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Top 5 tips to find a house for rent in Kenya much easier

House for rent in Nairobi

Learn smart house hunting tips in Nairobi, Kenya.

House hunting in Nairobi is undoubtedly the most hectic adventure in kenya. When looking for Flats and Apartments for Rent in Kenya one has to mushroom almost 20 streets in Nairobi outskirts in order to land onto a good andaffrodable Property for Rent in Nairobi. Hao Finder, we understand the struggle, grind, and legwork one has to undergo in order to find a vacant house. This is where we come in to ensure that you are connected to some of the best authentic properties, Real Estate Agents and landlords. Making houses in kenya available to all is our key mandate when searching kenya house.

A more significant percentage of people moving into urban areas prefer to rent a house over buying one. This sometimes makes it hard, tiresome, and a bit stressful to stumble on a vacant rental home. However, with the necessary tips and strategies at your fingertips, you can always find a house for rent in Kenya effortless. Rongai-villas-2 Source: sic.co.ke

Stand out in the crowd by upping your house search game. There are a lot of unique ways and hacks you can use to unearth a new residence - regardless of whether you want to find a house to rent in Nairobi, Juja, Thika town, or any other place in the country. Below are some 5 unmatched tips that will give you an extra edge over other renters and help you find your next rental home even before it is listed to the public!

1. Start your hunt early

The best houses in terms of amenities, price, and location get occupants earlier in the month. Therefore, never wait until end month, start your search as early as 60 days before you need to move. This is especially helpful if there isn’t much available in your suburb. The last and the first week of the month are the busiest. Chances are that you will come across the best properties for rent if you start your hunt on the second or third weekend of any month.

2. Set a budget

Whether you are looking for vacant houses in Nairobi or any other locale, you must first have a budget in your mind. This might sound like an obvious thing. However, you will possibly come across beautiful and tempting properties that surpass your budget. Before moving in, keep in mind that you should be able to pay the required utilities, service charges, buy food, and much more without straining your wallet. If you are willing to extra cash, it’s okay. Nonetheless, if this will mean stretching yourself thinner, it’s perhaps not worth it. No matter how a more expressive house might look, just stick to your budget and what you can afford without straining too much.

3. Work with a Real Estate professional agent

Finding a house for rent in Kenya takes a lot of work and luck. However, you can easily make this process much simpler by using the services of Real Estate Agents. These people know various regions in the country where you can get quality homes. Moving out is absolutely one of the most significant investments you will ever make. Finding a readily available, trustworthy, and an honest agent is, therefore, the right way to go during your search process.

4. Take advantage of social media

Sleuth Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp groups, and any other platform to spot potential openings. Keep an eye on people looking for roommates as they can help you locate a vacant house. If you are incredibly patient, you can also sleuth for breakups on social media. Breakups might insinuate a move-out, thus amounting to a vacant apartment. The same applies to graduations, marriages, and so on. Additionally, make your friends know the specifications of the house you are looking for. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp groups that you are currently in the market for a classy rental home.

5. Don’t fall prey to scams

Be aware of all the online scams, particularly ads on social media and other related platforms. Do not pay or deposit any sum of money to a stranger’s M-Pesa or bank account before seeing the property in question. Be very careful, especially if you are working with a private person directly. It is always safer to work with professional Real Estate Agents. Adhering to the above tips on how to find a house for rent in Kenya will incontestably make your next house hunting experience great. Just remember to be flexible enough to understand that you can never find a perfect rental home.

At Hao Finder, we understand the struggle, grind, and legwork one has to undergo in order to find a vacant house. This is where we come in to ensure that you are connected to some of the best authentic properties, Real Estate Agents and landlords. Clients have a wide range of new real estate listings and local real estate listings that may not have been featured on property show kenya.


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