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Juja neighborhood guide: location, social amenities, and houses

Juja City Mall [Photo: Facebook @jujacitythemall]

Affordable and Convenient: Exploring Juja's Housing Options and Amenities.

Living in a city is quite expensive. The cost of buying or renting houses is quite higher. That is why many opt to live in places far away from Nairobi City. One of such places is Juja.

Here is what you need to know about houses for rent in Juja, property prices, amenities, and so forth. If you are a student, then we have also covered houses to rent in Juja near JKUAT.

Juja area [Photo: Google maps]


Juja is a sub-county in Kiambu county, located North of Nairobi between Ruiru and Thika towns. Here is a map of the area:

How to get to Juja

If you are in Nairobi you will board a bus or a matatu at Odeon stage, Tom Mboya Street, and Luthuli Avenue. One can get to Juja by line 237 bus, matatu, taxi, or private means.

Some of the matatu and bus SACCOs in Juja include;

• Super Metro

• Lopha Multipurpose co-operative society

• Nawaku Sacco

• Kenya Mpya

• Thika Road Sacco

• Matara Sacco

• Manchester Sacco

Education Facilities in Juja

You can access the following institution while in Juja:

• Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology (JKUAT): A public university located along the Nairobi-Thika Super Highway, 36km northeast of Nairobi. It offers courses in Technology, Engineering, Commerce, Management, and Sciences

• Kilimambogo Technical Training College

• Kalimoni Senior School

• Mangu High School

• Kalimoni Primary School: A boy’s boarding school situated near Juja town, along the Nairobi-Thika road

• Gachorori Primary School

• St. Paul Primary School

• Juja Farm Primary.

Health Facilities

Juja Modern Hospital [Photo: Facebook @jujamodern]

The following Health facilities are located in Juja:

• Juja Modern Hospital: A private hospital located in Juja town and it offers inpatient, outpatient, maternity, physiotherapy, and laboratory services.

• Glory Medical Clinic

• Aga Khan Hospital

• JKUAT Hospital

• Kalimoni Mission Hospital: A catholic sponsored hospital situated off Thika Road, in Juja. It offers inpatient, outpatient, diagnostic, and surgery services

• Juja Farm Medical Clinic

• MediCross Medical Centre

• Caremax Health Limited.

Places of worship in Juja

Juja Methodist Church. Source: Google Maps

Churches are in every corner of Juja. This is irrespective of whether you Live in Gachororo, Container, or Juja South Estate. They include the following:

• Catholic Church

• Full Gospel

• Deliverance church


• Gospel Outreach Church

• Gospel Revival Centre

• House of Joy

• Juja Methodist Church.

• Juja Methodist Church

And much more, the list is endless.

Image: Juja Methodist Church. Source: Google Maps

Gas and Petrol Stations in Juja

Total Juja Service Centre [Photo: Google maps]

You can refill your car or truck from any of the following Gas and Petrol stations located in Juja:

• Rubis Juja Town

• Shell Kenyatta Road

• Total Juja Service Station

• Kobil Juja Town

• Egen Juja

• North Gate Station.

Job Opportunities in Juja

Books produced by Safari Stationers [Photo: bing.com/images]

You don’t have to commute to Nairobi every day, you can work in any of the following companies located in Juja:

1. Safari Stationers

Safari Stationers is a manufacture of office, school, and general stationery, envelopes, and photocopy papers. The company is located 3kms off Thika Road, next to Woodland Academy, on Juja-Gatundu road.

2. Star Plastics

This is a company that manufactures water storage drums, water bottles, and house products such as basins, mugs, lunch boxes, hotpots, and many others using recycled plastic materials. It is located in Hydro Business Park, Juja Gatundu Road.

Tank manufactured by Star Factory [Photo: Star factory Gallery]

Organisations such as Straight Security and Global techXperts have their headquarters here. Other industries such as Juja Pulp and Paper, Hydro Aluminium makers, Ruiru Juja Water and Sewerage Company also operate in the area.

Investment Opportunities in Juja

There are several investments you can do in Juja. There is a huge population of students and residents that can provide a market for your services and commodities.

Juja has several banks and Saccos such as Mwalimu Sacco, Eneza Sacco, Cooperative Bank, Family Bank, and Barclays bank.

