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Kisumu County, list of wards, Property for sale and houses for rent

kisumu county
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As Kenya's real estate industry continues to grow, the demand for properties in Kisumu County has never been higher. Whether you are looking for a place to call home, a rental property, or a lucrative investment opportunity, Kisumu has something to offer for everyone. From Kajulu to South East Nyakach, the county boasts a diverse range of wards, each with its unique offerings. In this blog, we will explore the various options available in Kisumu County, including plots for sale, apartments for rent, and houses. With the help of our comprehensive guide, you will be able to make an informed decision and find the perfect property to suit your needs.


Property for sale, apartments for rent and houses in Kisumu County wards.

  1. Kajulu To Rent Houses.
  2. Kolwa East For Sale Plots.
  3. Manyatta B Property Companies.
  4. Nyalenda A Plots And Property For Sale.
  5. Kolwa Central Land And Houses For Rent.
  6. South West 42 Property For Sale.
  7. Central 42 Real Estate.
  8. 42 North Properties.
  9. West 42 Plots.
  10. North West 42 Rentals.
  11. Railways Acres For Sale.
  12. Migosi Realtors.
  13. Shauri Moyo Kaloleni Property Brokers.
  14. Market Milimani Land Surveyors.
  15. Kondele Agricultural Land For Sale.
  16. Nyalenda B Shops To Let.
  17. West Seme Apartments To Let.
  18. Central Seme To Rent Houses.
  19. East Seme For Sale Plots.
  20. North Seme Property Companies.
  21. East Kano/Wawidhi Housing Agents.
  22. Awasi/Onjiko Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  23. Ahero Landlords.
  24. Kabonyo/Kanyagwai Tenants.
  25. Kobura House Hunting Services.
  26. Miwani Property Title Deeds.
  27. Ombeyi Land Transfer Offices.
  28. Masogo/Nyang'oma Property Investors.
  29. Chemelil Home Owners.
  30. Muhoroni Koru Estates.
  31. South West Nyakach Gate Community.
  32. North Nyakach Controlled Development Estates.
  33. Central Nyakach Value Added Plots.
  34. West Nyakach Cheap Plots.
  35. South East Nyakach Plots Under 1 Million.

Ongoing construction of Ciala Hospital in Sinyolo, Kisumu West Sub County

A photo of Ongoing construction of Ciala Hospital in Sinyolo village of Kisumu West Sub County.


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