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Eastleigh Neighborhood watch, Property guide, houses for rent, social amenities and much more

Eastleigh Mall [Photo: Google maps]

Discover Eastleigh, the bustling Nairobi suburb.

Map of Eastleigh


Eastleigh is located east of the Nairobi CBD. It is mostly inhabited by the Somalians and is mostly known for commercial activities. Above is a map of the area:

Education facilities in Eastleigh:

Maina Wajingi High School Eastleigh [Photo: Google maps]

  1. Maina Wajingi High School:

Maina Wajingi High School is a girls’ public secondary school.

Maina Wajingi High School Administration block [Photo: mainawanjigisecschool.ac.ke]

The school is well known due to its great performance in extra-curricular activities such as soccer, volleyball, and music.

  1. Kenya Christian Training Institute:

Kenya Christian Training Institute is non-governmental organization that provides young people with high quality technical skills with the lowest possible cost.

Kenya Christian Training Institute [Photo: Kenya Christian Training Institute Gallery] -Eastleigh

Courses offered; Diploma in Electrics Engineering, Certificate in Sport Administration and Management, Certificate in Software Engineering and Diploma in Information Technology among others.

Other Education Institutions include:

• Kiboro Primary School

• Zawadi Primary School

• Wamy High School

• Pumwani Girls Secondary School

• Ainsworth Primary School

• St Teresas Boys

• Mary Happy Primary School

• Eastleigh High School

• Atlas College of Professional Studies

• Shalome College

Health Facilities in Eastleigh:

Madina Hospital Eastleigh

• Madina Hospital:

Offers Paediatric, Orthopaedic, Neurologist clinic, X-ray Services, Inpatient, Outpatient, Maternity, Laboratory, Pharmacy, and Physiotherapy Services among others.

Pumwani Maternity Hospital entrance [Photo: Pumwani Maternity Hospital Gallery]

• Pumwani Maternity Hospital:

A referral and obstetric hospital, with a bed capacity of 354, 3 Theatres, High Dependency unit, and 144 baby cots.

Mediheal Hospital -Eastleigh [Photo: Google maps]

• Mediheal Hospital:

A health care facility offering quality and affordable services backed by the latest technology to its clients. It has Operating Theatres, Maternity Wards, Casualty Unit, Intensive Care Unit, High Dependency Unit, and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

• Anka Hospital

• Nairobi East Hospital

• Mediheal Hospital

• Edris Premier Hospital

• Makkah Hospital

• Aga Khan Hospital

• Ladnan Hospital

Where to shop in Eastleigh:

Moving to a place where the shopping centres are nearby should be one of the key factors one should consider before relocating. The following are place to shop in Eastleigh:

Eastleigh Mall [Photo: Google maps]

  1. Eastleigh Mall:

Eastleigh Mall is situated along General Wairunge Street, Eastleigh. Clothing, travel services, cyber services, electronics, supermarket are all available under one roof. It has also a mosque to go pray.

  1. Madina Mall:

Madina Mall is situated along General Wairunge Street, Eastleigh.

Madina Mall [Photo: Facebook @madinamallke] - Eastleigh

It is wonderful shopping mall, with a medical clinic, restaurant called Bushra, jewellery, electronics and clothes shops.

Other shopping places in Eastleigh are:

  • Amal Shopping Centre,
  • Olympic Shopping Centre,
  • Tansim Shopping Mall,
  • Eastmatt Supermarket,
  • Tuskys Supermarket,
  • Safamart Supermarket, and
  • Joster Supermarket.

Recreational Facilities, Hotels, Restaurants, and Clubs:

‘Work without play makes Jack a dull boy,’ that is why it important to create time for recreational activities such as hiking, swimming, parting, and gaming among others.

Notable Real estate projects in Eastleigh:

  1. The Business Bay Square (BBS) mall in Eastleigh Nairobi

An aerial view of the Business Bay Square (BBS) Mall in Eastleigh

This mall is modeled to be a unique one-stop Centre for business that offers the dubai-like shopping experience

Features of the Business Bay Square Mall

  • It is an integrated mixed-use development project.
  • The largest mall in East and Central Africa
  • Hosts 3500 shops for both local and international brands.
  • Can accommodate 150000 visitors daily
  • 2200 parking spaces,
  • 32 Restaurants,
  • 364 toilets
  • 12 Commercial banks.
  • Ultra-modern hospitals offering a high-end outpatient department and services

Medical facilities

  • 7-star hotel rooms; 130 to 150 in number.

Inside some of the apartments at the Business Bay Square Mall in Eastleigh Nairobi

  • For rent luxurious apartment units
  • Residential Apartments with lounge areas, domestic servant quarter, and laundry areas.
  • World-class heated swimming pools
  • Landscaped parks,and playgrounds.
  • One and two-bedroom serviced apartments and 3-bedroom luxury apartments
  • A modern mosque
  • Latest entertainment facilities


  • office spaces to let
  • Events and exhibitions halls

An artistic representation of an art exhibition at the Business Bay Square (BBS) Mall at Eastleigh Nairobi

  • Kids' fun and games

bouncing castles

  • online shopping platforms with E-commerce capabilities
  • Hotel and Services Apartment Towers (Phase two)

The following are hotels, clubs and restaurant in Eastleigh:

Ismarriot Palace hotel, Sakina Hotel & Restaurant, Urban Point Hotel, Grand Royal Hotel, Istanbul Lodge & Restaurant, Taj Sultan, Hashkies Restaurant, Alas&co. Restaurant, Nomad Palace Hotel, Air Force Golf Club, Klub One N One, and Casanova Inn.

