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Discover the Best of Ongata Rongai: Your Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

Maasai Mall Rongai
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Are you looking for a vibrant town with a mix of commercial and residential housing units? Look no further than Ongata Rongai! This bustling town located just south of Nairobi CBD offers a range of social amenities, from top-rated educational facilities to excellent medical care.

In this ultimate neighborhood guide, we'll explore the accessibility of Ongata Rongai and how you can get around town, including the most common matatu stages and fares. We'll also delve into the various housing schemes available, including gated controlled estates and commercial flats, with details on rent prices and amenities.

But that's not all! We'll also highlight the various social amenities available in Ongata Rongai, including top-rated educational facilities like Africa Nazarene University and the Adventist University of Africa. Plus, we'll share information on the medical facilities in the town, including Fatima Mission Hospital and Ongata Rongai Health Centre.

And if you love to shop, you'll appreciate the shopping facilities in Ongata Rongai, from the famous Soko Mjinga market for groceries to the Maasai Mall and Mayani Mall.

Get ready to discover the best of Ongata Rongai in this ultimate neighborhood guide.


Ongata Rongai is a town located in Kajiado North constituency, Kajiado county, 17 km (10.6 mi) south of Nairobi CBD. As of 2019, it was ranked the 11th most populous urban center in Kenya. The town is made up of several centers, including Maasai Lodge, Kware, Kandisi, Nkoroi, Rimpa, Olekasasi, Tuala, Rangau, and Gataka, located to the south and east of Ongata Rongai.


Matatu Rongai

The attractive Matatu (a type of public transportation vehicle in Kenya) operating on the Rongai route and managed by a 'Makanga' (the conductor of the vehicle).

Ongata Rongai can be accessed by road or train. To travel by public transport, you can board a matatu (route number 125/126) at Naivas Supermarket on Moi Avenue Street, opposite August Memorial Park in Nairobi. Several matatu saccos ply this route, including Ongata Line, Rongao Sacco, Expresso Sacco, Orokise, Naboka Sacco, Ongata Bus Services, and Pameras Sacco, among others. The common matatu stages in Ongata Rongai include Masai Lodge, Tumaini (now known as Quickmart), Naivas (Maiyani mall), Barclays (now Absa), Nyotu stage (opposite Rongai police station), Tuskys, and Kware. Tuk-tuks and motorcycles are available to reach other locations in the town. Fares range from Ksh.50 at off-peak hours to Ksh.80-100 during rush hour.

Housing Schemes

Housing schemes in Ongata Rongai- Impala Developers

Img: Housing schemes in Ongata Rongai- Impala Developers

Ongata Rongai offers a mix of commercial and residential housing units, including gated-controlled estates. Commercial flats are the most common housing units, ranging from bedsitters to three-bedroom apartments. Rent for bedsitters ranges from Ksh.6,500-8,000, one-bedroom from Ksh.15,000-20,000, two-bedroom from Ksh.17,000-25,000, and three-bedroom from Ksh.25,000-35,000, depending on proximity to the road and value-added services. Own compound housing units are also available in some neighborhoods and gated-controlled estates, with rent ranging from Ksh.25,000-50,000, depending on the unit's amenities.

Social Amenities and Education Facilities

Schools in Ongata Rongai

Img: Precious Gems Scholl - Ongata Rongai

Ongata Rongai is home to several higher learning institutions, including Africa Nazarene University, Adventist University of Africa, Multimedia University, and Nairobi Institute of Business Studies. Other learning institutions in the town include Olerai Schools, Laiser Hill, Ongata Academy, Prime Junior, Nakeel Primary, Nakeel Boys, Nkaimurunya Secondary School, and Olekasai Mixed School.

Health Facilities

Amenities- sinai-hospital-Rongai-Kenya

Img: Amenities- sinai-hospital-Rongai-Kenya

Several medical facilities are available in Ongata Rongai, including Fatima Mission Hospital, Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Ongata Rongai Health Centre, Wama Hospital, and Sinai Hospital. The Ongata Rongai Health Centre, located in Kware off Gataka road, is a county government hospital that offers health services to the public, including maternity services. Wama Nursing Home is a level 4 facility that provides both inpatient and outpatient medical services and is located along Wama Road off Magadi Road.

Shopping Facilities

Maasai Mall Rongai

Img: Magadi Road - Ongata Rongai,

Ongata Rongai has several shopping outlets, including the famous Soko Mjinga market for groceries, located opposite Siron Place along the road. There are also two malls, Maasai Mall and Mayani Mall, and several supermarkets, including Quick Mart (at Maasai Lodge stage), Quick Mart (Rongai).


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