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List of Wards and towns in Kenya, property for sale and houses for rent


Location is a great determinant of property investment. With the over 1000 towns and wards in Kenya, you do not want to throw your property investment at any corner without doing thorough due diligence on the economic climate, state of security in the town and even population.


As a smart property investor in kenya, you need to arm yourself with a list of the most viable property investment destinations in Kenya. For example, a property investor interested in agricuktural land would not be scouting for plots for sale in westlands. Such an investor ought to be searching for affordable plots for sale in Malindi, cheap plots for sale in Kilifi or even available acres of land in Kajiado and Narok.

In this article, we list the 1452 wards and towns that our Hao Finder Ambassadors operate in.

Wards and Towns in Mombasa County.

  1. Port Reitz Plots And Property For Sale.
  2. Kipevu Land And Houses For Rent.
  3. Airport Property For Sale.
  4. Changamwe Real Estate.
  5. Chaani Properties.
  6. Jomvu Kuu Plots.
  7. Miritini Rentals.
  8. Mikindani Acres For Sale.
  9. Mjambere Realtors.
  10. Junda Property Brokers.
  11. Bamburi Land Surveyors.
  12. Mwakirunge Agricultural Land For Sale.
  13. Mtopanga Shops To Let.
  14. Magogoni Apartments To Let.
  15. Shanzu To Rent Houses.
  16. Frere Town For Sale Plots.
  17. Ziwa La Ng'ombe Property Companies.
  18. Mkomani Housing Agents.
  19. Kongowea Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  20. Kadzandani Landlords.
  21. Mtongwe Tenants.
  22. Shika Adabu House Hunting Services.
  23. Bofu Property Title Deeds.
  24. Likoni Land Transfer Offices.
  25. Timbwani Property Investors.
  26. Mji Wa Kale/Makadara Home Owners.
  27. Tudor Estates.
  28. Tononoka Gate Community.
  29. Shimanzi/Ganjoni Controlled Development Estates.
  30. Majengo Value Added Plots.

Towns and Wards in Kwale COunty.

  1. Gambato Bongwe Cheap Plots.
  2. Ukunda Plots Under 1 Million.
  3. Kinondo Buy And Build Plots.
  4. Ramisi Home Owners Association.
  5. Pongwe/Kikokeni Title Ready Plots.
  6. Dzombo Plots On Sale.
  7. Mwereni Houses On Sale.
  8. Vanga Apartments On Sale.
  9. Tsimba Golini Land For Lease.
  10. Waa Farm Land For Sale.
  11. Tiwi 1 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  12. Kubo South Plots And Property For Sale.
  13. Mkongani Land And Houses For Rent.
  14. Ndavaya Property For Sale.
  15. Puma Real Estate.
  16. Kinango Properties.
  17. Mackinon Road Plots.
  18. Chengoni/Samburu Rentals.
  19. Mwavumbo Acres For Sale.
  20. Kasemeni Realtors.

Property investment destinations in Kilifi County.

  1. Tezo Property Brokers.
  2. Sokoni Land Surveyors.
  3. Kibarani Agricultural Land For Sale.
  4. Dabaso Shops To Let.
  5. Matsangoni Apartments To Let.
  6. Watamu To Rent Houses.
  7. Mnarani For Sale Plots.
  8. Junju Property Companies.
  9. Mwarakaya Housing Agents.
  10. Shimo La Tewa Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  11. Chasimba Landlords.
  12. Mtepeni Tenants.
  13. Mariakani House Hunting Services.
  14. Kayafungo Property Title Deeds.
  15. Kaloleni Land Transfer Offices.
  16. Mwanamwinga Property Investors.
  17. Mwawesa Home Owners.
  18. Ruruma Estates.
  19. Kambe/Ribe Gate Community.
  20. Rabai/Kisurutini Controlled Development Estates.
  21. Ganze Value Added Plots.
  22. Bamba Cheap Plots.
  23. Jaribuni Plots Under 1 Million.
  24. Sokoke Buy And Build Plots.
  25. Jilore Home Owners Association.
  26. Kakuyuni Title Ready Plots.
  27. Ganda Plots On Sale.
  28. Malindi Town Houses On Sale.
  29. Shella Apartments On Sale.
  30. Marafa Land For Lease.
  31. Magarini Farm Land For Sale.

Tana River County, Plots, Apartments and Houses for rent.

  1. Gongoni 2 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  2. Adu Plots And Property For Sale.
  3. Garashi Land And Houses For Rent.
  4. Sabaki Property For Sale.
  5. Kipini East Real Estate.
  6. Garsen South Properties.
  7. Kipini West Plots.
  8. Garsen Central Rentals.
  9. Garsen West Acres For Sale.
  10. Garsen North Realtors.
  11. Kinakomba Property Brokers.
  12. Mikinduni Land Surveyors.
  13. Chewani Agricultural Land For Sale.
  14. Wayu Shops To Let.
  15. Chewele Apartments To Let.
  16. Hirimani To Rent Houses.
  17. Bangale For Sale Plots.
  18. Sala Property Companies.
  19. Madogo Plots And Property For Sale.

Lamu County, Wards, property for sale and buy.

  1. Faza Land And Houses For Rent.
  2. Kiunga Property For Sale.
  3. Basuba Real Estate.
  4. Shella Properties.
  5. Mkomani Plots.
  6. Hindi Rentals.
  7. Mkunumbi Acres For Sale.
  8. Hongwe Realtors.
  9. Witu Property Brokers.
  10. Bahari Land Surveyors.

Taita Taveta County. Land for sale and house for rent.

  1. Chala Agricultural Land For Sale.
  2. Mahoo Shops To Let.
  3. Bomani Apartments To Let.
  4. Mboghoni To Rent Houses.
  5. Mata For Sale Plots.
  6. Wundanyi/Mbale Property Companies.
  7. Werugha Housing Agents.
  8. Wumingu/Kishushe Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  9. Mwanda/Mgange Landlords.
  10. Ronge Tenants.
  11. Mwatate House Hunting Services.
  12. Bura Property Title Deeds.
  13. Chawia Land Transfer Offices.
  14. Wusi/Kishamba Property Investors.
  15. Mbololo Home Owners.
  16. Sagala Estates.
  17. Kaloleni Gate Community.
  18. Marungu Controlled Development Estates.
  19. Kasigau Value Added Plots.
  20. Ngolia Cheap Plots.

Garissa County, Property for sale and rent.

  1. Waberi Plots Under 1 Million.
  2. Galbet Buy And Build Plots.
  3. Township Home Owners Association.
  4. Iftin Title Ready Plots.
  5. Balambala Plots On Sale.
  6. Danyere Houses On Sale.
  7. Jarajara Apartments On Sale.
  8. Saka Land For Lease.
  9. Sankuri Farm Land For Sale.
  10. Modogashe 2 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  11. Benane Plots And Property For Sale.
  12. Goreale Land And Houses For Rent.
  13. Maalamin Property For Sale.
  14. Sabena Real Estate.
  15. Baraki Properties.
  16. Dertu Plots.
  17. Dadaab Rentals.
  18. Labisgale Acres For Sale.
  19. Damajale Realtors.
  20. Liboi Property Brokers.
  21. Abakaile Land Surveyors.
  22. Bura Agricultural Land For Sale.
  23. Dekaharia Shops To Let.
  24. Jarajila Apartments To Let.
  25. Fafi To Rent Houses.
  26. Nanighi For Sale Plots.
  27. Hulugho Property Companies.
  28. Sangailu Housing Agents.
  29. Ijara Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  30. Masalani Landlords.

Plots for Sale and housing in Wajir.