Food served at Kilimanjaro Food Court [Photo: Google maps] -Eastleigh

  1. Kilimanjaro Food Court:

Kilimanjaro Food Court is one of the best restaurants to have a fine dining with family and friends.

  1. Nomad Palace Hotel:

Nomad Palace Hotel is a 3-star hotel that serves Western cuisine and Kenyan dishes.

Nomad Palace Hotel [Photo: Facebook @nomadphotel] -Eastleigh

It is situated 400m from Pumwani Maternity Hospital.

Sakina Hotel & Restaurant [Photo: Google maps] -Eastleigh

  1. Sakina Hotel & Restaurant:

Sakina Hotel & Restaurant conference room [Photo: Google maps] -Eastleigh

Sakina Hotel & Restaurant is 4-star hotel located along General Waruinge Street.

Industries and companies in Eastleigh

Companies and industries in Eastleigh that create job opportunities include: Leafty Beauty Limited and Veneer Industries Limited.


  1. Leafty Beauty Limited:

Leafty Beauty Limited is a manufacture of organic haircare, and skincare products.

Where to go to worship in Eastleigh:

Eastleigh has many worship places and it does not matter either you are Christian, Hindu or Muslim, you will find a place to be spiritually nourished.

Deliverance Church [Photo: Google maps] - Eastleigh

  1. Deliverance Church:

Deliverance Church is situated along Sergeant Kahande Street.

Eastleigh Mosque [Photo: Google maps]

  1. Eastleigh Mosque:

Eastleigh Mosque is situated along Ole Sinoni Road.

Other worship places in Eastleigh: • SDA Church

• Catholic Church

• Word Temple Church

• Emmanuel Church

• Eastleigh Lutheran Parish

• Church of Christ

• Nairobi Mennonite Church and many more.

Where to get my hair and nails done in Eastleigh:

Diamond Beauty Salon [Photo: Google maps] -Eastleigh

• Hair Tech Classic Kinyozi

• Abdi Kinyozi

• V.I.P Barber shop

• Times Kinyozi

• Diamond Beauty Salon

• Silver Salon

• Fozia Beauty Salon

• Dekha Hair Salon

• Telvins Hair Salon

• Diamond Beauty Salon- Is situated in Diamond Plaza, opposite Kilimanjaro Lodge.

Financial institutions in Eastleigh:

Eastleigh has several banks:

  • Equity bank,
  • Postbank,
  • National Bank,
  • First Community Bank,
  • KCB,
  • Standard Chartered Bank,
  • Barclays Bank,
  • Chase Bank,
  • Absa, and
  • Co-operative Bank.

Eastleigh Leadership status:

Hon. Osman Adow Ibrahim MCA Eastleigh North [Photo: nairobiassembly.go.ke]

MCA Eastleigh North is Hon. Osman Adow Ibrahim.

Hon. Patrick Kanyangi Logedi MCA for Eastleigh South [Photo: nairobiassembly.go.ke]

Hon. Patrick Kanyangi Logedi for Eastleigh South.

Security watch in Eastleigh:

Some of the Police station in and around this are include; • Pumwani Police Post

• Pangani Police Station

• Mathare Police Station

Petrol and gas stations in Eastleigh:

Gas and petrol station to refill your gas cookers, and fuel your car or truck, include:

Shell Petrol Station [Photo: Google maps] -Eastleigh

• Engen Petrol Station

• Ghulam Auto Diesel

• National Oil

• Amaan Gas Point

• Sigiman Petrol Station

• Bismilah Filling Station

• Maendeleo Petrol Station

• Shell Petrol Station- Is situated along the second avenue, Eastleigh.

Transport system and how to get to Eastleigh:

Matatu number 6 and 9 from the CBD, and Matatu number 17 and 28 from Gikomba will take you to Eastleigh. You may be asking your friends how to get to Eastleigh. Some of the bus stops in Eastleigh:

• Eastleigh Terminals

• Section 3 bus stop

• Moyale Raha Bus Stop

• Dalsan Bus Services

Real estate companies and property agencies in Eastleigh:

• Rene Property Management

• Bidii Housing Agency

• Al Yaqin Properties

• Nairobi Real Estates Limited

• Suburbs Real Estates Ltd

• Excella Realty

• Los Abrigos Homes

Eastleigh Neighborhood Guide

Average property prices and rental rates in Eastleigh:

| Property Description | Amount (KES)|

| ---------- | ---------- |

| - Average Rent, 1 bedroom Apartments | 12000 |

| - Average Rent, 2 bedroom Apartments | 20000 |

| - Average Rent, 3 bedroom house|30000 |

| - Average Price, 1/8 Acre plot | 50000000 |


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