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Pangani Neighbourhood Guide: Houses for Rent, Prices, Social Amenities and More


Pangani is a leafy, upper-middle-class neighbourhood in Nairobi. It is made up of mainly single-family homes, with some high-rise apartments and townhouses. The neighbourhood is home to one of the best schools in Nairobi, the Pangani International School.

The neighbourhood is divided into three sections: North, Central, and South. The North is home to the Pangani International School and the Embassy of Ethiopia. The Central section is home to a number of embassies, including the Embassy of France, the Embassy of Iceland, and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland. Here is what you need to know about houses in Pangani, rent prices, social amenities and much more.

Pangani Map and location

Pangani is located 4km Northeast of Nairobi CBD.

Pangani Area Map Pangani Area Map [Photo: Google Maps]

How To Get To Pangani

One can get to Pangani Nairobi by either public, private means, or a taxi. If in town one will board a matatu route number 9 at Tom Mboya Street or near Tuskys beba beba stage. Some of the bus stops in Pangani include;

• Pangani Girls Bus stop, • Pangani Terminal, • Pangani Police Post, and • Pangani/Muthaiga Footbridge

Leadership Status

Current MCA of Pangani Hon. Peter Wahinya Njau.

Hon. Peter Wahinya Njau Hon. Peter Wahinya Njau current MCA Pangani [Photo: nairobiassembly.com]

Education facilities

The following education institutions are located in the area:

• Pangani Girls High School, • Pangani Primary School, • Redemptas Academy Primary School, • Nemi Primary School, • Bright Sparks Kindergarten, • Maarif Girls High School, • Glad-Toto Nursery & Primary School, • Atlas College, and • Njowaline Computer College.

1. Pangani Girls High School

Pangani Girls High School is public national secondary school located at Pangani.

Pangani Girls High School Pangani Girls High School [Photo: Google maps]

Health facilities

You can access medial services in these infirmaries while in Pangani:

• Radiant Group of Hospitals, • Crescent Medical Aid, • Juja Road Hospital (Nairobi), • Dawasafe Hospital, • Pangani Dispensary, • Marie Stopes Clinic, • Gertrude’s Children, and • Ladnan Hospital.

1. Radiant Hospital Pangani

Radiant Hospital Pangani is a private level 4 hospital that belongs to Radiant Group of Hospitals. It has a bed capacity of 150 and offers both outpatient and inpatient services. The hospital is located along Juja Road, Pangani.

Radiant Hospital Pangani Radiant Hospital Pangani Building [Photo: Google maps]

Radiant Hospital Pangani Reception Radiant Hospital Pangani reception [Photo: Google maps]

2. Marie Stopes Clinic

Marie Stopes Clinic is located along Agoi Road, Pangani. The Clinic offers pregnancy crisis counselling and management, sexual and reproductive health services, contraception and family planning, and maternity services.

Marie Stopes Clinic Marie Stopes Clinic [Photo: Google maps]

Where to go to shop

You can buy groceries, clothes, foodstuffs and anything from the following shopping spots in the area:

• Maskumatt Supermarket, • Mamba Supermarket, • Tumaini Supermarket, • Stop N shop Supermarket,
• Wainaina Groceries, • Neighbourhood Freshmart, and • Nooranis Groceries.

1. Maskumatt Supermarket

Maskumatt Supermarket is situated along Fairview road.

Maskumatt Supermarket Maskumatt Supermarket [Photo: Facebook @SkyplusAgencies]

Hotels, clubs and recreational centres

Here are the major hotels, clubs and recreational spots in Pangani:

• Pearl Palace Hotel, • Milanos Grill, • Asmara Bar & Restaurant, • Cinnamon Café and Restaurant, • Olympia Restaurant, • Goodwill Bar & Restaurant, • Club Truth, • Pangani Itals Sports Pub & Restaurant, and • Klub Roots.

1. Asmara Bar & Restaurant

Asmara Bar & Restaurant is an Eritrean Restaurant with a classic bar. It is located along Juja Road, Pangani.

Asmara Bar & Restaurant Asmara Bar & Restaurant [Photo: Asmara Bar & Restaurant Gallery]

Food served at Asmara Bar & Restaurant Food served at Asmara Bar & Restaurant [Photo: Google maps]

2. Milanos Grill

Milanos Grill offers tasty and affordable food and is located along Baridi Lane.

Food served at Milanos Grill Food served at Milanos Grill [Photo: Milanos Grill Gallery]

Where to go to worship

Pangani is not short of places of worship. You can connect to your God and get spiritual nourishment from the following areas:

• Deliverance Church, • Salvation Omega Church, • PCEA, • Soul Harvest Church International, • Precious Souls Church, • ACK, • Redeem Gospel Church, and • Mosque.

1. Pangani Mosque

Pangani Mosque is located along the Kiarie Kihu Road in Pangani.

Pangani Mosque Pangani Mosque [Photo: Google maps]

Financial Institutions In The Area

Here are the bank branches located in Pangani:

• Co-operative Bank, • Chase Bank, • KCB (ATM), and • Diamond Trust Bank.

Where To Get Your Hair and Nails Done While In Pangani

You can have your hair, nails and face done in the following beauty parlours and barbershops:

• Abe Hairdresser, • Jameelat Beauty Salon & Heena, • Dekha Hair Salon, • Jamicah beauty Salon, • Executive Barbers, • Home Baze Kinyozi, • Boomerang barbershop, • Blessed Kings Kutz and • Wutang Barber.

1. Boomerang barbershop

Boomerang barbershop is located along Mweni road in Pangani.

Boomerang Barbershop Boomerang barbershop [Photo: Google maps] .

Real Estate Companies and Agencies In The Area

The following agencies and companies have offices in Pangani:

• Misati Realtors, • Mwanja Property, • Portycade Realty, • City Life Real Estate Kenya Ltd, • Geoprime Properties Limited, • Azizi Realtors Kenya, • Royalgen Estates, and • Mackb International.

Gas and Petrol Stations

You can fuel your vehicles or refil your gas container from the following stations in Pangani:

• Mamba petrol station, • OLA Energy, • Oilibya Pangani, • Petro Oil Petrol Station, • National Oil, • Shell Petrol Station, and • Tosha Petrol Station.

1. Petro Oil Petrol Station

Petro Oil Petrol Station is situated off Fairview Road.

Petro Oil Petrol Station Petro Oil Petrol Station [Photo: Google maps]

2. OLA Energy

OLA Energy is situated next to Nairobi Water Offices, along Thika Road.

OLA Energy OLA Energy [Photo: Google maps]

How much does it cost to rent a house in Pangani?

Here is an estimate of house rent prices in Pangani:

• Bedsitter: Ksh. 6,000 and above • One bedroom: Ksh. 10,000 and above • Two bedrooms: Ksh. 15,000 and above • Three bedrooms: Ksh. 20,000 • Four bedrooms: Ksh. 30,000 • Five bedrooms: Ksh. 40,000 • Furnished houses: From Ksh. 100,000

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Central to the economy of the city, Pangani is a bustling commercial and residential hub. It also has a thriving social scene with many popular joints and restaurants. This suburb is great for middle-upper class families and business people.

The rental market in Pangani is tight and prices are on the rise. So if you’re looking for a place to rent for the next month in this area, then you will have to make a lot of rounds here and there.

You will search for the perfect house for days, only to end up discouraged. This is because houses for rent in Pangani are few and far between. Anyway, why should you waste all that time and effort while we can do the same job in under 24 hours at a small fee? Tap on the “Get Started” button below for more details.

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