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Discover Your Dream Home Along Kangundo Road with Hao Finder - Best Property Developers in Kenya

Kangundo Road
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When it comes to investing in land, we all want to secure the best available locations, with access to basic resources and infrastructure that will make life there hassle-free. Land buyers consider factors such as the area's proximity to the city center, with good access roads and easy access to essential resources like water and power.

Kangundo Road

Kangundo Road starts at Outering Road and runs through the Machakos County, with connecting roads leading to Kiambu County as well. Here are some fast-developing towns along Kangundo Road where you can buy land for your dream home:

1. Ruai

Located close to the CBD, with good access roads, Ruai is one of the best places to invest in land.

2. Kamulu

For those seeking a peaceful family home away from the hustle of the city, Kamulu is an ideal location. The town is about 4 kilometers from Ruai and still along Kangundo Road.

3. Joska

A growing town, Joska is a great long-term investment opportunity. Located a few kilometers from Ruai in Machakos County, a 50 by 100 plot of land can be purchased for less than a million.

4. Malaa

Malaa is another of the fastest growing satellite towns within the Nairobi metropolitan area, attracting both city dwellers and those seeking to retire from the city.

The top recreational facilities along Kangundo Road

  1. Kamulu Play Park (At Sir Henry Stage)
  2. Bantu Hotel
  3. Wild Resort Ruai
  4. Komarock Shrine (Near Nguluni in Tala Ward)
  5. Fahari Garden Hotel

Housing projects along kangundo Rd

Kamulu Housing

  1. Kantafu Housing
  2. Mintvilla Housing
  3. Fadhili Housing
  4. Malaa Homes by AMREF SACCO (Clear view of Koma and Mua Hills)
  5. Kamulu Housing Project, Nairobi County
  6. Malaa Housing Project (NACHU)

Hao Finder is a trusted property company, serving clients in the area for over five years. We offer affordable lands in any of these areas. Contact us to schedule a site visit.


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