  1. Gurar Tenants.
  2. Bute House Hunting Services.
  3. Korondile Property Title Deeds.
  4. Malkagufu Land Transfer Offices.
  5. Batalu Property Investors.
  6. Danaba Home Owners.
  7. Godoma Estates.
  8. Wagberi Gate Community.
  9. Township Controlled Development Estates.
  10. Barwago Value Added Plots.
  11. Khorof/Harar Cheap Plots.
  12. Elben Plots Under 1 Million.
  13. Sarman Buy And Build Plots.
  14. Tarbaj Home Owners Association.
  15. Wargadud Title Ready Plots.
  16. Arbajahan Plots On Sale.
  17. Hadado/Athibohol Houses On Sale.
  18. Ademasajide Apartments On Sale.
  19. Ganyure/Wagalla Land For Lease.
  20. Eldas Farm Land For Sale.
  21. Della 3 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  22. Lakoley South/Basir Plots And Property For Sale.
  23. Elnur/Tula Tula Land And Houses For Rent.
  24. Benane Property For Sale.
  25. Burder Real Estate.
  26. Dadaja Bulla Properties.
  27. Habasswein Plots.
  28. Lagboghoi South Rentals.

Mandera County, State of housing and property market.

  1. Ibrahim Ure Acres For Sale.
  2. Diif Realtors.
  3. Takaba South Property Brokers.
  4. Takaba Land Surveyors.
  5. Lagsure Agricultural Land For Sale.
  6. Dandu Shops To Let.
  7. Gither Apartments To Let.
  8. Banissa To Rent Houses.
  9. Derkhale For Sale Plots.
  10. Guba Property Companies.
  11. Malkamari Plots And Property For Sale.
  12. Kilwehiri Land And Houses For Rent.
  13. Ashabito Property For Sale.
  14. Guticha Real Estate.
  15. Marothile Properties.
  16. Rhamu Plots.
  17. Rhamu Dimtu Rentals.
  18. Wargadud Acres For Sale.
  19. Kutulo Realtors.
  20. Elwak South Property Brokers.
  21. Elwak North Land Surveyors.
  22. Shimbir Fatuma Agricultural Land For Sale.
  23. Arabia Shops To Let.
  24. Bulla Mpya Apartments To Let.
  25. Khalalio To Rent Houses.
  26. Neboi For Sale Plots.
  27. Township Property Companies.
  28. Libehia Housing Agents.
  29. Fino Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  30. Lafey Landlords.
  31. Waranqara Tenants.
  32. Alungo Gof House Hunting Services.

Marsabit County.

  1. Butiye Property Title Deeds.
  2. Sololo Land Transfer Offices.
  3. Heillu/Manyatta Property Investors.
  4. Golbo Home Owners.
  5. Moyale Township Estates.
  6. Uran Gate Community.
  7. Obbu Controlled Development Estates.
  8. Dukana Value Added Plots.
  9. Maikona Cheap Plots.
  10. Turbi Plots Under 1 Million.
  11. North Horr Buy And Build Plots.
  12. Illeret Home Owners Association.
  13. Sagante/Jaldesa Title Ready Plots.
  14. Karare Plots On Sale.
  15. Marsabit Central Houses On Sale.
  16. Loiyagalani Apartments On Sale.
  17. Kargi/South Horr Land For Lease.
  18. Korr/Ngurunit Farm Land For Sale.
  19. Loglogo 3 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  20. Laisamis Plots And Property For Sale.

Isiolo County Property and locations.

  1. Wabera Land And Houses For Rent.
  2. Bulla Pesa Property For Sale.
  3. Chari Real Estate.
  4. Cherab Properties.
  5. Ngare Mara Plots.
  6. Burat Rentals.
  7. Oldo/Nyiro Acres For Sale.
  8. Garba Tulla Realtors.
  9. Kinna Property Brokers.
  10. Sericho Land Surveyors.

Wards and Towns in Meru County.

  1. Maua Agricultural Land For Sale.
  2. Kiegoi/Antubochiu Shops To Let.
  3. Athiru Gaiti Apartments To Let.
  4. Akachiu To Rent Houses.
  5. Kanuni For Sale Plots.
  6. Akirang'ondu Property Companies.
  7. Athiru Ruujine Housing Agents.
  8. Igembe East Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  9. Njia Landlords.
  10. Kangeta Tenants.
  11. Antuambui House Hunting Services.
  12. Ntunene Property Title Deeds.
  13. Antubetwe Kiongo Land Transfer Offices.
  14. Naathu Property Investors.
  15. Amwathi Home Owners.
  16. Athwana Estates.
  17. Akithii Gate Community.
  18. Kianjai Controlled Development Estates.
  19. Nkomo Value Added Plots.
  20. Mbeu Cheap Plots.
  21. Thangatha Plots Under 1 Million.
  22. Mikinduri Buy And Build Plots.
  23. Kinguchwa Home Owners Association.
  24. Muthara Title Ready Plots.
  25. Karama Plots On Sale.
  26. Municipality Houses On Sale.
  27. Ntima East Apartments On Sale.
  28. Ntima West Land For Lease.
  29. Nyaki West Farm Land For Sale.
  30. Nyaki East 4 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  31. Timau Plots And Property For Sale.
  32. Kisima Land And Houses For Rent.
  33. Kiirau/Naari Property For Sale.
  34. Ruiru/Rwawera Real Estate.
  35. Mwangathia Properties.
  36. Abothuguchi Central Plots.
  37. Abothuguchi West Rentals.
  38. Kiagu Acres For Sale.
  39. Kibirichia Realtors.
  40. Mitunguu Property Brokers.
  41. Igoji East Land Surveyors.
  42. Igoji West Agricultural Land For Sale.
  43. Abogeta East Shops To Let.
  44. Abogeta West Apartments To Let.
  45. Nkuene To Rent Houses.

Tharaka-Nithi, Wards, Towns and property for sale and rent.

  1. Mitheru For Sale Plots.
  2. Muthambi Property Companies.
  3. Mwimbi Plots And Property For Sale.
  4. Ganga Land And Houses For Rent.
  5. Chogoria Property For Sale.
  6. Mariani Real Estate.
  7. Karingani Properties.
  8. Magumoni Plots.
  9. Mugwe Rentals.
  10. Igambang'ombe Acres For Sale.
  11. Gatunga Realtors.
  12. Mukothima Property Brokers.
  13. Nkondi Land Surveyors.
  14. Chiakagira Agricultural Land For Sale.
  15. Marimanti Shops To Let.

Embu County, towns and wards.

  1. Ruguru-Ngandori Apartments To Let.
  2. Kithimu To Rent Houses.
  3. Nginda For Sale Plots.
  4. Mbeti North Property Companies.
  5. Kirimari Housing Agents.
  6. Gaturi South Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  7. Gaturi North Landlords.
  8. Kaagari South Tenants.
  9. Central House Hunting Services.
  10. Kaagari North Property Title Deeds.
  11. Kyeni North Land Transfer Offices.
  12. Kyeni South Property Investors.
  13. Mwea Home Owners.
  14. Makima Estates.
  15. Mbeti South Gate Community.
  16. Mavuria Controlled Development Estates.
  17. Kiambere Value Added Plots.
  18. Nthawa Cheap Plots.
  19. Muminji Plots Under 1 Million.
  20. Evurore Buy And Build Plots.

Property Investment in Kitui County wards and Towns.

  1. Ngomeni Home Owners Association.
  2. Kyuso Title Ready Plots.
  3. Mumoni Plots On Sale.
  4. Tseikuru Houses On Sale.
  5. Tharaka Apartments On Sale.
  6. Kyome/Thaana Land For Lease.
  7. Nguutani Farm Land For Sale.
  8. Migwani 4 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  9. Kiomo/Kyethani Plots And Property For Sale.
  10. Central Land And Houses For Rent.
  11. Kivou Property For Sale.
  12. Nguni Real Estate.
  13. Nuu Properties.
  14. Mui Plots.
  15. Waita Rentals.
  16. Mutongoni Acres For Sale.
  17. Kauwi Realtors.
  18. Matinyani Property Brokers.
  19. Kwamutonga/Kithumula Land Surveyors.
  20. Kisasi Agricultural Land For Sale.
  21. Mbitini Shops To Let.
  22. Kwavonza/Yatta Apartments To Let.
  23. Kanyangi To Rent Houses.
  24. Miambani For Sale Plots.
  25. Township Property Companies.
  26. Kyangwithya West Housing Agents.
  27. Mulango Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  28. Kyangwithya East Landlords.
  29. Zombe/Mwitika Tenants.
  30. Nzambani House Hunting Services.
  31. Chuluni Property Title Deeds.
  32. Voo/Kyamatu Land Transfer Offices.
  33. Endau/Malalani Property Investors.
  34. Mutitu/Kaliku Home Owners.
  35. Ikanga/Kyatune Estates.
  36. Mutomo Gate Community.
  37. Mutha Controlled Development Estates.
  38. Ikutha Value Added Plots.
  39. Kanziko Cheap Plots.
  40. Athi Plots Under 1 Million.

