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Ngara Neighbourhood guide: social amenities, houses for rent, prices, and much more

Ngara Neighbourhood guide:

Ngara Neighbourhood guide: social amenities, houses for rent, prices, and much more

Ngara Neighbourhood guide

Ngara is a suburb in Nairobi. It is located in the Makadara division, Nairobi county. It is located on the outskirts of the central business district of Nairobi. Ngara is home to a lot of social amenities and also residential areas. The neighbourhood is known for having shopping malls, various top schools, and well-equipped hospitals. Ngara is also home to a number of embassies. Here is everything you need to know about rentals in Ngara, their prices, social amenities, and much more.

Ngara Location and map

Ngara is located approximately 3km from Nairobi CBD by Road.

Ngara Location and map

How to get to Ngara

Ngara can be accessed by public means, taxi, or private means. If one is in Nairobi Centre, board matatu route number 9 at Tuskys Beba Beba Supermarket or Tom Mboya Street stage.

Leadership status

The current MCA of Ngara is Hon. Chege Mwaura.

Leadership status

Learning institutions in Ngara

Ngara has some of the top-performing primary and secondary schools. It is also well-equipped with tertiary institutions. Education institutions in the area include;

• Ngara Nursery School

• Ngara girls high school

• Arya Primary School

• City Primary School

• Prairie School Ngara

• Kenya Muslim Academy

• Park Road Primary School

• County Girls High School

• Arya Boys Secondary School

• Lenana High School

• Nairobi Technical Training Institute

• Pioneer International University and

• Mathematics Institute of Kenya.

1. Ngara Girls High School

Ngara Girls High School is a girls’ boarding secondary school, located along Musindi Lane in Ngara.

1.	Ngara Girls High School

2. Pioneer International University

Pioneer International University is situated along Muranga Road, opposite the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development. Courses offered by the university include; business and management, education, Aerospace Science & Maritime Studies, and Development & Strategic Studies.

2.	Pioneer International University

Health Facilities in Ngara

Ngara has most of the well-equipped infirmaries in Nairobi county. Some of the notable private and public hospitals in the area include:

• Aga Khan University Medical Centre

• Ngara Health Centre

• Park Road Nursing Home

• Methadone Clinic

• Beta Care Hospital

1. Ngara Health Centre

Ngara Health Centre is situated next to Ngara Nursery school, Park Road in Ngara.

1.	Ngara Health Centre

Where to worship

While in Ngara, you have a wide range of churches to worship in. Chances are that the church you attend right now has a branch in the area. Some of the notable religious institutions in Ngara are:

• Pag Ngara

• The victory of Ministries

• God’s House of Miracles International

• Deliverance Church Pangani

• Faith Evangelistic Ministry

• Shalom Grace Church

• Fountain Gate Church

1. Shalom Grace Church

Shalom Grace Church is located opposite the Kenya Institute of Education in Ngara.

1.	Shalom Grace Church

2. Life Mission Christian Church

Life Mission Christian Church is situated along Okoth Road in Ngara.

2.	Life Mission Christian Church

Where to shop in Ngara

Whether you live in River Estate Ngara or any other part of the neighbourhood, you can easily access the following shopping centres:

• The People Supermarket

• Sunshine supermarket

• Home Choice Supermarket

• Western Mart Supermarket

• Muna Supermarket

• Kahethi Grocery

• Fig Tree Market

• Nyayo Open Air Market

1. Fig Tree Market

Fig Tree Market is a fresh produce market with a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. It is located on Ngara road.

1.	Fig Tree Market

2. Western Mart Supermarket

Western Mart Supermarket is an in-store shopping centre situated along Desai road.

1.	Fig Tree Market

Hotels, Clubs, and Recreational Facilities in Ngara

There is an abundance of recreation centres located in Ngara. The following are just a few of the best:

Ngara Riverside Lodge

• Khweza Bed & Breakfast

• Kahama Hotel

• Hotel Southern Blue

• Axhenda Club

• Shadows Club & Restaurant

• Club Swings

• Supamambo

• Up-Rumys The Club

• Park Road Swimming Pool

• Sarakasi Dome

1. Ngara Riverside Lodge

Ngara Riverside Lodge is situated along Musindi Road, 0.9km from CBD.

1.	Ngara Riverside Lodge

1.	Ngara Riverside Lodge

2. Shadows Club & Restaurant

Looking for a place to party with friends around Ngara, Shadows Club & Restaurant is the place to be. The club is situated next to Fig Tree.

1.	Ngara Riverside Lodge

Financial institutions in Ngara

You can access financial services while in the area from the following banks:


• Family Bank


• Equity Bank

• Post Bank

• Co-operative Bank

Sacco’s include:

• Mwito Sacco ltd

• Kenya Police Sacco Head Office

• Shirika Sacco Society ltd

Where to get your hair and nails done

You can have your nails, face, and hair styled in the following executive beauty parlours and barbershops in Ngara:

• Styles salon

• Terrynel Hair Salon

• Myrrh Salon

• Destiny Hair Salon

• Sharon Beauty Salon & Kinyozi

• Classique Kinyozi

• Soccer Kinyozi

• Michy Executive Barbershop & Massage Parlour

• Digital Kinyozi

• Wish Salon Ngara

1. Digital Kinyozi

Digital Kinyozi is located in E.C.L building, Ground Floor, Shop number 4. Visit the Kinyozi for quality and affordable haircut services.

1.	Digital Kinyozi

Petrol stations in Ngara

You can fuel your vehicles in the following stations located in Ngara:

• National oil

• Total-Ngara service station

• Kobil Ngara

• Petro Petrol Station

• Nomad Petrol Station

• Shell

• Pangani Service Station

1. Petro Kenya

Petro Kenya is situated along Ring Road in Ngara.

1.	Petro Kenya

2. Total Ngara service station

Total Ngara service station is located along Ngara Road.

2.	Total Ngara service station

Real Estate Companies and Agencies

The following Real Estate Agencies and companies operate within Ngara:

• Manpower Investments

• Estate Hub Limited

• Zann Properties

• GNA Real Estate

• Coral Property International Ltd

• Meston Real Estate Agency

• Mobi House Realtors

• Corden Real Estate

1. Corden Real Estate

Corden Real Estate is located at Ngara YTL Building.

1.	Corden Real Estate

House prices in Ngara

So how much do houses cost in Ngara? How much will a bedsitter in Ngara cost? Here is an estimate of various units:

• Singles: Rare

• Bedsitters: From Ksh. 6,000 to Ksh. 15,000

• One bedroom: From Ksh. 9,000 to Ksh. 45,000

• Two bedrooms: From Ksh. 20,000 to Ksh. 70,000

• Three bedrooms: From Ksh. 30,000 to Ksh. 90,000

• Four bedrooms: From Ksh. 50,000

• Hostels Ngara: From Ksh. 10,000

Bottom line

Ngara is a desirable neighbourhood due to its proximity to the city center and relatively low crime rates. Its high rental prices can be attributed to its proximity to Nairobi City Centre.

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