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What is Property Management and PMS?

Property Management Software for Commercial Property Manager

Discover the benefits of a property manager, property managment systems (PMS): Landlords and Property developers in Nairobi Kenya and beyond.

Property management is the supervision of residential, industrial and or commercial real estate, including apartments for rent in Nairobi, villas to Let... It basically involves the overseeing of property for rent or lease that is owned by another party and the property manager acts on behalf of the owner to preserve the value of the property while generating some income.

Real Estate and Rental Management System

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Why choose a Property Management Company in Nairobi or a Property management Software in Africa (PMS)?

When it comes to managing properties in Kenya, handing the house keys to the rental villa's tenant does not mean that the PMS jobs ends there. With a long list of things to consider before, during, and after leasing that Villa to rent in Nairobi, will you have enough time for yourself?

A lot of Kenyan landlords tend to manage their real estate investments themselves by collecting monthly rent, looking after the rental apartments, handling tenant complaints, arranging maintenance repairs... rather than hiring an experienced Property Management Company in Nairobi, as they find it to be an expense rather than an investment that gets them value for money. Landlords in Kenya do not foresee that the management of rental property could be a full time job rather than a casual task.

Property owners or Landlords in Kenya should consider hiring a professional Property Management Company besides a good Property Management Software such as Prohapa.com if the answer to any of the below is a “yes” or is relevant to you:

  • When you own multiple rental units in Nairobi.

  • When your rental units are geographically widespread across Kiambu.

  • When you lack experience managing properties in Kenya.

  • When you don’t have the time to manage your properties.

  • When you cannot be a stern Landlord or do not like confrontation with Nairobians.

  • When you do not deal well with tenancy stress.

  • When you are overwhelmed with your property to Let or lease.

  • When you do not have experience to manage maintenance and repairs.

  • When you require assistance with financial accounting or record keeping of your property.

  • When you not know or understand the local rental laws and rental income tax laws set up by KRA.

Why choose Hao Finder Real Estate and Prohapa Property Management Software to manage your properties?

We will give you not one but ten benefits to choose us to manage your real estate investments in Nairobi:

Property Management People

We are hardworking team, honest and dedicated to providing our property for rent or lease customers with a second to none customer experience in Kenya.

Property Management Experience

Real estate Property is our cash-cow and this is what we do! Therefore, we invest in experienced property management staff; Hao Finder Guardians or conduct continuous ongoing training to ensure our Rentals management staff are up to date with new technology & market knowledge making us significant over our PM competition across Kenya.

Real Estate Property Marketing

We market your valuable real estate property on multiple portals with professional photography to ensure it receives maximum global exposure.

Licensed Property Management Agency in Kenya

We are licensed Real Estate professionals always ensuring that we are in compliance with the local Property management rules & regulations in Kenya.

Property Management Fees in Nairobi

We offer competitive Real estate property management fees and convenient payment schedules making it appealing & accommodating to our customers.

Modern Property Mangement Tools

We partner with ISO grade Tenancy Management Systems (TMS)property management software (PMS) in Nairobi such as Prohapa to deliver automated property management services. Prohapa provides a Tenants Mobile App, Landlords App, Vendors App and Agents App: all this available for Web, IOS and Android.

Some of the benefits of this PMS include:

  • Online Tenant Appointments
  • Tenant Communication
  • Onsite Property Inspections
  • Tenancy and Property Reports
  • Work order management
  • Complete Property Accounting

PMS Service Standard

Our property management standards are of high in terms of customer service and responsiveness.

Rental Property Status Communication

We will always let you know about your rental property on a timely basis so you are updated regarding its status at all times.

Property Management Resources

We are very resourceful in terms of Property Management technology, experience, knowledge, rentals management staff in Nairobi and connections.

Careful Property Management in Nairobi

We do all our Property Managment Jobs with accuracy and precision as we know how important it is to deal with your hard earned real estate investment in Nairobi. Our attention to detail is our second nature.

Real Estate Brand

Finally, we are a Real Estate brand and we are so proud of it! We have been here for several years and vision to grow professionally for the years to come.

How do you conduct an inspection on my rental property in Nairobi?

Since you have entrusted us by letting us manage your rental property investment, we conduct the property inspections as if it were our own rental property. We have four scheduled inspections for your investment (subject to the type of property management package) which are as follows:

Rental Property Pre-inspection

  1. Tenant Check-in inspection
  2. Bi-annual Property inspection
  3. And Tenant Check-out rental property inspection

When we conduct the property inspection, we become your on ground eyes and ears at your rental property in Kenya. We will inspect the rental property both internally and externally and everything we see visually, is documented on the rental house report along with photographs which is emailed to you each time we have been to the premises.

How to be a great Landlord in Kenya?

  • Your rent expectations should be in accordance with the real estate market analysis & conditions.

  • Respect your tenant and signed Tenancy Agreement.

  • Don't undermine but always screen your tenants properly before entering into a lease or tenancy agreement in Nairobi.

  • Allow the Tenant their peace, comfort and privacy after signing of the lease.

What happens if rental property maintenance and repairs are required?

We contact an insurance indemnified property maintenance contractor to inspect & survey a routine maintenance repair. Upon receipt of the quote from the civil construction contractor, the apartment repairs quotation is presented to the Landlord for discussion, approval and payment. In the event of the rental property being tenanted, then the quote will be sent either to the Landlord or tenant subject to the Terms & Conditions agreed as per the signed Tenancy Agreement.

You must have asked yourself questions with regard to property management and wealth management companies in Kenya:

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Hao Finder understands the hustles Property owners, Landlords go through trying to effectively manage their hard earned investment in Property in Nairobi. This is why we have developed one of its kind, Integrated Property management service powered by Hao Finder Guardians; trained property mangement assistants that are available 24/7 to ensure your rental property is up-to expectations.


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