Plots for sale and Houses to let in Machakos County Wards.

  1. Kivaa Buy And Build Plots.
  2. Masinga Central Home Owners Association.
  3. Ekalakala Title Ready Plots.
  4. Muthesya Plots On Sale.
  5. Ndithini Houses On Sale.
  6. Ndalani Apartments On Sale.
  7. Matuu Land For Lease.
  8. Kithimani Farm Land For Sale.
  9. Ikombe 5 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  10. Katangi Plots And Property For Sale.
  11. Kangundo North Land And Houses For Rent.
  12. Kangundo Central Property For Sale.
  13. Kangundo East Real Estate.
  14. Kangundo West Properties.
  15. Tala Plots.
  16. Matungulu North Rentals.
  17. Matungulu East Acres For Sale.
  18. Matungulu West Realtors.
  19. Kyeleni Property Brokers.
  20. Mitamboni Land Surveyors.
  21. Kathiani Central Agricultural Land For Sale.
  22. Upper Kaewa/Iveti Shops To Let.
  23. Lower Kaewa/Kaani Apartments To Let.
  24. Athi River To Rent Houses.
  25. Kinanie For Sale Plots.
  26. Muthwani Property Companies.
  27. Syokimau/Mulolongo Plots And Property For Sale.
  28. Kalama Land And Houses For Rent.
  29. Mua Property For Sale.
  30. Mutituni Real Estate.
  31. 16 Central Properties.
  32. Mumbuni North Plots.
  33. Muvuti/Kiima-Kimwe Rentals.
  34. Kola Acres For Sale.
  35. Mbiuni Realtors.
  36. Makutano/Mwala Property Brokers.
  37. Masii Land Surveyors.
  38. Muthetheni Agricultural Land For Sale.
  39. Wamunyu Shops To Let.
  40. Kibauni Apartments To Let.

Makueni County wards and Towns

  1. Tulimani To Rent Houses.
  2. Mbooni For Sale Plots.
  3. Kithungo/Kitundu Property Companies.
  4. Kiteta-Kisau Housing Agents.
  5. Waia-Kako Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  6. Kalawa Landlords.
  7. Kasikeu Tenants.
  8. Mukaa House Hunting Services.
  9. Kima Kiu/Kalanzoni Property Title Deeds.
  10. Ukia Land Transfer Offices.
  11. Kee Property Investors.
  12. Kilungu Home Owners.
  13. Ilima Estates.
  14. Wote Gated Community.
  15. Muvau/Kikumini Controlled Development Estates.
  16. Mavindini Value Added Plots.
  17. Kitise/Kithuki Cheap Plots.
  18. Kathonzweni Plots Under 1 Million.
  19. Nzaui/Kilili/Kalamba Buy And Build Plots.
  20. Mbitini Home Owners Association.
  21. Makindu Title Ready Plots.
  22. Nguumo Plots On Sale.
  23. Kikumbulyu North Houses On Sale.
  24. Kikumbulyu South Apartments On Sale.
  25. Nguu/Masumba Land For Lease.
  26. Emali/Mulala Farm Land For Sale.
  27. Masongaleni 5 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  28. Mtito Andei Plots And Property For Sale.
  29. Thange Land And Houses For Rent.
  30. Ivingoni/Nzambani Property For Sale.

Property in Nyandarua County Wards.

  1. Engineer Real Estate.
  2. Gathara Properties.
  3. North Kinangop Plots.
  4. Murungaru Rentals.
  5. Njabani/Kiburu Acres For Sale.
  6. Nyakio Realtors.
  7. Githabai Property Brokers.
  8. Magumu Land Surveyors.
  9. Wanjohi Agricultural Land For Sale.
  10. Kipipiri Shops To Let.
  11. Geta Apartments To Let.
  12. Githioro To Rent Houses.
  13. Karau For Sale Plots.
  14. Kanjuiri Range Property Companies.
  15. Mirangine Housing Agents.
  16. Kaimbaga Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  17. Rurii Landlords.
  18. Gathanji Tenants.
  19. Gatimu House Hunting Services.
  20. Weru Property Title Deeds.
  21. Charagita Land Transfer Offices.
  22. Leshau/Pondo Property Investors.
  23. Kiritta Home Owners.
  24. Central Estates.
  25. Shamata Gate Community.

Nyeri County, Wards, Towns and Property.

  1. Dedan Kimathi Controlled Development Estates.
  2. Wamagana Value Added Plots.
  3. Aguthi-Gaaki Cheap Plots.
  4. Mweiga Plots Under 1 Million.
  5. Naromoru/Kiamathaga Buy And Build Plots.
  6. Mwiyogo/Endarasha Home Owners Association.
  7. Mugunda Title Ready Plots.
  8. Gatarakwa Plots On Sale.
  9. Thegu River Houses On Sale.
  10. Kabaru Apartments On Sale.
  11. Gakawa Land For Lease.
  12. Ruguru Farm Land For Sale.
  13. Magutu 6 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  14. Iriaini Plots And Property For Sale.
  15. Konyu Land And Houses For Rent.
  16. Kirimukuyu Property For Sale.
  17. Karatina Town Real Estate.
  18. Mahiga Properties.
  19. Iria-Ini Plots.
  20. Chinga Rentals.
  21. Karima Acres For Sale.
  22. Gikondi Realtors.
  23. Rugi Property Brokers.
  24. Mukurwe-Ini West Land Surveyors.
  25. Mukurwe-Ini East Agricultural Land For Sale.
  26. Kiganjo/Mathari Shops To Let.
  27. Rware Apartments To Let.
  28. Gatitu/Muruguru To Rent Houses.
  29. Ruring'u For Sale Plots.
  30. Kamakwa/Mukaro Property Companies.

Kirinyaga County, towns, wards and property for sale and houses for rent.

  1. Mutithi Plots And Property For Sale.
  2. Kangai Land And Houses For Rent.
  3. Thiba Property For Sale.
  4. Wamumu Real Estate.
  5. Nyanguti Properties.
  6. Murinduko Plots.
  7. Gathigiriri Rentals.
  8. Tebere Acres For Sale.
  9. Kabare Realtors.
  10. Baragwi Property Brokers.
  11. Njukiine Land Surveyors.
  12. Ngariama Agricultural Land For Sale.
  13. Karumandi Shops To Let.
  14. Mukure Apartments To Let.
  15. Kiine To Rent Houses.
  16. Kariti For Sale Plots.
  17. Mutira Property Companies.
  18. Kanyekini Housing Agents.
  19. Kerugoya Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  20. Inoi Landlords.

Property for sale and houses to let in Murang'a county wards and towns.

  1. Kanyenya-Ini Tenants.
  2. Muguru House Hunting Services.
  3. Rwathia Property Title Deeds.
  4. Gitugi Land Transfer Offices.
  5. Kiru Property Investors.
  6. Kamacharia Home Owners.
  7. Wangu Estates.
  8. Mugoiri Gate Community.
  9. Mbiri Controlled Development Estates.
  10. Township Value Added Plots.
  11. Murarandia Cheap Plots.
  12. Gaturi Plots Under 1 Million.
  13. Kahumbu Buy And Build Plots.
  14. Muthithi Home Owners Association.
  15. Kigumo Title Ready Plots.
  16. Kangari Plots On Sale.
  17. Kinyona Houses On Sale.
  18. Kimorori/Wempa Apartments On Sale.
  19. Makuyu Land For Lease.
  20. Kambiti Farm Land For Sale.
  21. Kamahuhu 6 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  22. Ichagaki Plots And Property For Sale.
  23. Nginda Land And Houses For Rent.
  24. Ng'araria Property For Sale.
  25. Muruka Real Estate.
  26. Kagundu-Ini Properties.
  27. Gaichanjiru Plots.
  28. Ithiru Rentals.
  29. Ruchu Acres For Sale.
  30. Ithanga Realtors.
  31. Kakuzi/Mitubiri Property Brokers.
  32. Mugumo-Ini Land Surveyors.
  33. Kihumbu-Ini Agricultural Land For Sale.
  34. Gatanga Shops To Let.
  35. Kariara Apartments To Let.

