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Ngong Road neighborhood guide: Social amenities, houses for rent or for sale, and prices

Ngong Road

Ngong Road neighbourhood guide: Social amenities, houses for rent/sale, and prices

Ngong Road Interchange

In Kenya, most urban centers are experiencing a housing crisis. Nairobi is no exception. The housing situation in the capital is becoming more and less affordable. Ngong road neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods that are experiencing a real estate boom. This is because of the increase in demand and scarcity of land, coupled with the availability of mortgage loans and the availability of affordable housing.

Ngong road neighbourhood is one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Nairobi. Ngong road neighbourhood is located in the heart of the city, just a few minutes from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. With a few successful small-scale industries, Ngong road neighbourhood also boasts the successful Ngong road mall, which is one of the most popular shopping spots in the city. Ngong road neighbourhood is home to a huge range of educational institutions, such as the prestigious International University of East Africa, IUEA. Here is what you need to know about Ngong road houses for rent, social amenities, rent prices, and much more:

Ngong Road Neighbourhood Map

Ngong Road Neighbourhood Map

How to get to Ngong Road

If at Nairobi Town one can board matatus route numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8 at: • General Post Office, • Kenya Bus Station, • Railways bus Station, and • Kencom stages.

Bus stops along Ngong Road include;

• Ngong Matatu Terminus, • Santack Stage, and • Total Ngong Road.

Health Facilities

Ngong Road houses some of the best-equipped infirmaries in Kenya. They include the following: • Kenyatta National Hospital, • Agha Khan University Hospital, • Medicross Ngong Road Clinic, • Coptic Hospital, • Ngong Road Health Centre, • Lancet Lab, Avenue Healthcare, and • Meichizedek Hospital.

1. Kenyatta National Hospital

Kenyatta National Hospital is the largest public referral hospital in Kenya. It is also the teaching hospital for the University of Nairobi School of Health Sciences. The hospital is located 3.5km west of CBD.

1.	Kenyatta National Hospital

2. Coptic Hospital

Coptic Hospital is part of the Coptic Orthodox Church and offers quality and affordable medical care services.

2.	Coptic Hospital

Education Facilities in Ngong road

There are so many institutions in Ngong road, from the basic and affordable to the more expensive and advanced. All institutions have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are schools for those who want to do a diploma, a certificate or a degree. Here is a list of the notable schools in the region: • Makini School, • St Hannah’s School, • Elirama Primary School, • Maasai Boys Primary School, • Greenyard Junior School, • PCEA Enchoro-Emuny Primary School, • Brother Beusang Secondary School, • Maasai Schools, • Star Sheikh Girls School, • Kenya Science Teachers College, • Hekima College, • Maasai Teachers College, • Orbital Geospatial College.

1. Hekima University College

Hekima University College offers courses on Theology to students from about fourteen local and international religious congregations.
1.	Hekima University College

1.	Hekima University College

2. Makini Schools

Makini Schools is a Preschool and Primary school, located along Makindi Road off Ngong Road. 2.	Makini Schools

Where to go for Worship

Ngong Road has a lot of churches. As such, we cannot list all of them in this article. However, the notable ones include the following: • Deliverance Church, • Good Shepherd Africa Gospel Church, • Nairobi Baptist Church, • AIC, • Newlife SDA Church, ! • Nairobi Chapel.

1. Newlife SDA Church

Newlife SDA Church is situated along 5th Ngong Avenue, Nairobi. 1.	Newlife SDA Church

2. Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish is located along Suna Road in Kilimani. 2.	Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church

Where to get hair and nails done, and massage

Getting your hair and nails done is always a treat! But sometimes it can be tough to know where to go. Here are a few places you might want to consider while in Ngong road: • Sparkle Beauty Parlour, • Whispers salon and spa, • Lelesta salon & Barbershop, • Clique salon, Spritz Hair Studio, • K Zee Executive Barber Shop, • Crypto Cuts Kenya, • His & Hers Barber & Salon, • Sleek Ville Barber Shop.

1. Crypto Cuts Kenya

Crypto Cuts Kenya is situated along Ngong Road, opposite Baptism Church. It offers quality and affordable services to its clients. 1.	Crypto Cuts Kenya

Investment Opportunities

As an investor, living in close proximity to financial institutions is critical. This will avoid time wasted commuting to go and access services in another neighbourhood. Ngong road Banks and Sacco’s include: • Bank of Africa, • Standard Chartered bank, • Co-operative bank, • Faulu Kenya, • Equity Bank, • Guardian Bank Limited, • Nic Bank, • Hazina Sacco, • Hogoo Sacco and • United Women Sacco.

