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Kinoo Neighbourhood Guide: Houses for Rent, Sale, Prices, Social Amenities and More

Damacrest Schools Kinoo

Kinoo neighbourhood is a residential area with a variety of housing options, all close to social amenities. The suburb offers a mixed population housing.

When you move to Kinoo, you will find there is always something to do. You can get your hair cut in a barber shop or try out a new restaurant. The neighbourhood has schools, clubs, churches and many other social amenities. This is what you need to know about Kinoo rental units, their prices, social amenities and much more.

Kinoo Kenya Location and map

Kinoo is located fifteen kilometres west of Nairobi, along the Nairobi- Nakuru Highway. Below is the map of the area:

Kinoo Area Map Kinoo Area Map

Leadership Status

The current MCA of Kinoo Ward is Hon. Simon Kimani Wanjiku.

Leadership Status Leadership Status

kinoo -best place to live

Img: A virtual tour of Kinoo.

How to Get to Kinoo

Matatus or buses for route number 105 at Odeon Stage will get you to Kinoo.

Bus stops in this area include:

1.Kinoo/ Jacmil Supermarket stage

2.Kinoo Girls High school stage

3.Muthaiga stage

Health Care Facilities in Kinoo

The following are hospitals in Kinoo:

1.Kagondo Mission Hospital

2.Kinoo Medical Centre

3.Olive care International

4.Tumaini Medical Centre

5.Sycamore Health

6.Afya Medical Centre

Education facilities in Kinoo

The following schools are be found in Kinoo:

Damacrest Schools Kinoo

It is a kindergarten and primary school that offers quality and affordable education to children. The school also runs a vibrant extracurricular program to nurture diverse skills and talents. They include swimming, skating, athletics,football, music classes, and debate clubs.

Damacrest Schools Kinoo Damacrest Schools Kinoo

Other institutions include:

1.Bridge International Academy

2.Kinoo Primary School

3.Cedar Grove Academy

4.Muthiga Academy

5.St. Ignatius Academy

6.Joy Nairobi School

7.PCEA Kinoo Girls High school

8.Mutiga Model High School

9.Kinoo Polytechnic

10.Zenith Institute

Where to Shop in Kinoo

You can buy whatever you want including groceries from the following places:

Jacmil Mega Supermarket

It is situated at Kinoo shopping Centre, along the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway. The supermarket offers both retail and wholesale services.

 Jacmil Mega Supermarket Jacmil Mega Supermarket

Other shopping places include:

1.Kinoo Shopping Centre

2.Fairmart Supermarket

3.Jackmil Supermarket

4.Kinoo Market

5.Cornsprings Supermarket

6.White Candle supermarket

Hotels, Restaurant, and Clubs Located in Kinoo

Places to hold meetings, events parties, or carry out recreational activities around Kinoo include:

1.Kikwetu Hotel

2.Mayy Lounge & Hotel

3.Marriatta Café and Eatery

4.Afi Pork House

5.Franky’s Cuisine & Takeaway

6.Tais Grill & Chicken

7.Club Country

8.Tulia- Petals Garden Hotel

9.105 Republik

10.Acacia Restaurant.

Franky’s Cuisine & Takeaway

Franky’s Cuisine & Takeaway is a fast food joint situated along Chief’s Road.

Franky’s Cuisine & Takeaway Franky’s Cuisine & Takeaway

Mayy Lounge & Hotel

Mayy Lounge & Hotel is situated off Chief’s road, Kinoo. The hotel offers accommodation with a restaurant, bar, free and secure parking, and a lounge.

 Mayy Lounge & Hotel Mayy Lounge & Hotel

 Mayy Lounge & Hotel Mayy Lounge & Hotel

Where to go to worship while in the area

The following are places to praise, worship and get spiritual nourished:

Kinoo PEFA Church

 Kinoo PEFA Church Kinoo PEFA Church

ACK Church

It is situated along Chief’s Road, Kinoo.

ACK Church Kinoo ACK Church

Others Include; 1.Kinoo Orthodox Church

2.AIPCA Kinoo Church

3.Deliverance Church

4.The Ark of Prophetic and Apostolic Church

5.Full Gospel Churches of Kenya


7.Judean Worship Centre among others.

Where to get your hair and nails done in Kinoo

If you want to slay or look good, here are some of the barbershops and salons to visit:

La Pride Salon Kinoo

services offered here include massage, adult and child braiding, dreadlocks, all nail services, and hair treatment.

La Pride Salon Kinoo La Pride Salon Kinoo

Prince Shave Kinoo

It offers a variety of Haircut styles, body treatments, and beauty services. It is located behind Premier Medical Centre.

Prince Shave Kinoo Prince Shave Kinoo

Other places Include: 1.Channah Executive Barbershop

2.Evasion Beauty Parlour

3.Clasiz Hair Salon

4.Ruda’s Beauty Parlour

5.Leo King Barbers & Beauty Parlour

6.Kings Executive Barbers

Financial Institutions located in Kinoo

Kinoo is well served with banks and Sacco’s which include:

1.Equity Bank (ATM)

2.Chase bank

3.Pesa Point

4.Family Bank

5.Ndetika Rural Sacco Ltd

6.Unifying Sacco Ltd


Some of the police stations near Kinoo are:

1.Administration Police Service (Magana Town)

2.Kanyariri Police Station

3.Kikuyu Police Station

Petrol and Gas Station in Kinoo

Gas and Petrol Stations to fuel your car or truck include:

Total service station

Total service station Total service station

Amana Petrol Station

Amana Petrol Station Amana Petrol Station

Others Include;

1.National Oil

2.Iganjo Petrol Station

3.Shell Petrol Station

Kinoo neighborhood-Aerial view

Img: Aerial view if Kinoo

Real Estate Companies and Agencies in Kinoo

The following real estate agencies are located in the area:

1.Amazing properties

3.Marketing Masters Ltd

4.Pro-property Solutions Ltd

5.Dakima Properties

6.Lookwood Properties

7.Hopevic Properties Limited

8.Azizi Realtors Kenya

9.Landmark Top Solutions

Kinoo apartments- 87 neighborhood-Aerial view

Img: Kinoo apartments.

Kinoo Houses for rent and Land prices

Here are the prices you should expect when looking for houses to let in Kinoo and land to buy:

One bedroom houses in Kinoo rent- One-bedroom apartment costs between Ksh. 10,000 to Ksh. 20,000 depending on the size and its location.

Two-bedroom rent- Two-bedroom apartment cost between Ksh. 17,000 to Ksh. 35,000, depending on factors such as its size and location.

Three bedroom rent- Three-bedroom apartment cost between Ksh. 35,000 to Ksh. 65000.

1/8 of an acre plot average cost- 1/8 of an acre cost on average Ksh. 15,000,000.

Bottom line

Kinoo is one of the most sought after residential areas in Kenya. Most people look for rental units within their budget and Kinoo is the best area to find these affordable properties.

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