Kiambu county property investment, wards and towns.

  1. Kiamwangi To Rent Houses.
  2. Kiganjo For Sale Plots.
  3. Ndarugo Property Companies.
  4. Ngenda Housing Agents.
  5. Gituamba Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  6. Githobokoni Landlords.
  7. Chania Tenants.
  8. Mang'u House Hunting Services.
  9. Murera Property Title Deeds.
  10. Theta Land Transfer Offices.
  11. Juja Property Investors.
  12. Witeithie Home Owners.
  13. Kalimoni Estates.
  14. Township Gate Community.
  15. Kamenu Controlled Development Estates.
  16. Hospital Value Added Plots.
  17. Gatuanyaga Cheap Plots.
  18. Ngoliba Plots Under 1 Million.
  19. Gitothua Buy And Build Plots.
  20. Biashara Home Owners Association.
  21. Gatongora Title Ready Plots.
  22. Kahawa/Sukari Plots On Sale.
  23. Kahawa Wendani Houses On Sale.
  24. Kiuu Apartments On Sale.
  25. Mwiki Land For Lease.
  26. Mwihoko Farm Land For Sale.
  27. Githunguri 7 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  28. Githiga Plots And Property For Sale.
  29. Ikinu Land And Houses For Rent.
  30. Ngewa Property For Sale.
  31. Komothai Real Estate.
  32. Ting'ang'a Properties.
  33. Ndumberi Plots.
  34. Riabai Rentals.
  35. Township Acres For Sale.
  36. Cianda Realtors.
  37. Karuri Property Brokers.
  38. Ndenderu Land Surveyors.
  39. Muchatha Agricultural Land For Sale.
  40. Kihara Shops To Let.
  41. Gitaru Apartments To Let.
  42. Muguga To Rent Houses.
  43. Nyadhuna For Sale Plots.
  44. Kabete Property Companies.
  45. Uthiru Plots And Property For Sale.
  46. Karai Land And Houses For Rent.
  47. Nachu Property For Sale.
  48. Sigona Real Estate.
  49. Kikuyu Properties.
  50. Kinoo Plots.
  51. Bibirioni Rentals.
  52. Limuru Central Acres For Sale.
  53. Ndeiya Realtors.
  54. Limuru East Property Brokers.
  55. Ngecha Tigoni Land Surveyors.
  56. Kinale Agricultural Land For Sale.
  57. Kijabe Shops To Let.
  58. Nyanduma Apartments To Let.
  59. Kamburu To Rent Houses.
  60. Lari/Kirenga For Sale Plots.

Property investment destinations in Turkana County.

  1. Kaeris Property Companies.
  2. Lakezone Housing Agents.
  3. Lapur Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  4. Kaaleng/Kaikor Landlords.
  5. Kibish Tenants.
  6. Nakalale House Hunting Services.
  7. Kakuma Property Title Deeds.
  8. Lopur Land Transfer Offices.
  9. Letea Property Investors.
  10. Songot Home Owners.
  11. Kalobeyei Estates.
  12. Lokichoggio Gate Community.
  13. Nanaam Controlled Development Estates.
  14. Kerio Delta Value Added Plots.
  15. Kang'atotha Cheap Plots.
  16. Kalokol Plots Under 1 Million.
  17. Lodwar Township Buy And Build Plots.
  18. Kanamkemer Home Owners Association.
  19. Kotaruk/Lobei Title Ready Plots.
  20. Turkwel Plots On Sale.
  21. Loima Houses On Sale.
  22. Lokiriama/Lorengippi Apartments On Sale.
  23. Kaputir Land For Lease.
  24. Katilu Farm Land For Sale.
  25. Lobokat 7 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  26. Kalapata Plots And Property For Sale.
  27. Lokichar Land And Houses For Rent.
  28. Kapedo/Napeitom Property For Sale.
  29. Katilia Real Estate.
  30. Lokori/Kochodin Properties.

Plots and houses in West Pokot county wards and towns.

  1. Riwo Plots.
  2. Kapenguria Rentals.
  3. Mnagei Acres For Sale.
  4. Siyoi Realtors.
  5. Endugh Property Brokers.
  6. Sook Land Surveyors.
  7. Sekerr Agricultural Land For Sale.
  8. Masool Shops To Let.
  9. Lomut Apartments To Let.
  10. Wei Wei To Rent Houses.
  11. Suam For Sale Plots.
  12. Kodich Property Companies.
  13. Kasei Housing Agents.
  14. Kapchok Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  15. Kiwawa Landlords.
  16. Alale Tenants.
  17. Chepareria House Hunting Services.
  18. Batei Property Title Deeds.
  19. Lelan Land Transfer Offices.
  20. Tapach Property Investors.

Samburu County wards, houses to rent and towns.

  1. Lodokejek Home Owners.
  2. Saguta Marmar Estates.
  3. Maralal Gate Community.
  4. Loosuk Controlled Development Estates.
  5. Porro Value Added Plots.
  6. El-Barta Cheap Plots.
  7. Nachola Plots Under 1 Million.
  8. Ndoto Buy And Build Plots.
  9. Nyiro Home Owners Association.
  10. Angata Nayokie Title Ready Plots.
  11. Baawa Plots On Sale.
  12. Waso Houses On Sale.
  13. Wamba West Apartments On Sale.
  14. Wamba East Land For Lease.
  15. Wamba North Farm Land For Sale.

Trans Nzoia county, towns, property for rent and plots for sale.

  1. Kapomboi 8 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  2. Kwanza Plots And Property For Sale.
  3. Keiyo Land And Houses For Rent.
  4. Bidii Property For Sale.
  5. Chepchoina Real Estate.
  6. Endebess Properties.
  7. Matumbei Plots.
  8. Kinyoro Rentals.
  9. Matisi Acres For Sale.
  10. Tuwani Realtors.
  11. Saboti Property Brokers.
  12. Machewa Land Surveyors.
  13. Kiminini Agricultural Land For Sale.
  14. Waitaluk Shops To Let.
  15. Sirende Apartments To Let.
  16. Hospital To Rent Houses.
  17. Sikhendu For Sale Plots.
  18. Nabiswa Property Companies.
  19. Sinyerere Plots And Property For Sale.
  20. Makutano Land And Houses For Rent.
  21. Kaplamai Property For Sale.
  22. Motosiet Real Estate.
  23. Cherangany/Suwerwa Properties.
  24. Chepsiro/Kiptoror Plots.
  25. Sitatunga Rentals.

Property for rent and plots for sale in Uasin Gishu county wards and towns.

  1. Moi's Bridge Acres For Sale.
  2. Kapkures Realtors.
  3. Ziwa Property Brokers.
  4. Segeroi/Barsombe Land Surveyors.
  5. Kipsomba Agricultural Land For Sale.
  6. Soy Shops To Let.
  7. Kuinet/Kapsuswa Apartments To Let.
  8. Ngenyilel To Rent Houses.
  9. Tapsagoi For Sale Plots.
  10. Kamagut Property Companies.
  11. Kiplombe Housing Agents.
  12. Kapsaos Virgin Lands For Sale.
  13. Huruma Landlords.
  14. Tembelio Tenants.
  15. Sergoit House Hunting Services.
  16. Karuna/Meibeki Property Title Deeds.
  17. Moiben Land Transfer Offices.
  18. Kimumu Property Investors.
  19. Kapsoya Home Owners.
  20. Kaptagat Estates.
  21. Ainabkoi/Olare Gate Community.
  22. Simat/Kapseret Controlled Development Estates.
  23. Kipkenyo Value Added Plots.
  24. Ngeria Cheap Plots.
  25. Megun Plots Under 1 Million.
  26. Langas Buy And Build Plots.
  27. Racecourse Home Owners Association.
  28. Cheptiret/Kipchamo Title Ready Plots.
  29. Tulwet/Chiyat Plots On Sale.
  30. Tarakwa Houses On Sale.

