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What attracts people to live in Syokimau? (2019- Case study)

Posted By:John MugweJohn Mugwe

Discover Syokimau and what attracts Nairobians and property investors towards this fast growing suburb.

Syomikau is a residential area found on the west of Machakos county, just south of Nairobi and next to Jomo Kenyatta International airport(JKIA). Unlike some residential areas Syokimau is also home to some several manufacturing companies and hence acts as hub for both residential and factories centers. Its unique name is attributed to a legendary Akamba woman who prophesied the coming of the white people to Kenya and also prophesied the construction of the Mombasa to Kisumu railway.

Syokimau in a recent survey has been rated has one of the best places to live in, and this can be attitubuted to some factors like:

  • Transport network: the airport is in the neighborhood which would be an ideal for person who travels a lot and would appreciate the less hustle of getting to the airport.in additional to this Syokimau, is home to Syokimau train station which is the hub of the Nairobi train terminus of the standard gauge railway (S.G.R) and that would mean taking only 4 hrs to arrive in Mombasa based on the real time data analytics publicly available on #UberMovement. Syokimau is also serviced by 2 normal trains to Nairobi town in the morning, with 2 trains back in the evening every weekday. This would be ideal for a person working and operating from Nairobi CBD which only cost Ksh.40 one-way ticket and hence avoiding the ever busy Mombasa road.07 n
  • Affordable rental houses: Syokimau is home to many high end but pocket friendly residential and apartment rental properties as compared to many high end areas in Nairobi where for instance an apartment that costs Ksh. 70,000 in Kilimani would only cost Ksh. 35,000 in Syokimau a month with the same amenities.
  • Social amenities: Syokimau is home to several shopping centers like The Gateway Mall and the up coming Signature mall.in addition to this Syokimau is home to good schools and hospitals, making it an excellent place to call home. Entertainment spots likes 254 lounge can take care of your entertainment needs in additional to other hangout joints.
  • Other factors: most apartments in Syokimau have spacious rooms with enough space for children playground, ample parking and guarded apartments. There is also availibity of Safaricom home fibre internet and it is connected to many residential apartments. Syokimau residents association (SRA) is one of the most active residents association in Kenya and are working to make Syokimau estate a first class estate where households enjoy high quality standards of life through the provision of necessary community facilities.

Syomikau proves to be an ideal place to live in but on the other hand it has its own unique challenges like:

  • Mixed developments: the presence of factories in the same area with the residential apartments may prove not to be very fit for living owing to the fact that factories pollute air and emit dangerous discharges to the environment.
  • Heavy construction presence: owing to the fact the demand of Syokimau is ever rising many real estate developers are busy putting up many structures and the construction of these houses may disrupt the daily normal activities with heavy lorries turning, heavy machinery digging and making the neighboring houses vibrate, dust, etc.
  • Soil Composition: Syokimausoil composition is not the most ideal for constructing houses since its home to black cotton it proves to big a menace when it rains heavily and it doesn’t drain water easily making Syokimau to get water clogged easily in the rainy season especially in the areas without tarmacked roads. During the dry season this soil composition proves to be dusty and very unbearable when strong winds blow.
  • Lack of “common Mwananchi amenities”: it’s no secret that Syokimau is rising fast to be a playground for the high end market in residential apartments. With this notion, there still some “Mwananchi amenities” missing or limited in the neighborhood like the common kiosks: “Mama Mboga” or the next door “shop” that are the drivers of neighborhoods.

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