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Empowering Safe Communities: Tech-Driven Solutions to Combat Gender-Based Violence in Housing and Land Sectors

Empowering Safe Communities: Tech-Driven Solutions to Combat Gender-Based Violence in Housing and Land Sectors

Empowering Gender-Based Violence Prevention through Tech-Enabled Real Estate Due Diligence and Property Marketing


Hao Finder, a tech-enabled real estate due diligence and property marketing brand, seeks to contribute to the fight against gender-based violence (GBV) by leveraging its expertise and resources. This grant application aims to secure funding to develop and implement innovative solutions that address the root causes of GBV, enhance social protection measures, and promote gender equality within local communities. By utilizing technology and partnering with local government authorities, civil society organizations, and women's rights advocates, Hao Finder aims to create a safer and more inclusive environment for all.

1. Introduction:

Gender-based violence is a pervasive issue that affects individuals and communities worldwide. To combat this problem, Hao Finder recognizes the importance of addressing the underlying factors that contribute to GBV, such as land and housing insecurity, lack of access to information, and economic inequality. Through this grant, Hao Finder aims to leverage its unique position in the real estate industry to make a significant impact on ending GBV within local communities.

2. Objectives:

The primary objectives of this grant application are as follows:

a) Develop and implement a comprehensive awareness campaign: Hao Finder will design and execute an intensive awareness campaign targeting local communities, specifically focusing on the prevention of GBV. This campaign will employ various channels such as social media, public events, workshops, and collaborations with local NGOs to raise awareness about GBV, its root causes, and available support mechanisms.

b) Enhance property due diligence protocols: Hao Finder will invest in the development and integration of advanced technologies and data analytics tools into its property due diligence processes. This will enable the identification of properties associated with GBV incidents or other forms of violence, enabling potential buyers or renters to make informed decisions while also reducing the risk of housing-related violence.

c) Strengthen partnerships with local government authorities: Hao Finder will collaborate closely with local government bodies responsible for gender, lands, and social protection to develop mutually beneficial strategies. This includes sharing data, expertise, and resources to enhance gender-responsive policies, strengthen legal frameworks, and improve access to safe and affordable housing for survivors of GBV.

d) Provide support services for survivors: Hao Finder will establish partnerships with local women's shelters, counseling centers, and legal aid organizations to ensure that survivors of GBV have access to comprehensive support services. This will include funding initiatives to improve the quality and accessibility of these services, with a specific focus on providing safe housing options for survivors.

3. Methodology:

To achieve the aforementioned objectives, Hao Finder will adopt a multi-faceted approach that combines technology, capacity building, and collaboration. Key activities include:

a) Conducting extensive research on the link between housing insecurity and GBV to inform evidence-based interventions and policy recommendations.

b) Developing and implementing training programs for Hao Finder staff, real estate agents, and property developers to increase awareness of GBV and equip them with the necessary tools to identify and respond to potential cases of violence.

c) Establishing a centralized database that collects and analyzes data related to GBV incidents in the context of real estate transactions. This data will be shared with relevant stakeholders to inform decision-making processes and guide policy reforms.

d) Engaging in advocacy efforts to promote gender-responsive urban planning and development, emphasizing the importance of safe and inclusive communities.

4. Expected Outcomes and Impact:

By leveraging its expertise and resources, Hao Finder expects to achieve the following outcomes:

a) Increased awareness and understanding of GBV among local communities, leading to a cultural shift and greater societal intolerance towards violence.

b) Reduction in property and housing-related violence through the integration of advanced due diligence protocols and data analytics tools.

c) Strengthened partnerships between Hao Finder, local government authorities, and civil society organizations, resulting in improved gender-responsive

5. Tentative Timelines:

  1. Awareness Campaign:
    • Research and campaign planning: Month 1-2
    • Campaign execution: Month 3-6
  2. Enhanced Property Due Diligence Protocols:
    • Technology research and development: Month 1-3
    • Integration and testing: Month 4-5
    • Implementation: Month 6-12
  3. Strengthened Partnerships with Local Government Authorities:
    • Initial meetings and collaboration agreements: Month 1-2
    • Policy development and implementation: Month 3-12
  4. Support Services for Survivors:
    • Partnership establishment: Month 1-2
    • Fundraising and resource allocation: Month 3-6
    • Service implementation: Month 7-12

6. Budget:

  1. Awareness Campaign:
    • Research and campaign planning: KES 1,000,000
    • Marketing materials and event expenses: KES 1,500,000
    • Social media advertising: KES 500,000
    • Collaborations with NGOs: KES 1,000,000

Sub Total: KES 4,000,000

  1. Enhanced Property Due Diligence Protocols:
    • Technology research and development: KES 2,000,000
    • Integration and testing: KES 1,000,000
    • Implementation: KES 1,500,000

Sub Total: KES 4,500,000

  1. Strengthened Partnerships with Local Government Authorities:
    • Meetings and collaboration agreements: KES 500,000
    • Policy development and implementation: KES 2,500,000

Sub Total: KES 3,000,000

  1. Support Services for Survivors:
    • Partnership establishment: KES 500,000
    • Fundraising and resource allocation: KES 2,000,000
    • Service implementation: KES 2,500,000

Sub Total: KES 5,000,000

Overall Total Budget: KES 16,500,000 (USD 12000)

Empower Change: Take Action to End Gender-Based Violence with Hao Finder.

Join us in our mission to end gender-based violence and create safer communities. Together, we can make a real difference. If you are interested in supporting or partnering with Hao Finder, please reach out to Gilbert Nakiboli Waliuba, Founder and CEO, at info@haofinder.com or call +254715560734. Let's work hand in hand to combat gender-based violence and promote gender equality. Together, we can build a brighter, safer, and more inclusive future for all.


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