Elgeyo Marakwet County wards, towns and property.

  1. Kapyego Apartments On Sale.
  2. Sambirir Land For Lease.
  3. Endo Farm Land For Sale.
  4. Embobut/14lot 8 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  5. Lelan Plots And Property For Sale.
  6. Sengwer Land And Houses For Rent.
  7. Cherang'any/Chebororwa Property For Sale.
  8. Moiben/Kuserwo Real Estate.
  9. Kapsowar Properties.
  10. Arror Plots.
  11. Kamariny Rentals.
  12. Emsoo Acres For Sale.
  13. Tambach Realtors.
  14. Kapchemutwa Property Brokers.
  15. Kaptarakwa Land Surveyors.
  16. Chepkorio Agricultural Land For Sale.
  17. Soy North Shops To Let.
  18. Soy South Apartments To Let.
  19. Kabiemit To Rent Houses.
  20. Metkei For Sale Plots.

Nandi County wards, towns and available property.

  1. Songhor/Soba Property Companies.
  2. Tinderet Housing Agents.
  3. Chemelil/Chemase Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  4. Kapsimwotwo Landlords.
  5. Kabwareng Tenants.
  6. Terik House Hunting Services.
  7. Kemeloi-Maraba Property Title Deeds.
  8. Kobujoi Land Transfer Offices.
  9. Kaptumo/Kaboi Property Investors.
  10. Koyo/Ndurio Home Owners.
  11. 29 Hills Estates.
  12. Chepkunyuk Gate Community.
  13. Ol'lessos Controlled Development Estates.
  14. Kapchorua Value Added Plots.
  15. Chemundu/Kapng'etunyi Cheap Plots.
  16. Kosirai Plots Under 1 Million.
  17. Lelmoko/Ngechek Buy And Build Plots.
  18. Kaptel/Kamoiywo Home Owners Association.
  19. Kiptuiya Title Ready Plots.
  20. Chepkumia Plots On Sale.
  21. Kapkangani Houses On Sale.
  22. Kapsabet Apartments On Sale.
  23. Kilibwoni Land For Lease.
  24. Chepterwai Farm Land For Sale.
  25. Kipkaren 9 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  26. Kurgung/Surungai Plots And Property For Sale.
  27. Kabiyet Land And Houses For Rent.
  28. Ndalat Property For Sale.
  29. Kabisaga Real Estate.
  30. Sangalo/Kebulonik Properties.

Baringo County, Wards, houses and plots for sale.

  1. Tirioko Plots.
  2. Kolowa Rentals.
  3. Ribkwo Acres For Sale.
  4. Silale Realtors.
  5. Loiyamorok Property Brokers.
  6. Tangulbei/Korossi Land Surveyors.
  7. Churo/Amaya Agricultural Land For Sale.
  8. Barwessa Shops To Let.
  9. Kabartonjo Apartments To Let.
  10. Saimoi/Kipsaraman To Rent Houses.
  11. Saimo/Soi For Sale Plots.
  12. Bartabwa Property Companies.
  13. Kabarnet Plots And Property For Sale.
  14. Sacho Land And Houses For Rent.
  15. Tenges Property For Sale.
  16. Ewalel/Chapchap Real Estate.
  17. Kapropita Properties.
  18. Marigat Plots.
  19. Iichamus Rentals.
  20. Mochongoi Acres For Sale.
  21. Mukutani Realtors.
  22. Mogotio Property Brokers.
  23. Emining Land Surveyors.
  24. Kisanana Agricultural Land For Sale.
  25. L14s Shops To Let.
  26. L14s Kwen Apartments To Let.
  27. Ravine To Rent Houses.
  28. Mumberes/Maji Mazuri For Sale Plots.
  29. L14s/Perkerra Property Companies.
  30. Koibatek Housing Agents.

Laikipia County, wards and property.

  1. Ol-Moran Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  2. Rumuruti Township Landlords.
  3. Githiga Tenants.
  4. Marmanet House Hunting Services.
  5. Igwamiti Property Title Deeds.
  6. Salama Land Transfer Offices.
  7. Ngobit Property Investors.
  8. Tigithi Home Owners.
  9. Thingithu Estates.
  10. Nanyuki Gate Community.
  11. Umande Controlled Development Estates.
  12. Sosian Value Added Plots.
  13. Segera Cheap Plots.
  14. Mugogodo West Plots Under 1 Million.
  15. Mugogodo East Buy And Build Plots.

Nakuru County towns, wards and property for sale.

  1. Mariashoni Home Owners Association.
  2. Elburgon Title Ready Plots.
  3. Turi Plots On Sale.
  4. Molo Houses On Sale.
  5. Mau Narok Apartments On Sale.
  6. Mauche Land For Lease.
  7. Kihingo Farm Land For Sale.
  8. Nesuit 9 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  9. Lare Plots And Property For Sale.
  10. Njoro Land And Houses For Rent.
  11. Biashara Property For Sale.
  12. Hellsgate Real Estate.
  13. Lake View Properties.
  14. Mai Mahiu Plots.
  15. Maeilla Rentals.
  16. Olkaria Acres For Sale.
  17. Naivasha East Realtors.
  18. Viwanda Property Brokers.
  19. Gilgil Land Surveyors.
  20. Elementaita Agricultural Land For Sale.
  21. Mbaruk/Eburu Shops To Let.
  22. Malewa West Apartments To Let.
  23. Murindat To Rent Houses.
  24. Amalo For Sale Plots.
  25. Keringet Property Companies.
  26. Kiptagich Housing Agents.
  27. Tinet Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  28. Kiptororo Landlords.
  29. Nyota Tenants.
  30. Sirikwa House Hunting Services.
  31. Kamara Property Title Deeds.
  32. Subukia Land Transfer Offices.
  33. Waseges Property Investors.
  34. Kabazi Home Owners.
  35. Menengai West Estates.
  36. Soin Gate Community.
  37. Visoi Controlled Development Estates.
  38. Mosop Value Added Plots.
  39. Solai Cheap Plots.
  40. Dundori Plots Under 1 Million.
  41. Kabatini Buy And Build Plots.
  42. Kiamaina Home Owners Association.
  43. Lanet/Umoja Title Ready Plots.
  44. Bahati Plots On Sale.
  45. Barut Houses On Sale.
  46. London Apartments On Sale.
  47. Kaptembwo Land For Lease.
  48. Kapkures Farm Land For Sale.
  49. Rhoda 10 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  50. Shaabab Plots And Property For Sale.
  51. Biashara Land And Houses For Rent.
  52. Kivumbuni Property For Sale.
  53. Flamingo Real Estate.
  54. Menengai Properties.
  55. Nakuru East Plots.

Wards in Kenya

Where to find Property to let and for sale in Narok County wards.

  1. Kilgoris Central Rentals.
  2. Keyian Acres For Sale.
  3. Angata Barikoi Realtors.
  4. Shankoe Property Brokers.
  5. Kimintet Land Surveyors.
  6. Lolgorian Agricultural Land For Sale.
  7. Iikerin Shops To Let.
  8. Ololmasani Apartments To Let.
  9. Mogondo To Rent Houses.
  10. Kapsasian For Sale Plots.
  11. Olposimoru Property Companies.
  12. Olokurto Plots And Property For Sale.
  13. Narok Town Land And Houses For Rent.
  14. Nkareta Property For Sale.
  15. Olorropil Real Estate.
  16. Melili Properties.
  17. Mosiro Plots.
  18. Ildamat Rentals.
  19. Keekonyokie Acres For Sale.
  20. Suswa Realtors.
  21. Maji Moto/Naroosura Property Brokers.
  22. Ololulung'a Land Surveyors.
  23. Melelo Agricultural Land For Sale.
  24. Loita Shops To Let.
  25. Sogoo Apartments To Let.
  26. Sagamian To Rent Houses.
  27. Ilmotiook For Sale Plots.
  28. Mara Property Companies.
  29. Siana Housing Agents.
  30. Naikarra Vrgin Lands For Sale.

Kajiado county Property locations.