Employment Opportunities

Unlike some residential areas, Ngong road is a home for several companies and organizations which makes it a good region for both residential and factory purposes. These companies include : • Orkila E.A Ltd, • Kevian Kenya Ltd, • Sobetra Kenya, • Cadtech Services Ltd and • Wireless Innovation Nairobi Ltd.

1. Kevian Kenya Ltd

Kevian Kenya Ltd is a fruit juice manufacturing company. It is situated opposite War Memorial Cemetery along Ngong Road. 1.	Kevian Kenya Ltd

Where to Shop

There are many different places you can shop while in Ngong Road. And it all depends on what you need. If you're looking for fresh produce and organic food, check out the nearby local farmers’ market. If you're looking for a wide variety of products, there are lots of malls and supermarkets. The main shopping centres in Ngong road are as follows: • The Junction Mall, • Ngong Market, • Prestige Plaza Shopping Mall, • Greenhouse mall, • Davies Supermarket, • Ngeva Supermarket, • Soko Bora Grocery, • Sweet World Supermarket, • Tikiti Groceries.

1. The Junction Mall

Junction Mall is a home of over 110 stores both leading international and local brands offering a wide variety of quality goods and services. Stores include clinics, Beauty Shops, Hotels, clubs, and supermarkets.\

1.	The Junction Mall

2. The Greenhouse Mall

The Greenhouse Mall is a one-stop place for eat-outs, shopping, medical services, banking services, and also a place to enjoy and relax. 2.	The Greenhouse Mall

Hotels, recreational facilities, and clubs

There are a variety of restaurants and hotels along Ngong Road with different cultural flavours. They include; • Ngong Hills Hotel, • Eastland Hotel Nairobi, • Waduria Hotel, • Leon Villas Guest House, • Java House Junction Mall, • 7 Degrees Bar & Restaurant, • Big Square Junction, • Pizza Inn, • Mediterraneo Junction and • Frankies Sports Bar & Lounge. Clubs include • Jiweke Tavern, • Space Lounge, • Brew Bistro & Lounge and • Onyx Lounge. Ngong Road also hosts two rugby clubs and Ngong Racecourse ensuring there is plenty of sporting activities.

1. The Space Lounge & Grill

The Space Lounge & Grill is a good place to party either solo or with friends.

1.	The Space Lounge & Grill

2. Ngong Hills Hotel

Ngong Hills Hotel has a restaurant where guests can enjoy a meal, a fitness centre and barbecue, free Wi-Fi, and free private parking. 2.	Ngong Hills Hotel

Petrol and Gas Stations

You can fuel your car at any time and any day in the following gasoline stations while in Ngong Road: • Total Service Station (Ngong Road, Arcade, Prestige Plaza), • OiLibya, • Shell, • Reliable Service Station, • National oil, • Ngong Road Caltex Service Station, and • BP Petrol Station.

1. Total Arcade Service Station

Total Arcade Service Station is situated near Adams Arcade along Ngong Road. 1.	Total Arcade Service Station

2. National Oil

National Oil is situated along Ngong Road.

2.	National Oil

Real Estate Agencies and Companies

The following Real Estate Agencies and Companies are located in Ngong road: • Quince Real Estate Limited, • Melrose Homes, • Dunmore Real Estate, • Danco Limited, • Diamond Homes, • Showtime Properties, • Vima Realtors, • Destiny Homes Management Ltd, • Amadi Homes, and • Estate Hub Limited.

1. Quince Real Estate Limited

Quince Real Estate Limited is situated at Bishop Magua Centre, George Padmore Lane, Ngong Road.

1.	Quince Real Estate Limited

House prices in Ngong Road

Ngong road is a neighbourhood in Nairobi that has a number of residential houses. The houses were built by various developers and there is no uniformity in house prices. A number of factors affect the price of a house in the Ngong road neighbourhood. Here are the house rent ranges in the suburb: • Singles: Rare • Bedsitters for rent along Ngong Road: From Ksh. 15,000 • One bedroom for rent at Ngong: From Ksh. 20,000 • Two bedrooms for rent within Ngong Road area: From Ksh. 30,000 • Three bedrooms for rent along Ngong Road: From Ksh. 60,000 • Four bedrooms for Rent along Ngong Road: From Ksh 80,000 • Spacious houses (4 bedrooms and above): From Ksh. 80,000 to Ksh. 200,000

Ngong Road neighborhood guide: Social amenities, houses for rent or for  sale, and prices

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Ngong road is an upper-middle-class neighbourhood, with mostly two- and three-bedroom houses. It is a peaceful neighbourhood, with lots of trees, and is a haven for residents. If you want to move to this suburb, then we got you covered. You don’t need to walk all through Ngong Road calling various landlords in search of a vacant house. We can do all that legwork for you with a turn-around time of less than 24 hours.


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