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How Holiday and Vacation Homes Co-Ownership Works

Vacation home
Posted By:Hao FinderHao Finder

Looking to buy your dream vacation home? Here is what you should consider before getting into the co-ownership program for one of the luxury holiday and vacation cottages at Diani Beach.

What should you consider?

1) Finding The Perfect Home

You need the right expertise to ensure you are getting the best value for your money from the property purchase.

3) Getting The home Financing

Not only is buying a house expensive but it also renovating and maintaining them. You need a seasoned property broker or registered real estate company to link you with affordable mortgage loan providers or commercial banks.

5) Managing Your Home

Taking care of the property all year long can be a hassle and can lead to high costs if neglected. A property managment company and registered housing agencies come in handy.

7) Selling Your Property

Getting the return on your investment (ROI) from your property can be a lengthy process.

What research suggests about vacation homeowners

  • 68% Use their vacation home 10 to 30 days per year.
  • 80% Do not rent out their homes. However, around 60% would rent out if excellent property management was provided.
  • 32% Would love to co-own a property with their family or friends.

Why pay the whole home price when you don't use it for the whole year?

Seqoon enables property buyers to Own their dream vacation home, for a fraction of the price.

Looking to buy your dream vacation home? Seqoon: Product Presentation.

How does Seqoon work?

Seqoon is a property service company in Egypt that makes owning vacation homes way more accessible without the headaches of managing the property. The company makes owning a share in a second home accessible and effortless.

1. Find the perfect and verified home.

Explore our collection of handpicked houses and select the perfect one for you.

2. Schedule your staycation.

Our flexible system will help you book all your stays in advance. You choose whether to book two days in advance or two years.

3. Enjoy your vacation.

Make memories that will last a lifetime with all the benefits of being a homeowner.

4. Seqoon takes care of everything.

The property managers take care of every detail, and the co-owners share the costs.

5. Make a profit.

As a co-owner, you can opt to rent out your days. If you decide to sell your share, you'll set your price and gain value appreciation.

Home usage and Co-ownership Checklist

  1. Can I finance my home purchase?
  2. Is this similar to a normal house purchase?
  3. How do I schedule my stay?
  4. What expenses will I have to pay annually?
  5. Who manages my vacation home?
  6. What if another co-owner damages the holiday home?
  7. What happens if a co-owner defaults on their payments?
  8. How many nights do I have as a co-owner?
  9. What if I want to enjoy more stays in my home?
  10. What are special stays?
  11. How long can my stay be?

Hao Finder: Bottomline

Finding verified property for rent or sale can be a big hustle when you have no clear property development or investment plan. Hao Finder helps current and prospective property investors find valuable property options. Let us help you book and stake your claim in the growing market of holiday homes in Mombasa and Diani, Kenya. We connect our clients with verified properties and real estate investment solutions like Seqoon, Kocomo, and Getaway. You can co-own luxury real estate with your friends and family.

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