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South B Neighbourhood watch, Houses for rent, Social amenities, Property for sale, and Much More.

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South B Neighbourhood watch, Houses for rent, Social amenities, Property for sale, and Much More.


South B is located 3 km from Nairobi CBD. The houses here are in high demand due to its closeness to the Nairobi CBD. Here is a map of South B:


South B Area Map [Photo: Google maps]

Education Facilities and schools in South B:

  1. The Ark Junior School- is a primary school situated along Mukenia Road, South C.


The Ark Junior School [Photo: The Ark Junior School Gallery]

  1. Huda Integrated School- the schools offer 8-4-4 and CBD curriculum integrated with Islamic religious studies. The students here are also engaged in extra-curricular activities which include: volleyball, badminton, cooking, football, and mind games. The school is located along Aoko Road, South C.


Huda Integrated School [Photo: Google maps]

Other Schools:

  1. St Bakhita Kindergarten
  2. Little Hearts Kindergarten
  3. Nairobi South Primary School
  4. St Catherine School
  5. Highway Secondary School
  6. Our Lady of Mary Secondary School
  7. Kenya Institute of Mass Communication
  8. Foundation College of Professional Studies

Health Facilities in South B:

Hospitals in South B include:

  1. Mariakani Cottage Hospital- is a private hospital, located on Mchumbi Road, South B. it aims at providing quality, affordable, and easily accessible health care using a fully equipped, modern, and well-staffed health facility.


Mariakani Cottage Hospital [Photo: mch.or.ke]

  1. South B hospital- is situated along Kapiti Crescent Road behind South B Shopping Centre. The hospital has a bed capacity of 37 and offers services such as: inpatient, outpatient, Utrasound Services, laboratory, Physiotherapy, and maternity services among others.


South B hospital [Photo: Google maps]

  1. The Nairobi Hospital Outpatient Centre
  2. Mater Hospital

Where to go shopping in South B:

Place to go shop in South B include:

  1. Capital Centre Mall Capital Centre Mall is home to beauty shops, restaurants such as Galito’s, banks and ATMs for banks such as Co-operative bank, pharmacy, Grocery shop, Naivas Supermarket, Clothes and footwear shops, Jubilee insurance company, and medical centers among many others.


Capital Centre Mall [Photo: Facebook @capitalcentrenairobi]

  1. South B Shopping Centre
  2. Southgate Centre South B
  3. Homedirect Supermarket
  4. Larryking Grocers and Suppliers
  5. Mida Touch Supermarket
  6. Muhindi Mweusi Supermarket

Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants, and Recreational Facilities in South B:

Looking for place to stay, party, eat out or carry out recreational activities in South B? The following are places to visit:

South B has many places to go for leisure activities.

1. Melili Hotel Melili Hotel is one of the prestigious hotels in Nairobi. The hotel is family-friendly and makes you feel as if you are home away from home. Melili Hotel is located 300 metres off Mombasa Road along Melili Road in South B.


Melili Hotel [Photo: trip.com]

2. Lavasha Café Lavasha Café is situated at South B Shopping Centre. The restaurant offers almost every kind of food and also food delivery services.


Lavasha Café [Source: Google maps]


Food served at Lavasha Café [Photo: Google maps]

Others include Laibon Hotel, Sir James Hotel, Bee Pee Restaurant, Twisted Hops Restaurant, Club Piccolina, Dream Village Restaurant, Zebra Lounge, and Stake Out Club.

Where to get your hair and nails done within South B:

Salons and barbershops in South B include:

  1. Lizaya Hair Studio- is situated at Capital Centre Mall.


Lizaya Hair Studio [Photo: Google maps]

  1. Milele Salon, spa & Barber Shop- Odyssey Plaza
  2. Fountain Creations Beauty Salon
  3. Kinz Saloon & Barbershop
  4. Pam Hair & Beauty Salon
  5. Posh Barber shop and Spa
  6. Deviate Barbershop

Where to worship in South B:

South B has many churches to go get spiritually nourishment:

  1. Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church- is situated along Mukenia Road.


Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church [Photo: Google Maps]

  1. Masjid Al-Huda- is situated along Aoko Road, South B.


Masjid Al-Huda [Photo: Google maps]

  1. Full Gospel Churches of Kenya
  2. Gospel Tabernacle Worship Centre
  3. Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa

Financial Institutions in South B:

Banks and Sacco’s in South B: Barclays Bank, Bank of Africa Kenya, Diamond Trust Bank, I&M Bank, Ecobank, Co-op Bank (ATM), KCB (ATM), Co-operative Bank, Comoso Sacco Society, Nyati Sacco Society, and Jami Sacco.

How to get to South B:

One can get to South B either by private, public means, taxi, or walk. If one is at Nairobi CBD, you will board buses route number 11 at Railways Bus Station. Matatu saccos operating in this area include: 12C Transport Sacoo Ltd. Bus stops in South B include: Ark Junction, South B Stage, and Capital Centre stage.

Petrol and Gas Stations in South B

  1. Total Service Station


Total Service station South B [Photo: Google maps]

  1. Shell petrol station
  2. Rubis Petrol Station
  3. Kobil Petrol Station

Security within South B Area:

It is obvious nobody can completely avoid the risk of falling victim of violent crime or theft. However, one should make an effort of protecting themselves and their belonging by looking at crime statistics before moving into a new place and trying to find an area with low crime rates. Police Stations near South B: The Kenya Police- Akila Police Post, and Industrial Area Police Station.

South B, Leadership Status:

Current MCA South B is Hon. Esther Waithera Chege.


Hon. Esther Waithera Chege current MCA South B [Photo: nairobiassembly.go.ke]

Rental rates, Houses prices and plot price within South B:

| Property Description | Rental rate or sale price (KES) | | ---------- | ---------- | | Rent of 1 bedroom Apartments or houses | 10000-30000 | | Rent of 2 bedroom houses and Apartments | 30000-50000 | | Rent of 3 bedroom Apartments or houses for rent | 45000-60000 | | Average Price -1/8 Acre plot of land | 56000000 |

Real estate companies and agencies within South B

  1. Vineyard Properties Ltd
  2. RGM Properties
  3. Showtime Properties
  4. Linkup Properties
  5. Deetomark Agencies
  6. Landmark Top Solutions
  7. Pam Golding Properties

What to Search in South B:

  1. Bedsitters for rent in Nairobi, Kenya.
  2. Block of flats for rent in Nairobi, Kenya.
  3. Carwash in Nairobi, Kenya.
  4. Coming soon apartments for rent or sale and Under Construction property in Nairobi, Kenya.
  5. Commercial Building for sale in Nairobi, Kenya.
  6. Double rooms for rent in Nairobi, Kenya.
  7. Flat and Apartments for sale in Nairobi, Kenya.
  8. Furnished apartments for Airbnb in Nairobi, Kenya.
  9. Gated Communities and estates in Nairobi, Kenya.
  10. Go downs and Warehouses for rent in Nairobi, Kenya.

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