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Migori County, list of wards, house for rent and plots for sale

migori county
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Are you in the market for a new home, apartment, or plot of land in Migori County? Look no further! In this blog, we'll be exploring the vast array of options available in this bustling area of Kenya. From plots under 1 million to farms for sale and everything in between, you're sure to find the perfect piece of real estate to suit your needs. We'll also be diving into the local property market, covering topics such as property companies, land and house rentals, and realtors. Whether you're a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, this guide has everything you need to navigate the Migori County real estate market with ease. So sit back, grab a cup of tea, and get ready to find your dream home in Migori County!


Migori County, house to let, apartments for rent and plots for sale in these wards.

Migori footbridge

First footbridge in Migori Town, KENHA.

  1. North Kamagambo Plots Under 1 Million.
  2. Central Kamagambo Buy And Build Plots.
  3. East Kamagambo Home Owners Association.
  4. South Kamagambo Title Ready Plots.
  5. North Sakwa Plots On Sale.
  6. South Sakwa Houses On Sale.
  7. West Sakwa Apartments On Sale.
  8. Central Sakwa Land For Lease.
  9. God Jope Farm Land For Sale.
  10. Suna Central 14 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  11. Kakrao Plots And Property For Sale.
  12. Kwa Land And Houses For Rent.
  13. Wiga Property For Sale.
  14. Waseweta Ii Real Estate.
  15. Ragana-Oruba Properties.
  16. Wasimbete Plots.
  17. West Kanyamkago Rentals.
  18. North Kanyamkago Acres For Sale.
  19. Central Kanyamkago Realtors.
  20. South Kanyamkago Property Brokers.
  21. East Kanyamkago Land Surveyors.
  22. Kachieng' Agricultural Land For Sale.
  23. Kanyasa Shops To Let.
  24. North Kadem Apartments To Let.
  25. Macalder/Kanyarwanda To Rent Houses.
  26. Kaler For Sale Plots.
  27. Got Kachola Property Companies.
  28. Muhuru Plots And Property For Sale.
  29. Bukira East Land And Houses For Rent.
  30. Bukira Central/Ikerege Property For Sale.
  31. Isibania Real Estate.
  32. Mokerero Properties.
  33. Masaba Plots.
  34. Tagare Rentals.
  35. Nyanmosense/Komosoko Acres For Sale.
  36. Gokeharaka/Getambwega Realtors.
  37. Ntimaru West Property Brokers.
  38. Ntimaru East Land Surveyors.
  39. Nyabasi East Agricultural Land For Sale.
  40. Nyabasi West Shops To Let.

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