Kitisuru Neighbourhood Guide: houses for rent, social amenities, and more

Nairobi, Kenya
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Kitisuru is a tranquil neighbourhood in south-eastern Nairobi. It is a well known residential area. Derived from a Gikuyu word, Kitisuru was founded in 1922 by the Church Missionary Society.

The area is home to a number of residential houses, most of which are rentals. Here is what you should know about houses for sale in Kitisuru, houses for rent, social amenities, and much more.


Kitisuru is a residential area in Nairobi County. The name comes from a nearby river ‘Gitathuru’in the area. The town is located approximately 9.5km from Nairobi CBD.

Kitusuru Area Map Kitusuru Area Map

How to get to Kitusuru

One can get to Kitisuru by public, private means, and by taxi. You will board a matatu at Koja Stage in Nairobi to get to Kitisuru. It takes approximately 10 minutes by bus and 9 minutes by Taxi to get to Kitisuru from Nairobi. Bus stops here include;

1.Thigiri Ridge/Kitisuru Road stage,

2.Rosslyn stage,

3.Village Market stage and

4.New Muthaiga Shopping Mall Bus stop.

Leadership status

The current MCA of Kitusuru Area Map is Hon. Alvin Olando Palapala.

current MCA of Kitusuru current MCA of Kitusuru

Health Facilities in Kitisuru

While looking for a rental in the area, consider going for a unit where you can easily access the following nearby infirmaries:

1.Kitisuru Hospital

2.Oasis Health Specialty Hospital

3.Nairobi Adventist Hospital

4.The Nairobi Hospital Outpatient Centre

5.K.T.T.C Dispensary

6.Aga Khan University Hospital Medical Centre

7.M.P. Shah Hospital.

Oasis Health Speciality Hospital

Oasis Specialist Hospital offers quality health care services to its clients. The services include orthopaedics, cancer care, paediatrics, dermatology, dialysis, laboratory among others. It is situated along Peponi Road.

Oasis Health Speciality Hospital Oasis Health Speciality Hospital

Nairobi Adventist Hospital

It is located on Mwisho Road along Red Hill Road. It is a faith-based health care facility, with a bed capacity of 90 offering quality and affordable inpatient and outpatient services to its clients.

 Nairobi Adventist Hospital Nairobi Adventist Hospital

Education Facilities in Kitisuru

If you have kids, then as you are looking for a rental in Kitisuru, you must consider proximity to good schools. Here is a list of the best schools in the area:

1.Dukebridge Kitisuru

2.Cheleta Primary School

3.Montessori Primary School

4.Farasi Lane Primary School

5.Potterhouse School & Kindergarten

6.OSEK Secondary School

7.German School Nairobi

8.Hospital Hill High School,

9.Kenya School of Administration,

10.Building and construction College,

11.Aphrc Campus

12.INtel College.

13.Potterhouse School & Kindergarten

Potterhouse School & Kindergarten

It is a kindergarten, primary and high school, located along the Northern Bypass Road. It is a biblically driven school that offers the British Curriculum.

Potterhouse School & Kindergarten Potterhouse School & Kindergarten

INtel College

INtel College offers a serene environment for studying and courses such as 3D Design and Animation, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Fundamentals & Professional programs and Auto Cad are offered by the institution.

INtel College INtel College

Where to worship in the area

Regardless of whether you are living in New Kitisuru Estate, Heri Homes, Safaricom Houses, or Old Kitisuru, you are able to access the following major places of worship by any mode of transport;

1.Full Gospel Churches of Kenya



4.Fountain Gate Church

5.Catholic Church

6.Presbyterian Church of East Africa

7.Chrisco City Church Kitisuru.

8.St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church

St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church

It is located along Peponi Road, Kitisuru.

 St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church

Chrisco City Church Kitusuru

Chrisco City Church is a Pentecostal church located off Kinanda Road, Kitisuru.

Chrisco City Church Kitusuru Chrisco City Church Kitusuru

Where to get your hair and nails done in Kitisuru

The other important thing you should consider when looking for houses to let in Kitisuru is its proximity to beauty shops. This is not a challenge in the area as almost every street has a Salon or Barbershop. Here are the famous beauty and barbershops in the area:

1.Studio 28

2.Blessed Salon

3.Leos Salon

4.Muthoni’s Salon

5.Beautika ltd

6.Auras Beauty Therapy Centre

7.Amfleek Hair & Beauty Connoisseur

8.Vintage Man Barbershop and spa

9.Cutabout Barbers & Beauty Parlour

10.Serenity Spa

11.Kaya Spa

Leos Salon

Leos Salon is a classic salon and spa offering good quality and affordable services.

