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Wards and Towns in Meru County, houses and property for rent

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The content provides information about the various wards and towns in Meru County, Kenya and the real estate opportunities available in each location. From the list of 45 towns, some of the key services and properties for sale or rent are agricultural land, shops, apartments, houses, plots, and acres. Other real estate services and opportunities available in these towns include property companies, housing agents, virgin lands for sale, landlords, tenants, house hunting services, property title deeds, land transfer offices, and property investors. Additionally, there are also realtors, property brokers, and land surveyors available to assist with real estate transactions.


Wards and Towns in Meru County.

  1. Maua Agricultural Land For Sale.
  2. Kiegoi/Antubochiu Shops To Let.
  3. Athiru Gaiti Apartments To Let.
  4. Akachiu To Rent Houses.
  5. Kanuni For Sale Plots.
  6. Akirang'ondu Property Companies.
  7. Athiru Ruujine Housing Agents.
  8. Igembe East Vrgin Lands For Sale.
  9. Njia Landlords.
  10. Kangeta Tenants.
  11. Antuambui House Hunting Services.
  12. Ntunene Property Title Deeds.
  13. Antubetwe Kiongo Land Transfer Offices.
  14. Naathu Property Investors.
  15. Amwathi Home Owners.
  16. Athwana Estates.
  17. Akithii Gate Community.
  18. Kianjai Controlled Development Estates.
  19. Nkomo Value Added Plots.
  20. Mbeu Cheap Plots.
  21. Thangatha Plots Under 1 Million.
  22. Mikinduri Buy And Build Plots.
  23. Kinguchwa Home Owners Association.
  24. Muthara Title Ready Plots.
  25. Karama Plots On Sale.
  26. Municipality Houses On Sale.
  27. Ntima East Apartments On Sale.
  28. Ntima West Land For Lease.
  29. Nyaki West Farm Land For Sale.
  30. Nyaki East 4 Acre Of Land For Sale.
  31. Timau Plots And Property For Sale.
  32. Kisima Land And Houses For Rent.
  33. Kiirau/Naari Property For Sale.
  34. Ruiru/Rwawera Real Estate.
  35. Mwangathia Properties.
  36. Abothuguchi Central Plots.
  37. Abothuguchi West Rentals.
  38. Kiagu Acres For Sale.
  39. Kibirichia Realtors.
  40. Mitunguu Property Brokers.
  41. Igoji East Land Surveyors.
  42. Igoji West Agricultural Land For Sale.
  43. Abogeta East Shops To Let.
  44. Abogeta West Apartments To Let.
  45. Nkuene To Rent Houses.


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