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Madaraka Estate Neighbourhood watch, Social amenities, Houses for rent, Property for sale, and Much More

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Madaraka Estate Neighbourhood watch, Social amenities, Houses for rent, Property for sale, and Much More.


Madaraka Estate is a residential neighborhood located approximately 5kms from Nairobi CBD. Madaa, as it is popularly known is among the oldest housing developments in Nairobi. Madaraka is bordered by other residential areas such as Upperhill, Mbagathi, Nairobi West, and Kenyatta Estate. Here is the Madaraka area map:


   Latest Madaraka Estate Map,Address [Photo: Google Maps]

Education Facilities in Madaraka:

Schools in Madaraka Area:


Strathmore University [Photo: Google maps]

Strathmore University - is situated along Ole Sangale Road, Madaraka. It is a private university offering course in Information Technology, Accountancy, Mathematical Science, Law, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Advanced Studies in International Criminal Justice.

  1. Madaraka Primary school
  2. All Saints Cathedral Primary School
  3. Nyalenda Primary School
  4. New Hope Nursery
  5. Newhom Academy
  6. Sunshine Academy

Health care Facilities within Madaraka area:

Hospitals in or near Madaraka:

  1. Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital
  2. Kenya Defence Forces Memorial Hospital
  3. The Nairobi West Hospital

Where to shop in Madaraka Estate:

Places to shop in Madaraka include:

Highway Mall

Highway Mall is located along the busy Uhuru Highway and offers a unique sense of recreation, great shopping experience, and banking services among others.


Highway Mall [Photo: Google maps]


T-mall is located along Langata Road, and serves South C, Madaraka, South B, Nairobi West, and Langata Residents. The mall is home to businesses ranging from Fashion clothes, wine and spirits, Supermarkets, banks, Medical clinics, Food court outlets, interior décor, Salons and Barbershops, Book Stores, and Travel and tours among others.


T-MALL [Photo: Google maps]

Other places to shop in Madaraka:

  1. Akila Grocery Shop
  2. Samito Supermarket
  3. Tuskys Supermarket (T-MALL)
  4. Fourteenstar Supermarket (Highway Mall)
  5. Gebewa Grocers
  6. Madaraka Shopping Centre

Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, and Recreational Facilities

Plus 254 Hotel

Plus 254 Hotel offers accommodation, with free secure parking, bar, lounge, and restaurant. It has a great Nairobi city and is located 1km from Nyayo Stadium.


Plus 254 Hotel [Source: booking.com]

KFC Madaraka

KFC is situated along Langata Road, Madaraka. One can either eat at the restaurant or order food and they will deliver.


KFC Madaraka [Photo: Airbnb.com]

Other hotels and clubs include Kamake Gardens, Java House Mbagathi Way, Baba Nyama Choma, Club Tycoon, Nixon Lunge, The Arabian Cuisine, Club Kutwa, Club Asylum, and XS Millionaires.

The Nyayo National Stadium is also situated in Madaraka, opposite Highway Mall. It is a multi-purpose stadium used for swimming, athletics, hosting various ceremonies, and football and rugby playgrounds. The headquarters of Athletics Kenya and Football Kenya Federation is situated here.

Where to go Worship in Madaraka Estate:

ACK St Augustine Church- situated on Ole Sangale Link Road.


ACK St Augustine Church [Photo: Google maps]

St John Bosco Catholic Church- situated along Mbagathi way.


St John Bosco Catholic Church [Photo: Facebook @stjohnboscocatholic]
  1. Community Presbyterian Church
  2. Redeemed Christian Church of God
  3. New Hope Outreach Ministries
  4. Agape Fellowship Centre
  5. Mosque
  6. Friends Church and many others.

Where to get your hair and nails done in Madaraka Estate

Places in Madaraka to visit to get your hair and nails done, get a massage, or even facial and skin care treatment:

  1. Spicy Executive Salon & Barber Shop
  2. Weaver’s Hair Beauty Salon
  3. My Touch Salon
  4. Unique Touch – situated at Siwaka Plaza, Ole Sangale Road, Madaraka.


Services offered at Unique Touch Salon & Beauty Spa [Photo: Google maps]

Financial institutions in Madaraka Estate:

One can withdraw, deposit money, or make an investment at the following financial institutions in Madaraka: Cooperative Bank, Chase Bank, KCB (ATM), Equity (ATM), Bank of Africa Kenya, and Sheria Sacco Society Limited.

How to get to Madaraka Estate in Kibera by Bus?

To get to Madaraka from Nairobi you will board matatu route number 14 at Bus Station Stage or 15 at Afya Centre Stage. Some of the bus stops in Madaraka: Madaraka Shopping Centre, Madaraka Flyover, and Nyayo Stadium Stages.

Madaraka Leadership status:

Madakara is part of Nairobi West Ward. The current MCA of Nairobi West is Hon. Maurice Gari Otieno.


Hon. Maurice Gari Otieno MCA Nairobi West [Photo: nairobiassembly.go.ke]

Petrol and Gas Stations in Madaraka Estate:

Total Madaraka

Madaraka Total Service Station [Photo: Google maps]

Total Service Station Madaraka- situated along Langata Road.


Kenol Petrol Station [Photo: Google maps]
  1. Kenol Petrol Station –situated along Aerodrome Road.
  2. Shell Petrol Station
  3. Dynamic Petroleum Investment

House and Plot Prices in Madaraka Estate:

Whether you want to rent or buy, you can choose from the different types of housing available in Madaraka. The price of renting a house or an apartment will depend on the size (number of the bedroom), condition and age of the house, and its location.

An overview of Madaraka estate's houses for rent and plot prices: Madaraka neighborhood hosts a number of ultra-modern apartments for sale and flats for rent. The National Housing Corporation (NHC) has a number of apartment blocks in Madaraka.

  • Bedsitter in Madaraka will cost you Ksh. 6500 on average.
  • One bedroom renting price is between Ksh. 10000 to Ksh. 20000.
  • Two bedroom apartment will cost you between Ksh. 20000 to Ksh. 50000.
  • 1/8 acre plot will cost your Ksh. 12000000.

For college students looking for affordable housing and accommodation close to Strathmore University, Siwaka is a deal. Siwaka Estate hosts some executive SQs and bedsitters that are ideal for students. With a budget of 13K- 15K, one can rent a classic bedsitter within a gated community in Madaraka estate.

Families and duty workers looking for 1 bedroom or 2 bedromm houses to rent in Madaraka will find the NHC blocks a better deal. Some property in Madaraka are available for sale under mortgage terms.

Registered Real Estate Companies and Agencies around Madaraka:

  1. Mkaazi real estate
  2. Gimco Limited
  3. The Vlage World Ltd

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