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Updated House hunting guide in Nairobi Kenya

Residential Property in Karen, Kenya
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Executive Summary:

Hao Finder is a technology enabled real estate brand that connects households to verified property for rent or commercial property for sale in Nairobi, Kenya.

House hunting can be a tasking job for visitors in Nairobi, Kenya. This is why Hao Finder plugs in. Hao Finder provides insightful house hunting tips that are helpful to all Kenyans seeking residential property for rent or buying in Nairobi. The database of researched neighborhood guides is a bonus to all interested in understanding Nairobi.

Hao Finder is owned and managed by Nakibolis Heirs Limited with an office at Delta Corner Towers, Westlands.

We have compiled an updated property hunting guide to be used in 2023 and beyond.

House hunting guide 2023

Why find property using Hao Finder:

  1. Zero Leg Walk
  2. Transparent Process
  3. Friendly Neighborhoods
  4. Reasonable Tenancy or Lease Agreements
  5. Secure Neighborhoods


  1. Request a house or commercial property
  2. Request approved by Hao Finder
  3. Property hunting and inspection by the Hao Finder Ambassadors.
  4. Get a detailed report within your deadlines
  5. Schedule a physical visit/move in or Kick off the property purchase Process.


  1. Two Property search locations. ( You can provide two separate locations where our ambassadors will search when th is no perfect match from our database)
  2. Verified report .(Our ambassadors will visit the properties in person and take photos and videos for you to view the properties authentically before you commit.)
  3. Three Desired House matches. ( We will send you the top three of the found houses matching your requirements for your consideration.)
  4. House photos or apartment videos (Interior and exterior)
  5. Landlord or property manager contacts.
  6. We will provide you with the contact details for the landlord or property manager and facilitate your house booking process.
  7. Booking help and site visit.(Hao Finder ambassadors are always available to show you the properties when it suits you best.)
  • Hao Finder Ambassadors browse all legit property listing and house hunting websites for verified options. We shortlist registered property agents and real estate companies in Nairobi for further fact finding.


  1. Property / House Booking
  2. Tenancy/ Lease Agreement Review
  3. Property/ House Cleaning
  4. Moving and relocation
  5. Home setup (packing, unpacking, TV mounting , DSTV, Internet connection, curtains, and wallpaper fixing )

SERVICE FEES (For Property Search and Due Diligence)

  • Hao Finder Services are NOT Free.
  • We charge a Convenience Fee
  • KES 5000 for Property for Rent Under KES 30K
  • 10% of Rent for Rent Property Over KES 30K
  • KES 50000 for property for sale search, due diligence investigations


  • 50% on Order and the Rest on Delivery.

Payments to

1. MPesa Buy Goods

Till: 94 20 27

2. Co-operative Bank

A/C: 0110 485 823 15 300

KRA PIN: P051668941U

Hao Finder Guarantee

We find You Property or Your Money Back!

Vision : Verified and Sustainable Housing and Property for All.

We look forward to serving all your house, and land hunting needs.

Updated search Terms -2023

House hunting guide and ratecard.

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