  1. Olkeri Landlords.
  2. Ongata Rongai Tenants.
  3. Nkaimurunya House Hunting Services.
  4. Oloolua Property Title Deeds.
  5. Ngong Land Transfer Offices.
  6. Purko Property Investors.
  7. Ildamat Home Owners.
  8. Dalalekutuk Estates.
  9. Matapato North Gate Community.
  10. Matapato South Controlled Development Estates.
  11. Kaputiei North Value Added Plots.
  12. Kitengela Cheap Plots.
  13. Oloosirkon/Sholinke Plots Under 1 Million.
  14. Kenyawa-Poka Buy And Build Plots.
  15. Imaroro Home Owners Association.
  16. Keekonyokie Title Ready Plots.
  17. Iloodokilani Plots On Sale.
  18. Magadi Houses On Sale.
  19. Ewuaso Oo Nkidong'i Apartments On Sale.
  20. Mosiro Land For Lease.
  21. Entonet/Lenkism Farm Land For Sale.
  22. Imbrikani/Eselelnkei 10 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  23. Kuku Plots And Property For Sale.
  24. Rombo Land And Houses For Rent.
  25. Kimana Property For Sale.

Kericho County, Property market, land for sale and wards.

  1. Londiani Real Estate.
  2. Kedowa/Kimugul Properties.
  3. Chepseon Plots.
  4. Tendeno/Sorget Rentals.
  5. Kunyak Acres For Sale.
  6. Kamasian Realtors.
  7. Kipkelion Property Brokers.
  8. Chilchila Land Surveyors.
  9. Kapsoit Agricultural Land For Sale.
  10. Ainamoi Shops To Let.
  11. Kapkugerwet Apartments To Let.
  12. Kipchebor To Rent Houses.
  13. Kipchimchim For Sale Plots.
  14. Kapsaos Property Companies.
  15. Kisiara Housing Agents.
  16. Tebesonik Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  17. Cheboin Landlords.
  18. Chemosot Tenants.
  19. Litein House Hunting Services.
  20. Cheplanget Property Title Deeds.
  21. Kapkatet Land Transfer Offices.
  22. Waldai Property Investors.
  23. Kabianga Home Owners.
  24. Cheptororiet/Seretut Estates.
  25. Chaik Gate Community.
  26. Kapsuser Controlled Development Estates.
  27. Sigowet Value Added Plots.
  28. Kaplelartet Cheap Plots.
  29. Soliat Plots Under 1 Million.
  30. Soin Buy And Build Plots.

Bomet county wards, plots for sale and houses to let in the wards.

  1. Ndanai/Abosi Home Owners Association.
  2. Chemagel Title Ready Plots.
  3. Kipsonoi Plots On Sale.
  4. Kapletundo Houses On Sale.
  5. Rongena/Manaret Apartments On Sale.
  6. Kong'asis Land For Lease.
  7. Nyangores Farm Land For Sale.
  8. Sigor 11 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  9. Chebunyo Plots And Property For Sale.
  10. Siongiroi Land And Houses For Rent.
  11. Merigi Property For Sale.
  12. K14 Real Estate.
  13. Longisa Properties.
  14. Kipreres Plots.
  15. Chemaner Rentals.
  16. Silibwet Township Acres For Sale.
  17. Ndaraweta Realtors.
  18. Singorwet Property Brokers.
  19. Chesoen Land Surveyors.
  20. Mutarakwa Agricultural Land For Sale.
  21. Chepchabas Shops To Let.
  22. Kimulot Apartments To Let.
  23. Mogogosiek To Rent Houses.
  24. Boito For Sale Plots.
  25. Embomos Property Companies.

Plots, houses for rent and wards in Kakamega county.

  1. Mautuma Plots And Property For Sale.
  2. Lugari Land And Houses For Rent.
  3. Lumakanda Property For Sale.
  4. Chekalini Real Estate.
  5. Chevaywa Properties.
  6. Lwandeti Plots.
  7. Likuyani Rentals.
  8. Sango Acres For Sale.
  9. Kongoni Realtors.
  10. Nzoia Property Brokers.
  11. Sinoko Land Surveyors.
  12. West Kabras Agricultural Land For Sale.
  13. Chemuche Shops To Let.
  14. East Kabras Apartments To Let.
  15. Butali/Chegulo To Rent Houses.
  16. Manda-Shivanga For Sale Plots.
  17. Shirungu-Mugai Property Companies.
  18. South Kabras Housing Agents.
  19. Butsotso East Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  20. Butsotso South Landlords.
  21. Butsotso Central Tenants.
  22. Sheywe House Hunting Services.
  23. Mahiakalo Property Title Deeds.
  24. Shirere Land Transfer Offices.
  25. Ingoste-Matiha Property Investors.
  26. Shinoyi-Shikomari-Esumeiya Home Owners.
  27. Bunyala West Estates.
  28. Bunyala East Gate Community.
  29. Bunyala Central Controlled Development Estates.
  30. Mumias Central Value Added Plots.
  31. Mumias North Cheap Plots.
  32. Etenje Plots Under 1 Million.
  33. Musanda Buy And Build Plots.
  34. Lusheya/Lubinu Home Owners Association.
  35. Malaha/Isongo/Makunga Title Ready Plots.
  36. East Wanga Plots On Sale.
  37. Koyonzo Houses On Sale.
  38. Kholera Apartments On Sale.
  39. Khalaba Land For Lease.
  40. Mayoni Farm Land For Sale.
  41. Namamali 11 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  42. Marama West Plots And Property For Sale.
  43. Marama Central Land And Houses For Rent.
  44. Marenyo-Shianda Property For Sale.
  45. Marama North Real Estate.
  46. Marama South Properties.
  47. Kisa North Plots.
  48. Kisa East Rentals.
  49. Kisa West Acres For Sale.
  50. Kisa Central Realtors.
  51. Isukha North Property Brokers.
  52. Murhanda Land Surveyors.
  53. Isukha Central Agricultural Land For Sale.
  54. Isukha South Shops To Let.
  55. Isukha East Apartments To Let.
  56. Isukha West To Rent Houses.
  57. Idakho South For Sale Plots.
  58. Idakho East Property Companies.
  59. Idakho North Housing Agents.
  60. Idakho Central Vrgin Lands For Sale.

Property for sale in VIhiga county wards.

  1. Lugaga-Wamuluma Landlords.
  2. South Maragoli Tenants.
  3. Central Maragoli House Hunting Services.
  4. Mungoma Property Title Deeds.
  5. Lyaduywa/Izava Land Transfer Offices.
  6. West Sabatia Property Investors.
  7. Chavakali Home Owners.
  8. North Maragoli Estates.
  9. Wodanga Gate Community.
  10. Busali Controlled Development Estates.
  11. Shiru Value Added Plots.
  12. Gisambai Cheap Plots.
  13. Shamakhokho Plots Under 1 Million.
  14. Banja Buy And Build Plots.
  15. Muhudu Home Owners Association.
  16. Tambua Title Ready Plots.
  17. Jepkoyai Plots On Sale.
  18. Luanda Township Houses On Sale.
  19. Wemilabi Apartments On Sale.
  20. Mwibona Land For Lease.
  21. Luanda South Farm Land For Sale.
  22. Emabungo 12 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  23. North East Bunyore Plots And Property For Sale.
  24. Central Bunyore Land And Houses For Rent.
  25. West Bunyore Property For Sale.

Land for sale, houses for rent and wards in Bungoma County.

