long time. This has led to development of slums that are basically unfit for human life. A 2013 National housing survey report showed that 26 million Kenyans live in improper structures, same to that of the world bank report of 2017 that said more than two million deficit low income homes. With the population rise 3 years later, this has probably increased.

This happens when as per the report on the Daily Nation Web of 18th March 2020, a total of 124 unclaimed containers are lying on the dry ports in Nairobi.
If such a situation is not given the attention and address it deserves, then affordable housing shall remain a dream. For this reason, this article seeks to explore alternative construction methods in Nairobi that can help solve this problem.

An emerging trend in the construction is an urgent need for affordable and sustainable options in construction.

Why the containers culture.

Container World

Img Src: Vintage container houses from 7ft shipping containers

We explore reasons why cargo containers could be the alternative option for construction of houses for rent or buying and offices to let in Kenya.

Containers are cost efficient in terms of establishment compared to traditional methods of building. With a pre-existing base, a container saves you a lot on foundation, funds that can be alternatively used in the upgrade process. The cost of building a one-bedroom house in Nairobi is relatively higher than that of getting a container to customize based on your floor plan.

Maintenance for such houses is usually cheap and it would be an efficient one for rentals in informal settlements like in cities like Nairobi. If you thinking of building a shipping container home all you need is to fix a container to a foundation you have preset especially in rocky places where excavation of the ground could be tiresome and costly.

Contech Containers Technology

Img: Containerized house unit, Source- Premium Containers Kenya

The containers are portable and easier to transport compared to ferrying of building materials like sand and brinks separately. In the event that one needs to move the structure to a different place, or has sold land, the person can easily take with him the structure. A traditional two-bedroom house can take about 8 months to be complete but modification of a container to a two-bedroom house takes less than a month. Time being a factor in the success of everything, makes it the best option.

Adjusting the rooms to suit the owners’ new demands is easier. It is just a matter of welding the parts to where you desire. Containers are easily anchored on the ground efficiently compared to the tiring process of digging down to start laying a concrete one. Their modular attribute allows you to be able to stack and interlock them to suite your desired design. A good instance is the Biashara Park in Nairobi by Contech Containers Limited Kenya, whose different stalls of container have been adjusted to suit the nature of the business.

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Is it really cheaper to build a container home?

Shipping Container World

Img src: Fabricated container by Shipping Container World.

The container construction is also eco-friendly. The container material saves use of wood. It is reusable since it is found from a shipping company, and can be recycled. Its adaptability to the climates is a stand out feature. There is less ground and no use of bricks which destroy the environment to a certain degree. The structures survive adverse conditions like swampy areas and salty land without easy corrosion. Their lifespan is up to 30 years for a new container and 15 for a reused one. This is bearing in mind that concrete wall structures weaken after ten years. This therefore makes them a very good option for the case of military armory in army bases owing to their mobility, strength and durability.

The shipping container structures can survive in adverse conditions

The container building structure has been embraced by major business outlets in Kenya, like the Junction Mall flower shop. Emergence of mobile clinics has also seen shipping container material become popular. Marie stopes Kenya and Beyond zero mobile clinic services have their structures made of shipping container material.

Merchants of perishable items like those in horticulture like Simlaw and Mzurrie Flowers and dairy products like Brookside use reefers or refrigerated containers for conservation purposes. Shipping containers are simply invaluable.

Where to buy cargo containers in Kenya

Where to buy cargo containers should not be a tiring event as they can be found in the respective companies in Nairobi, Contech Containers Technology at Savannah Business park in Nairobi are reputable for converting containers to habitable places, can be contacted.

You can also be asking where to find used 40ft containers in Nairobi. Premium Containers behind Airgate Center off North Airport road has you covered if you want expertise in shipping containers hire, sales and fabrications. Ideal Containers and Mauru Containers, who have the option of where to shop online for new containers, might just be your best places where to find container fabricators in Kenya depending on your needs.

If you are looking forward to Container hiring and renting services in Kenya you will land onto container fabrication companies in Nairobi like ALMAR Containers and Container Africa ltd who are some of the Certified Container Sellers in Kenya and Africa.

Innovative container solutions helps you achieve your home ownership dream or business center business in Nairobi. Container technology actively growing with the now common container liquor stores like ones in Juja and Container conference rooms by UNHCR.

One can as well engage in container sales business for used Dry Freight & Storage Containers, used Refrigerated Containers, Container Depot Services old Specialized Containers, new Flat-pack Containers and Containers for Gensets in Nairobi using old cargo or intermodal containers from Mombasa.

Container Housing projects in Africa and Middle east

Img: Fabricated Container Projects -Source: Premium Containers

Notable fabricated container projects across Africa and the Middle East include: residential flight offices ABU DHABI, Staff Office & Accommodation, Kandahar, modular hospital in kerema, Dining Facility in Sharijah Airport, office at the Zurich airport, office in papua new guinea, fujairah police training facility, accommodation camp in South Africa, accommodation camp in Nigeria, IEBC depots in Kenya.

How much do containers cost in Kenya?

Looking to buy a new or used container in Nairobi or Mombasa? Here is an overview of the container prices from one of the container houses technology suppliers

6m (20ft) Container @ KES 145000 Mombasa Depot (Container Africa)

6m (20ft) Container @ KES 190K Nairobi Depot (Container Africa)

12m (40ft) HC Container @ KES 240k Mombasa Depot (Container Africa)

12m (40ft) HC Container @ KES 290K Nairobi Depot (Container Africa)

Is container structures (cargotecture) the future of construction of homes and offices?

With the numerous pros that cargotecture come with, it is clearly the best long term construction alternative. With the need to conserve environment, green buildings and carbon neutral construction is the future. Sustainable as it is, it is just the best material.

The soaring prices of houses and increased urbanization has led to a national housing crisis in Kenya. Clearly, there is need for cheaper and sustainable construction and shipping containers offer that solution.

container houses

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