Financial institutions in Kitisuru

Banks and Saccos in the area include:

1.NIC Bank

2.Fidelity Bank


4.Diamond Trust Bank

5.Standard Chartered Bank

6.National Bank

7.Kuza Sacco

8.Dimkes Sacco

9.United Nations Sacco Society Ltd.

Where to Shop in Kitisuru

While in the area, consider visiting these spots to do your shopping:

1.Double Touch Supermarket

2.Two Rivers Mall

3.Runda Shopping Centre

4.The Village Market



7.Rosslyn Riviera Mall

8.Metromart Kitisuru

Rosslyn Riviera Mall

Rosslyn Riviera Mall is located in an eco-friendly neighbourhood near the United Nations in Gigiri. It is home to restaurants, boutiques, banks, chemists, beauty shops among others.

Rosslyn Riviera Mall Rosslyn Riviera Mall

Village Market

Village Market is located along Limuru Road. The facility has over 150 outlets including both recreation and entertainment facilities.

 Village Market Village Market

Recreational facilities in Kitisuru

You can have fun and relax in any of the following hotels or clubs in Kitisuru:

1.Manor Hotel

2.Ulwazi Place

3.RoseGarden Resort

4.Tribe hotel

5.Osteria Restaurant

6.Flame Grills Restaurant

7.Warwick plaza

8.Clarett Lounge

9.Ankole Kitisuru

10.Karura Coffee House

11.Hob House

12.Ulwazi Place

The Karura Forest is also nearby for outdoor activities such as hiking.

Kitisuru Manor Hotel

Kitisuru Manor Hotel is situated 2.8km from Sigiria-Karura Forest. It has a bar, restaurant, free Wi-Fi, secure and spacious parking spaces, family rooms, one swimming pool, and a place to play darts and tennis.

Kitisuru Manor Hotel Kitisuru Manor Hotel

Clarett Lounge

Looking for the perfect place to get food, beer, cocktail, whisky, or even have a good time then Clarett Lounge is the place to be. The Lounge is situated along Thigiri Ridge Road.

Clarett Lounge Clarett Lounge

Petrol and gas stations in Kitisuru

The following are the petrol and gas stations in the suburb:

1.Total Kitisuru service station

2.Delta Service Station

3.Blue Sky Petrol Station


5.Kobil Petrol Station.

Total Kitisuru service station

Total Kitisuru service station is located along Getathuru Road, Kitisuru. Total Kitisuru service station

Total Kitisuru service station

Real estate companies and agencies in Kitisuru

1.Durian Real Estate Agency

2.Durian Property Consult Limited

3.Nairobi Royal Homes

4.Goescape Global

5.Kenya Real Homes

6.Pamakars Properties

7.Dakima Properties

8.Lins Real Estate Properties

9.Kensim Property Enterprises

1.Serenity Spa Kitisuru

2.Kitisuru Terraces

3.Kitisuru Gardens

4.Kitisuru Amani Gardens

5.The Residency Kitisuru

6.Kitisuru Road

7.Kirawa Road Kitisuru

8.Kitisuru Springs Estate

9.Sandalwood Kitisuru

10.Magnolia Hills Kitisuru

11.Heri Homes Kitisuru

12.Kihingo Village Kitisuru

13.Kitisuru Woods

14.Kihingo Village Estate

15.Pam Golding Kitisuru

16.Kitisuru Heights

House prices in Kitisuru

Here is an estimate of the prices you should expect when looking for a house to let in Kitisuru:

Bedsitters: From Ksh. 20,000

One bedroom: From Ksh. 100,000

Two bedrooms: From Ksh. 15,000

Three bedrooms: From Ksh. 100,000

Four bedrooms: From Ksh. 300,000

Bottom line

Kitisuru is a tranquil suburb that is mainly dominated by high-income residents. This suburb is therefore not for you if you are looking for cheap houses or if you are on a tight budget.

Are you planning to move to Kitisuru? If yes, then you should know that there are many challenges that come with renting a home. One of them is finding a place that is available and fits your expectations. You can even spend days or even weeks trying to find such a unit.

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