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HAO Definition and Meaning - Urban Swahili and Chinese Dictionary

Hao Definition and Meaning
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Many of you must be wondering why Hao Finder and not Property Finder, Apartment Finder, Nyumba Finder or any other fancy brand identiteis available.

What does the name Hao refer to. "The meaning of the phrase HAO " has been searched on google and other major search engines such as Yandex, Bing and Ask. The definition of Hao can not be best defined minus the aid of of a multi-geography dictionary. HAO Definition and Meaning is drawn from the Urban Swahili and Chinese Dictionary. In this article, we explain what the word HAO actually means in Swahili and Chinese.

Hao Definition and Meaning

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Is Hao a chinese word? What does Hao mean in Swahili? Is Hao a name of a person? Is Hao a name of a website?

Hao Definition and meaning traces back to both the chinese Dictionary and the Swahili in Kenya.

According to the ancient chinese' definition, Hao means the "Sun" or "Heaven". The chinese percive Hao as a serene place in China. In Kenya, Africa; Hao is defined as a house, a dwelling place. Hao can also mean "those ones" in swahili when spoken with som stress on "O".

The choice of the phrase Hao by Hao Finder is figurative. The founders were informed by both the definition of the chinese: Hao for Heaven and the Swahili definition: Hao for House.

Accordingly, Hao Finder refers to a House Finder: a platform and a method that assists people find verified houses and property for buy or rent.

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