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Nairobi Real Estate Developments: Two Rivers Mall, Tatu City, and More

Nairobi's Premier Real Estate Developments: A Comprehensive Guide

Nairobi's Premier Real Estate Developments: A Comprehensive Guide.

Are you looking to delve into Nairobi's vibrant real estate scene? Kenya's capital city boasts a thriving real estate market with numerous exciting developments. In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you through some of the city's premier real estate projects, offering a glimpse into the diverse range of living and commercial options available.

Two-Rivers-Mall-pics-Hao Finder

1. Two Rivers Mall and Mixed-Use Development

Located in the Gigiri area, Two Rivers Mall stands as one of East Africa's largest shopping destinations. Part of the Two Rivers Development, this project combines residential apartments, office spaces, and a luxurious hotel. Inside the mall, you'll find a vast array of retail outlets, restaurants, and entertainment options to suit every taste.

Situated on the bustling Limuru Road in Nairobi, this ambitious development is brought to life by the renowned Centum Group, in collaboration with the accomplished Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) serving as the main contractor. Designed by the esteemed architectural firm Boogertman and Partners, this expansive project spans a sprawling 100-acre site.

Within this impressive space, it encompasses a total of 471 units, known as Cascadia Apartments, providing diverse housing options. Moreover, the development boasts a sizeable office component spanning 21,000 square meters and a vibrant retail segment, offering a generous 65,000 square meters of space for commercial and shopping endeavors. Currently, the project is in the dynamic phase of construction, poised to redefine the landscape along Limuru Road.

Tatu City

2. Tatu City: Where Progress Meets Promise

Tatu City is a massive mixed-use development situated just outside Nairobi in Kiambu County. This ambitious project aims to provide a holistic living and business environment with residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Tatu City has been making remarkable progress, featuring a variety of residential neighborhoods and essential infrastructure developments.

The Hub -karen

3. The Hub Karen: Upscale Shopping and Leisure

Nestled in the serene Karen suburb, The Hub Karen is a prestigious shopping and leisure complex. Renowned for its upscale shopping experience, it offers a diverse selection of restaurants, a cinema, and even a recreational park. This destination has quickly become a favorite among local residents.

Alma By cytonn

4. The Alma by Cytonn Real Estate: Modern Living in Ruaka

The Alma, developed by Cytonn Real Estate, is a residential haven located in Ruaka, a Nairobi suburb. This development offers contemporary apartments and townhouses, designed to provide a comfortable and secure living environment for residents seeking a modern lifestyle.

Ridgeway springs in Runda- Cytonn

5. Ridgeways Springs: Quality Living by Cytonn Real Estate

Situated near the United Nations Complex in Nairobi, Ridgeways Springs is another impressive project by Cytonn Real Estate. It caters to the middle-income market, featuring high-quality apartments designed to elevate your living experience.

GTC Nairobi

6. The Global Trade Center (GTC), Nairobi.

The Global Trade Center (GTC), an impressive mixed-use development, is spearheaded by AVIC International Real Estate, a subsidiary of the renowned Chinese state-owned aerospace and defense firm, Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) International. This grand project comprises six striking towers that define the Nairobi skyline. Among them, a remarkable 47-floor Office Tower stands tall, alongside a proposed 35-floor hotel tower earmarked for the prestigious JW Marriott brand. Complementing these are four residential apartment towers, ranging in height from 24 to 28 floors, offering an array of modern living options. The crowning jewel, the GTC Tower, is edging closer to its completion, promising to be a beacon of excellence.

Location: The GTC graces the intersection of Waiyaki Way and Chiromo Lane in the vibrant Westlands district of Nairobi.

Developer: AVIC International Real Estate, Kenya, drives this monumental endeavor.

Main Contractor: The project is entrusted to the capable hands of Zhejiang Chengjian Construction Africa Limited.

Architect: The design prowess behind GTC is a collaboration between Triad Architects & Planners and GMP International Architects.

Structural Engineer: GIBB Engineering plays a pivotal role in ensuring the project's structural integrity.

Site Area: This ambitious development unfolds across an expansive 7.5-acre canvas.

No of Apartments: The GTC offers a total of 514 units, catering to diverse residential needs.

Size of Office Component: With a sprawling 67,200 square meters dedicated to office spaces, it promises to be a hub of business excellence.

Size of Retail Component: The development also features a substantial retail component, spanning 11,592 square meters for shopping and commercial activities.

Status: Currently, the Global Trade Center is a bustling hive of construction activity, making strides toward its completion and poised to become a prominent landmark in Nairobi's evolving skyline.

Riversid Square- nairobi

7. Riverside Square, Nairobi

Riverside Square, a captivating mixed-use development, is strategically positioned across from the Chilean Embassy on Riverside Drive in the vibrant heart of Nairobi, Kenya. This ambitious project harmoniously encompasses four distinctive wings, each offering a unique blend of residential and commercial spaces:

The Upper West Side: A vibrant hub featuring a dynamic mix of retail and office spaces.

Lower West Side: This wing offers a range of cozy 1 and 2-bedroom apartments, catering to modern urban living.

Upper East Side: Elevate your lifestyle with luxurious options that include 1-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, and exquisite 3-bedroom penthouse duplexes.

Lower East Side: Providing spacious 3-bedroom apartments designed for comfortable and contemporary living.

Currently, Riverside Square is a testament to progress, with construction well underway and a projected completion date set for the second quarter of 2021.

Location: Riverside Drive, Nairobi, Kenya, provides an ideal setting for this exceptional development.

Developer: Riverside Square is brought to life by a dedicated private individual with a vision for transformative urban living.

Main Contractor: The construction prowess behind this project is entrusted to Rokoh (Kenya) Construction, ensuring meticulous execution.

Architect: Bowman Associates, a prominent architectural firm, lends its expertise to craft a visually stunning and functional space.

Structural Engineer: The structural integrity of Riverside Square is overseen by Ngasi Consulting Engineers, ensuring the safety and resilience of the development.

Site Area: The project spans an impressive 3 acres, providing ample room for its diverse components.

No of Apartments: Riverside Square offers a total of 198 thoughtfully designed units, catering to a wide range of residential preferences.

Size of Office Component: With a sprawling 10,684 square meters dedicated to office spaces, it promises to be a hub of business activity and innovation.

Size of Retail Component: The development also features a retail component spanning 1,672 square meters, offering a vibrant shopping and commercial experience.

As Nairobi, with its population of over 4 million, continues to thrive as East Africa's second most populous city, transformative projects like Riverside Square have the potential to catalyze development not only within Nairobi itself but also across other burgeoning cities in the East African region. This visionary endeavor sets the stage for an exciting future of urban growth and prosperity.


It's important to note that Nairobi's real estate landscape is ever-evolving, with new developments continually emerging. For the most up-to-date information on Nairobi's notable real estate projects, we recommend consulting recent news sources or official real estate websites in Kenya.

Whether you're in search of a luxurious shopping experience, a modern living space, or a thriving business environment, Nairobi's real estate offerings have something for everyone. Explore these top developments to discover the future of living and commerce in Kenya's dynamic capital.


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