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Plots for sale, Houses for rent, and property listings in Juja

Juja Market [Photo: Google maps]
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A perfect home or property development investment starts with finding a perfect location and neighborhood. Juja is a fast growing town in Kiambu county with classy apartments for rent, estates and plots for sale. The growth of Juja subcounty is partly attributed to the great Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Juja Boys).

With a sizeable population of households which include students looking for hostel accommodation and University lecturers house hunting for 2 bedroom aparments and own compund properties for rent around Juja.

Juja City Mall also contributes to the sudden growth of the property market in Juja subcounty. Having luxury hotels such as the maxland Hotel in Juja city Mall, The Grand GS Hotel at Kenyatta road and the Senate Hotel. The updrading murram roads to bitumen has also made the land and house prices in Juja to appreciate. Notable roads such as the Juja to Gatundu road and the Juja stage to Juja farm, Corner Brook School and Murera roads. The improved road networks and mobility has made Juja a go- to place for kenyans looking for houses to rent or plots to set up their 2 bedroom or 4 bedroom family homes.

Juja City Mall [Photo: Facebook @jujacitythemall]

                  Img: Juja City mall.

The population of Juja is averagely middle income. This has made Land and Plot for sale in Juja to rise in price over a short period of time. Juja farm, which is now the pearl of Juja that was initially trading at about 100K per plot is now in millions. The presence of Juja south estate, one of the most famous gate community in Juja with houses for sale and apartments for rent. Such huge development have made land for sale in Juja, Kiambu a gold mine chase.

Land in Juja

              Img: Plots in Juja

Most property listing websites and property companies in Kenya have either a plot for sale or a house for rent listing from Juja. The latest land and plots price analysis indicate that a plot of 50 by 100 in Juja town will cost you not less than seven million. These are plots within the prime localities of Juja such as next to Jkuat Main Gate A, along the populous Gachororo road.

Recently, Juja farm, Kenyatta Road have seen a high demand for houses for sale and bungalows for sale. Notable estates in Juja such as Riverside Estate and Shalom estate are an example of high end middle income to upper class housing developments in Juja. The estates are characterised by architecturally designed mansions and bungalows with manicured gardens and lawns.


1. Title ready 50 by 100 Plots for Sale in Juja, along Gachororo Road.

land for sale along Gachororo road in Juja

Img: Development ready plot along gachororo road in Juja. Ideal for apartments for rent or Hostel accommodation for Juja college students.

Prime plot for sale in Juja - under 10 million.

      Img: Prime plot for sale in Juja - under 10 million.

| Land Price | Location | Title Deed Ready | Property ideal for| | ---------- | ---------- | ---------- | ---------- | | 10.5 Million | Juja, Gachororo | Freehold -Title deed | Apaprtment for rent |

2. House for Sale in Juja, Kenyatta Road.

House in Kenyatta Road

        Img: House for Sale in Kenyatta Road, Juja.

Bungalow for sale in Juja - Under 9 Million.

        Img: Bungalow for sale in Juja - Under 9 Million.

| House Price | Property Location | Number of Bedrooms | House type | | ---------- | ---------- | ---------- | ---------- | | 9.5 Million | Kenyatta Road, Juja | 3 bedroom | Mansion |

3. House Plus Plot on Sale in Juja.

House plus land for sale in Juja - Under 7 million.

  Img: House plus land for sale in Juja - Under 7 million.

Land for sale in Juja -Ideal for poultry farming or dairy business

Img: House, poultry structure and dairy farm set up.

| Property price | Property description | Property location | Plot Size | | ---------- | ---------- | ---------- | ---------- | | 7 Million | In a gated community. Ideal for a family home and farming | Juja- Boardering JKuat | 80 by 160 |

4. Title Deed Ready, Plot for sale in Juja, Sewage Area.

Title ready land for sale next to Thika Super Highway in Juja.

Img: Title ready land for sale next to Thika Super Highway in Juja.

Legit 50 by 100 plot for sale under 20 Million in Juja.

          Img: Land ready for development.

| Size of Plot | Price of the plot | Plot is Ideal for: | Plot Location | | ---------- | ---------- | ---------- | ---------- | | 50 by 100 (1/8 acre) | 16 Million | Apartment for rent or student accommodation | 200 Metres off Thika Super-highway, Juja Sewage |

5. Prime Plot and House for Sale in Juja CBD

Prime Plot for sale in Juja - Ideal for apartments for rent or student accommodation

Img: Next to Wang G' House -- Prime .Plot for sale in Juja - Ideal for apartments for rent or student accommodation

| Price of Land | Size of Land | Location of Land |Land is Ideal for: | | ---------- | ---------- | ---------- | ---------- | | 16 Million | (~ 1/8 acre) | Juja CBD | Apartments for rent or hostel for students |

JUja plots


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