  1. Cheptais Real Estate.
  2. Chesikaki Properties.
  3. Chepyuk Plots.
  4. Kapkateny Rentals.
  5. Kaptama Acres For Sale.
  6. Elgon Realtors.
  7. Namwela Property Brokers.
  8. Malakisi/South Kulisiru Land Surveyors.
  9. Lwandanyi Agricultural Land For Sale.
  10. Kabuchai/Chwele Shops To Let.
  11. West Nalondo Apartments To Let.
  12. Bwake/Luuya To Rent Houses.
  13. Mukuyuni For Sale Plots.
  14. South Bukusu Property Companies.
  15. Bumula Plots And Property For Sale.
  16. Khasoko Land And Houses For Rent.
  17. Kabula Property For Sale.
  18. Kimaeti Real Estate.
  19. West Bukusu Properties.
  20. Siboti Plots.
  21. Bukembe West Rentals.
  22. Bukembe East Acres For Sale.
  23. Township Realtors.
  24. Khalaba Property Brokers.
  25. Musikoma Land Surveyors.
  26. East Sang'alo Agricultural Land For Sale.
  27. Marakaru/Tuuti Shops To Let.
  28. West Sang'alo Apartments To Let.
  29. Mihuu To Rent Houses.
  30. Ndivisi For Sale Plots.
  31. Maraka Property Companies.
  32. Misikhu Housing Agents.
  33. Sitikho Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  34. Matulo Landlords.
  35. Bokoli Tenants.
  36. Kibingei House Hunting Services.
  37. Kimilili Property Title Deeds.
  38. Maeni Land Transfer Offices.
  39. Kamukuywa Property Investors.
  40. Mbakalo Home Owners.
  41. Naitiri/Kabuyefwe Estates.
  42. Milima Gate Community.
  43. Ndalu Controlled Development Estates.
  44. Tongaren Value Added Plots.
  45. Soysambu/Mitua Cheap Plots.

Busia county, land for sale, plots and houses to let.

  1. Malaba Central Plots Under 1 Million.
  2. Malaba North Buy And Build Plots.
  3. Ang'urai South Home Owners Association.
  4. Ang'urai North Title Ready Plots.
  5. Ang'ura East Plots On Sale.
  6. Malaba South Houses On Sale.
  7. Ang'orom Apartments On Sale.
  8. Chakol South Land For Lease.
  9. Chakol North Farm Land For Sale.
  10. Amukura West 12 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  11. Amukura East Plots And Property For Sale.
  12. Amukura Central Land And Houses For Rent.
  13. Nambale Property For Sale.
  14. Bukhayo North/Walatsi Real Estate.
  15. Bukhayo East Properties.
  16. Bukhayo Central Plots.
  17. Bukhayo West Rentals.
  18. Mayenje Acres For Sale.
  19. Matayos South Realtors.
  20. Busibwabo Property Brokers.
  21. Burumba Land Surveyors.
  22. Marachi West Agricultural Land For Sale.
  23. Kingandole Shops To Let.
  24. Marachi Central Apartments To Let.
  25. Marachi East To Rent Houses.
  26. Marachi North For Sale Plots.
  27. Elugulu Property Companies.
  28. Namboboto-Nambuku Ward Housing Agents.
  29. Nangina Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  30. Ageng'a Nanguba Landlords.
  31. Bwiri Tenants.
  32. Bunyala Central House Hunting Services.
  33. Bunyala North Property Title Deeds.
  34. Bunyala West Land Transfer Offices.
  35. Bunyala South Property Investors.

Siaya county houses, plots and wards.

  1. West Ugenya Home Owners.
  2. Ukwala Estates.
  3. North Ugenya Gate Community.
  4. East Ugenya Controlled Development Estates.
  5. Sidindi Value Added Plots.
  6. Sigomere Cheap Plots.
  7. Ugunja Plots Under 1 Million.
  8. Usonga Buy And Build Plots.
  9. West Alego Home Owners Association.
  10. Central Alego Title Ready Plots.
  11. 41 Township Plots On Sale.
  12. North Alego Houses On Sale.
  13. South East Alego Apartments On Sale.
  14. North Gem Land For Lease.
  15. West Gem Farm Land For Sale.
  16. Central Gem 13 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  17. Yala Township Plots And Property For Sale.
  18. East Gem Land And Houses For Rent.
  19. South Gem Property For Sale.
  20. West Yimbo Real Estate.
  21. Central Sakwa Properties.
  22. South Sakwa Plots.
  23. Yimbo East Rentals.
  24. West Sakwa Acres For Sale.
  25. North Sakwa Realtors.
  26. East Asembo Property Brokers.
  27. West Asembo Land Surveyors.
  28. North Uyoma Agricultural Land For Sale.
  29. South Uyoma Shops To Let.
  30. West Uyoma Apartments To Let.

Property for sale, apartments for rent and houses in Kisumu County wards.

  1. Kajulu To Rent Houses.
  2. Kolwa East For Sale Plots.
  3. Manyatta B Property Companies.
  4. Nyalenda A Plots And Property For Sale.
  5. Kolwa Central Land And Houses For Rent.
  6. South West 42 Property For Sale.
  7. Central 42 Real Estate.
  8. 42 North Properties.
  9. West 42 Plots.
  10. North West 42 Rentals.
  11. Railways Acres For Sale.
  12. Migosi Realtors.
  13. Shauri Moyo Kaloleni Property Brokers.
  14. Market Milimani Land Surveyors.
  15. Kondele Agricultural Land For Sale.
  16. Nyalenda B Shops To Let.
  17. West Seme Apartments To Let.
  18. Central Seme To Rent Houses.
  19. East Seme For Sale Plots.
  20. North Seme Property Companies.
  21. East Kano/Wawidhi Housing Agents.
  22. Awasi/Onjiko Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  23. Ahero Landlords.
  24. Kabonyo/Kanyagwai Tenants.
  25. Kobura House Hunting Services.
  26. Miwani Property Title Deeds.
  27. Ombeyi Land Transfer Offices.
  28. Masogo/Nyang'oma Property Investors.
  29. Chemelil Home Owners.
  30. Muhoroni Koru Estates.
  31. South West Nyakach Gate Community.
  32. North Nyakach Controlled Development Estates.
  33. Central Nyakach Value Added Plots.
  34. West Nyakach Cheap Plots.
  35. South East Nyakach Plots Under 1 Million.

Homa Bay County, Plots for sale, houses for rent and wards.

  1. West Kasipul Buy And Build Plots.
  2. South Kasipul Home Owners Association.
  3. Central Kasipul Title Ready Plots.
  4. East Kamagak Plots On Sale.
  5. West Kamagak Houses On Sale.
  6. Kabondo East Apartments On Sale.
  7. Kabondo West Land For Lease.
  8. Kokwanyo/Kakelo Farm Land For Sale.
  9. Kojwach 13 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  10. West Karachuonyo Plots And Property For Sale.
  11. North Karachuonyo Land And Houses For Rent.
  12. Central Property For Sale.
  13. Kanyaluo Real Estate.
  14. Kibiri Properties.
  15. Wang'chieng Plots.
  16. Kendu Bay Town Rentals.
  17. West Gem Acres For Sale.
  18. East Gem Realtors.
  19. Kagan Property Brokers.
  20. Kochia Land Surveyors.
  21. Homa Bay Central Agricultural Land For Sale.
  22. Homa Bayarujo Shops To Let.
  23. Homa Bay West Apartments To Let.
  24. Homa Bay East To Rent Houses.
  25. Kwabwai For Sale Plots.
  26. Kanyadoto Property Companies.
  27. Kanyikela Housing Agents.
  28. Kabouch North Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  29. Kabuoch South/Pala Landlords.
  30. Kanyamwa Kologi Tenants.
  31. Kanyamwa Kosewe House Hunting Services.
  32. Mfangano Island Property Title Deeds.
  33. Rusinga Island Land Transfer Offices.
  34. Kasgunga Property Investors.
  35. Gembe Home Owners.
  36. Lambwe Estates.
  37. Gwassi South Gate Community.
  38. Gwassi North Controlled Development Estates.
  39. Kaksingiri West Value Added Plots.
  40. Ruma-Kaksingiri East Cheap Plots.

Migori County, house to let, apartments for rent and plots for sale in these wards.