Where to get nails and hair done in Juja

Whether you are looking for Pigtails, French Braids, Jumbo braids, ponytails, or you simply want to straighten your hair, you don’t have to travel to Nairobi. Juja has some of the best hairdo places. They include the following:

Idea Nail Lounge customer’s nails [Photo: Facebook @IdeaNailLounge]

1. Ideal Nail Lounge

Ideal Nail Lounge is located along Muramati Road, in Juja.

Gorgeous Salon & Kinyozi [Photo: Google Maps]

2. Gorgeous Salon & Kinyozi

The gorgeous salon is situated at Petpa Building, near Jkuat Gate C.

Other Beauty shops include:

• Blessed Beauty Shop and salon

• Baraka Hair Salon

• Neema Salon

• Fine touch Salon

• Fair Beauty Salon

• The Barber Shop

• Arcade Kinyozi

• Mega Cuts Kinyozi

• Juja Executive Barber Shop

• Agape Kinyozi.

Recreational Facilities and Hotels located in Juja

Mental wellness is critical to your overall physical health. Participating in recreational activities is one way that can help you manage your stress. You can nurture yourself in the following recreational facilities and hotels in Juja: Burudani Square, Senate hotel, Maxland Hotel, Hotel Centurion, Juja Botanical Gardens, and Ace Bar and Kitchen.

Centurion Hotel [Photo: Centurion Hotel Gallery]

1. Hotel Centurion

Hotel Centurion Kenya is located in Juja off Thika road. It offers 35 accommodation rooms and has a free spacious parking space. It is a family-friendly place and offers other services such as conference and meeting rooms, and dry cleaning services.

Burudani Square [Photo: Facebook @burudanisquare]

2. Burudani Square

Burudani Square is situated along Thika Superhighway next to Juja City Mall.

Where to Shop in Juja

When moving to an area, you should make sure that shopping centres are located just meters away. Whether you plan to move to Shalom Estate Juja or anywhere in the area, you can access the following shopping centres:

Juja Market [Photo: Google maps]

1. Juja Market

Juja Market is an open-air market where one can buy or sell vegetables, fruits, cereals, clothes, or footwear.

Juja City Mall [Photo: Facebook @jujacitythemall]

2. Juja City Mall

Juja Mall is an ultra-modern shopping complex located in Juja along the Thika Super Highway. It is a home Bata shop, hotels such as Maxland, Funworld Kenya, ASL Trading, and Caremax Health Ltd.

Other than the above, you can also shop in Happy supermarket, Prize Worth Supermarket, JKUAT Grocery Shop, Ecomart Supermarket, and lots of local shops located within the area.

House prices in Juja

So, how much does it cost to rent a house in Juja? Well, here is an estimate of what you should expect to shell out if you move to any apartments in Juja:

• Single rooms in Juja:

For single rooms near JKUAT, you will have to shell out Ksh. 4,000 per month. Those further from the institution cost Ksh. 2,500 to 4,000.

• Bedsitter in Juja:

This will depend on how close the bedsitter is to the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture. Houses closer to the institutions have a high demand. If you are looking for houses to rent in Juja near JKUAT, then a bedsitter could cost you between Ksh. 7,000 to even 10,000 per month. The price of a bedsitter is relatively low in areas that are further from the institution such as Gachororo. In such an area, you would cough Ksh. 5,000 to 8,000 for a bedsitter.

• One bedroom houses for rent in Juja:

One bedroom houses cost between Ksh. 7,500 to Ksh. 15,000 depending on their size and location.

• Own compound house to let in Juja:

If you prefer living in your own gated house, then be ready to cough Ksh. 20,000 to Ksh 70,000 depending on the size of the house. For instance, a 4-bedroomed mansion will not cost you anything less than Ksh, 40,000 to Ksh. 60,000.

• Juja hostels:

If you are a student and you have one eye on your wallet, then living in student hostels is the best thing you can do. A hostel inside JKUAT will cost you Ksh. 6,500 per semester. A hostel outside the institution will cost you between Ksh. 3,000 to 5,000 per month depending on a few factors.

Back to you

Juja is a nice place to move to. It has state-of-the-art shopping centres, schools, and recreational facilities. The area is also easily accessible via Thika road.

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