  1. North Kamagambo Plots Under 1 Million.
  2. Central Kamagambo Buy And Build Plots.
  3. East Kamagambo Home Owners Association.
  4. South Kamagambo Title Ready Plots.
  5. North Sakwa Plots On Sale.
  6. South Sakwa Houses On Sale.
  7. West Sakwa Apartments On Sale.
  8. Central Sakwa Land For Lease.
  9. God Jope Farm Land For Sale.
  10. Suna Central 14 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  11. Kakrao Plots And Property For Sale.
  12. Kwa Land And Houses For Rent.
  13. Wiga Property For Sale.
  14. Waseweta Ii Real Estate.
  15. Ragana-Oruba Properties.
  16. Wasimbete Plots.
  17. West Kanyamkago Rentals.
  18. North Kanyamkago Acres For Sale.
  19. Central Kanyamkago Realtors.
  20. South Kanyamkago Property Brokers.
  21. East Kanyamkago Land Surveyors.
  22. Kachieng' Agricultural Land For Sale.
  23. Kanyasa Shops To Let.
  24. North Kadem Apartments To Let.
  25. Macalder/Kanyarwanda To Rent Houses.
  26. Kaler For Sale Plots.
  27. Got Kachola Property Companies.
  28. Muhuru Plots And Property For Sale.
  29. Bukira East Land And Houses For Rent.
  30. Bukira Central/Ikerege Property For Sale.
  31. Isibania Real Estate.
  32. Mokerero Properties.
  33. Masaba Plots.
  34. Tagare Rentals.
  35. Nyanmosense/Komosoko Acres For Sale.
  36. Gokeharaka/Getambwega Realtors.
  37. Ntimaru West Property Brokers.
  38. Ntimaru East Land Surveyors.
  39. Nyabasi East Agricultural Land For Sale.
  40. Nyabasi West Shops To Let.

Kisii county wards, houses and plots.

  1. Bomariba Apartments To Let.
  2. Bogiakumu To Rent Houses.
  3. Bomorenda For Sale Plots.
  4. Riana Property Companies.
  5. Tabaka Housing Agents.
  6. Boikanga Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  7. Bogetenga Landlords.
  8. Borabu/Chitago Tenants.
  9. Moticho House Hunting Services.
  10. Getenga Property Title Deeds.
  11. Bombaba Borabu Land Transfer Offices.
  12. Boochi Borabu Property Investors.
  13. Bokimonge Home Owners.
  14. Magenche Estates.
  15. Masige West Gate Community.
  16. Masige East Controlled Development Estates.
  17. Basi Central Value Added Plots.
  18. Nyacheki Cheap Plots.
  19. Bassi Bogetaorio Plots Under 1 Million.
  20. Bobasi Chache Buy And Build Plots.
  21. Sameta/Mokwerero Home Owners Association.
  22. Bobasi/Boitangare Title Ready Plots.
  23. Majoge Basi Plots On Sale.
  24. Boochi/Tendere Houses On Sale.
  25. Bosoti/Sengera Apartments On Sale.
  26. Ichuni Land For Lease.
  27. Nyamasibi Farm Land For Sale.
  28. Masimba 14 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  29. Gesusu Plots And Property For Sale.
  30. Kiamokama Land And Houses For Rent.
  31. Bobaracho Property For Sale.
  32. 45 Central Real Estate.
  33. Keumbu Properties.
  34. Kiogoro Plots.
  35. Birongo Rentals.
  36. Ibeno Acres For Sale.
  37. Monyerero Realtors.
  38. Sensi Property Brokers.
  39. Marani Land Surveyors.
  40. Kegogi Agricultural Land For Sale.
  41. Bogusero Shops To Let.
  42. Bogeka Apartments To Let.
  43. Nyakoe To Rent Houses.
  44. Kitutu Central For Sale Plots.
  45. Nyatieko Property Companies.

Nyamira county housing, land for sale and rental houses.

  1. Rigoma Housing Agents.
  2. Gachuba Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  3. Kamera Landlords.
  4. Magombo Tenants.
  5. Manga House Hunting Services.
  6. Gesima Property Title Deeds.
  7. Nyamaiya Land Transfer Offices.
  8. Bogichora Property Investors.
  9. Bosamaro Home Owners.
  10. Bonyamatuta Estates.
  11. Township Gate Community.
  12. Itibo Controlled Development Estates.
  13. Bomwagamo Value Added Plots.
  14. Bokeira Cheap Plots.
  15. Magwagwa Plots Under 1 Million.
  16. Ekerenyo Buy And Build Plots.
  17. Mekenene Home Owners Association.
  18. Kiabonyoru Title Ready Plots.
  19. Nyansiongo Plots On Sale.
  20. Esise Houses On Sale.

Nairobi County, wards, apartments for sale and houses for rent.

These are some of the property investment locations in Nairobi city.

  1. Kitisuru Apartments On Sale.
  2. Parklands/Highridge Land For Lease.
  3. Karura Farm Land For Sale.
  4. Kangemi 15 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  5. Mountain View Plots And Property For Sale.
  6. Kilimani Land And Houses For Rent.
  7. Kawangare Property For Sale.
  8. Gatina Real Estate.
  9. Kileleshwa Properties.
  10. Kabiro Plots.
  11. Mutu-Ini Rentals.
  12. Ngando Acres For Sale.
  13. Riruta Realtors.
  14. Uthiru/Ruthimitu Property Brokers.
  15. Waithaka Land Surveyors.
  16. Karen Agricultural Land For Sale.
  17. 47 West Shops To Let.
  18. Mugumo-Ini Apartments To Let.
  19. South C To Rent Houses.
  20. Nyayo Highrise For Sale Plots.
  21. Laini Saba Property Companies.
  22. Lindi Plots And Property For Sale.
  23. Makina Land And Houses For Rent.
  24. Woodley/Kenyatta Golf Course Property For Sale.
  25. Sarang'ombe Real Estate.
  26. Githurai Properties.
  27. Kahawa West Plots.
  28. Zimmerman Rentals.
  29. Roysambu Acres For Sale.
  30. Kahawa Realtors.
  31. Clay City Property Brokers.
  32. Mwiki Land Surveyors.
  33. Kasarani Agricultural Land For Sale.
  34. Njiru Shops To Let.
  35. Ruai Apartments To Let.
  36. Babandogo To Rent Houses.
  37. Utalii For Sale Plots.
  38. Mathare North Property Companies.
  39. Lucky Summer Housing Agents.
  40. Korogocho Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  41. Imara Daima Landlords.
  42. Kwa Njenga Tenants.
  43. Kwa Reuben House Hunting Services.
  44. Pipeline Property Title Deeds.
  45. Kware Land Transfer Offices.
  46. Kariobangi North Property Investors.
  47. Dandora Area I Home Owners.
  48. Dandora Area Ii Estates.
  49. Dandora Area Iii Gate Community.
  50. Dandora Area Iv Controlled Development Estates.
  51. Kayole North Value Added Plots.
  52. Kayole Central Cheap Plots.
  53. Kayole South Plots Under 1 Million.
  54. Komarock Buy And Build Plots.
  55. Matopeni/Spring Valley Home Owners Association.
  56. Upper Savanna Title Ready Plots.
  57. Lower Savanna Plots On Sale.
  58. Embakasi Houses On Sale.
  59. Utawala Apartments On Sale.
  60. Mihango Land For Lease.
  61. Umoja I Farm Land For Sale.
  62. Umoja Ii 15 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  63. Mowlem Plots And Property For Sale.
  64. Kariobangi South Land And Houses For Rent.
  65. Maringo/Hamza Property For Sale.
  66. Viwandani Real Estate.
  67. Harambee Properties.
  68. Makongeni Plots.
  69. Pumwani Rentals.
  70. Eastleigh North Acres For Sale.
  71. Eastleigh South Realtors.
  72. Airbase Property Brokers.
  73. California Land Surveyors.
  74. Nairobi Central Agricultural Land For Sale.
  75. Ngara Shops To Let.
  76. Pangani Apartments To Let.
  77. Ziwani/Kariokor To Rent Houses.
  78. Landimawe For Sale Plots.
  79. Nairobi South Property Companies.
  80. Hospital Housing Agents.
  81. Mabatini Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  82. Huruma Landlords.
  83. Ngei Tenants.
  84. Mlango Kubwa House Hunting Services.
  85. Kiamaiko Property Title Deeds.

The city of Nairobi is well endored with good road network courtesy of the modern express highway, the new GTC building, the upgraded waiyaki way and Ngong highways. Thika road is a plus to the investment portfolio of Nairobi town. Nairobi is ideal for commercial real estate and residential real estate. The need for apartments for rent in Nairobi is overwhelming the provate developers.

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